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The Love Story of a girl Called Jim Chpt 4Category: (general)
Wednesday, 27 December 2006
01:31:09 PM (GMT)
The man Jim would now call father, called her into the kitchen. She went as quickly
as she could, hoping not to anger the other Johnson. When she reached the kitchen,
she saw the cutest panda apron and a cookbook on the table. “What are these for?”
Jim questioned. “What are these for? What are these for? Well for you of course!
The foster home said you were a whiz at cooking, so I wanted to see for myself!”
said Mr. Johnson. 
“Okay, thanks, Mr. Johnson.” “Ah-ha! Don’t call me Mr. Johnson! You can call
me dad, papa, or father, whatever you like!” He said. Jim blushed, ”Okay,
Daddy.” He smiled while Jim started to cook. He seems nice, Jim thought. 
After forty-five minutes went by, Jim was done with a beautiful cake! “Well
done!” Daddy exclaimed, “I hope it tastes as good as it looks” He then took a
slice out of the moist strawberry cake and put it on a china plate. He went to the
table and ate it with one tremendous gulp! “Delicious!” he proclaimed. Ads he was
saying this, Mrs.’ Johnson came downstairs. 
“Honey, you’ve got to try some of this cake Jim made! It’s De-lish!” Daddy
explained to Mrs. Johnson. “No thanks, I’m going out to buy that girl some new,
wearable clothes. Bye,” Mrs. Johnson was out the door.
“Let’s hide this from Egg, okay? If he saw this, it’d be gone in a second,”
Daddy said. Jim agreed, so they hid it in the cupboard.
So Egg likes cake hmm? Jim thought, Well maybe that’ll be a good way to make him
like me. She blushed at this idea. But this thought was interrupted. She had run into
something and was now on the floor, rubbing her head. 
“Hey!” Jim heard a voice yell, “Watch where your going! You’ve been in this
house for only an hour and your already thinking you own the place!” Jim looked up
to see Egg towering above her. She stood up to protest. “How is walking into you a
way to think I own the place?” Egg was furious at this back talk, “Just shut up
and stay out of my way!” He stormed off to his room.

to be continued......

‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   27 December 2006   187399  
hee hee looks can be deceiving
coolcat555 says:   27 December 2006   769912  
is it a boy or a gurl
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   27 December 2006   752251  
who? Jim? She is a girl and Egg is a boy
rosalindademeco writes:   27 December 2006   936146  
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   27 December 2006   979427  
What? but it's my story...
can I get money?
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   27 December 2006   863761  
This is my favorite chapter so far because I like Daddy and it tells
the reader jim is a good cook :3
littleangel says:   27 December 2006   844955  
I really love it it is so amazing
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   27 December 2006   524475  
thankies so much!
hershey105 says:   28 December 2006   796154  
that is a wonderful story. it is a shame her new borhter is so mean!
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   28 December 2006   594822  
yup yup, but boy your gonna be surprised =3
xXdazedXbutXcrazedXx says:   4 March 2007   935469  
oh wow hes mean
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   5 March 2007   822638  
Egg? Yes! Mr. Johnson? Nope!!! Not at all!!! ^________^ I like him!
‹AFIIQAA! Says heyy.› says:   23 March 2007   348211  
wow u're amazing. i couldn't do that
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   23 March 2007   584685  
LOLZ well don't say that until you tried mkay?
Emalynn_W says:   5 July 2007   174893  
Waaah mean brother
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says :   6 July 2007   449565  
yes he is ;_; ...but oh so cute ^-^


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