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My survey thingy from HeyyManduhh's diaryCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 27 December 2006
10:16:30 PM (GMT)
I AM: Rae
I WANT: to get better from the flu 
I HAVE: a remote
I HATE: bright lights
I HEAR: Neverland by Metallica
I REGRET: Yelling at my best friend
I LIKE: warm blankets
I SHOULD: get off the computer 

[yes or no] you:
1. keep a diary: nope
2. keep a journal: nope
3. set your watch a few minutes ahead: yup
4. bite your fingernails: yup
5. believe in love?: nope

[do you]
1. have a/any crush(es): yup
2. have tattoos: nope
3. have piercings: yup (ears twice, lip) 

[when you see this name you think of...]
ryan: Hot_boy_69
doug: my uncle
john: Capitan Jack Sparrow
scott: Scottish people
kenny: money (dunno why)

[in the last 24 hours, have you...]
cried?: yes from running into a wall it hurt so much
helped someone?: yup a lady with alot of bags
bought something?: nope
gotten sick?: yes with the flu
gone to the movies?: no
gone out for dinner?: no
said "i love you"?: to my mom and dad
written a real letter: nope
written in a journal?: no
missed someone?: no
hugged someone?: my friend
fought with your parents?: over cleaning my room

[would you ever...]
1. eat a bug? i have
2. bungee jump?: i have 
3. hang glide?: no
4. kill someone?: if it was self defence
6. parachute from a plane?: no
7. walk on hot coals?: no
8. go out to eat with a complete stranger: hell no
9. go out w/ someone for their reputation?: no
10. be a vegetarian?: NO!!! i live off meat
12. purposely hurt someone?: yes
13. sing karaoke?: yes
14. run a red light?: yes
15. would you die your hair blue?: no
16. be on survivor?: fuck no
17. make some one cry? if i hated them yes
18. kick a baby?: FUCK NO
19. stay up all through the night: i have so many times

[the last person who...]
1. slept in the same bed with you?: my dog
2. saw you cry?: My friend Cole
3. you saw cry?: My friend Amy
4. went to the movies with?: My Grandma
5. went to dinner/lunch with: My parents
6. you talked to on the phone: My dad
7. hugged you: my mom
8. made you laugh: umm my dad but i laughed at a movie too

[do you prefer]
1. flowers or candy?: candy
2. grey or black?: black
3. color or black & white photos?: black and white
4. pink or purple?: purple
5. sunrise or sunset?: sunset
6. staying up late or waking up early?: staying up late

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