hot new story " how my friend killed herself ch.5" based on a true
story the ending
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hot new story " how my friend killed herself ch.5" based on a true
story the ending
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Friday, 22 December 2006
06:46:07 PM (GMT)
* 8 weeks later * brittany was warned about drugs but she didnt listen to them.. so
she ran away from her house.. she was pregant she just found out.. that night
jada: this party is full of stripperz ho'z and stuff!
chey: u is so rite! - dances wit adreon -
me: brittany come on man we gotta go..
brittany was on top of the table she had her legs open and her panties where off 
then all of a sudden brittany saw josh talkin to gina..
gina: so lets go out..
josh: ok..
then all of a sudden they kissed..
brittany was mad.. then soon she slapped josh
josh: what was that for..
brittany: i hate u..
chey: haha
brittany: - cries - 
me: brittany do u wanna come to my house for a slumber party..?
brittany: yea - cries -
jada: ohhh imma kill him dead!!
me: - pulls up to my house -
* when we all are sleep*
brittany wasn't sleep she was in the kitchen there she spoted a knife..
she got a rope and hung herself and stabbed herself in the neck..
and thats how it all happened..
police main : well we have a case.. she killed her own self rite..
jada: yea..
chey: - holds adreon hand - yeah that really happened..
then the police found jake put him on death-row and killed him..
and we beat up gina in  a local parking lot..
over the years we had to deal wit all the pain..
there will never be another..
and now we stand over her grave crying.. wishing she was still here..
thinking about when we where younger and used to skate on ice.. and at the skatepark
we could never she brittany again.. 
and brittany we miss u so much..

based on a true story..
in memroy brittany sarah green


STARSINGER says:   22 December 2006   517683  
STARSINGER says:   22 December 2006   777274  
cool its good
girlygirl_4_life says:   23 December 2006   915592  
oh my god that is so good!!!!
gothicgoddess cries:   23 December 2006   769133  
thats sooooo sad poor girl how old was she?
luvme4ever cries:   28 December 2006   837893  
OMG! I'm crying............. because it is a waste of inernet space!
I'm not a mean person but you say you're 9! How many 9 year olds can
get drugs and hire strippers? It makes no sense sooooo please see
somebody for mental help! 
And if this is true... why are you bragging that this happened, it is
somewhat sad (although not true and badly written) why are you telling
the world this? Also, you have need a little spelling help... or how
bout a lot of help in general also. go to summer school and make sure
they have trained professinal "counslers" please, while you are there,
learn that one cannot be hanged by oneself and stab themselves in the
neck at the same time. Who is Jake? i thought it was josh. You cant be
sent to death row for somebody else getting drugged.
guggley says:   9 January 2007   867818  
luvme4ever it was a true story didn't u see Brittany was a REAL girl
and this was a true story!!!!!
BDizzle says:   13 January 2007   292223  
hey its trinaboo its true josh died 3 years ago when they found out ,
and it happened to my cousin brittany so..
‹AFIIQAA! Says heyy.› says:   11 March 2007   949775  
*sobs* Omg!!!!!!! I hate josh totally. Poor Brittany. its so
sad.........*burst into tears*
‹beautiful_R.I.P_saxson_jake_&kim› whispers:   27 March 2007   749781  
awwwwwwwww thats so sad ilylas lol
girl101 says:   2 April 2007   141271  
That  was  SAD!
dancer1492 cries:   7 April 2007   697769  
That was sooo depressing, especially since it's based on a true
jmac101 says:   4 May 2007   434842  
homeypup says:   9 August 2007   584525  
thats so sad!!!! IS IT 1 OF YOUR FRIENDS
‹CristolGelWinn› says:   29 September 2007   932415  
wow i can't beleive somtin like that happened
alize10 cries:   29 September 2007   522778  
thats so said i can't belive this was goina happen
Sunligth says:   28 November 2007   654665  
thiss really happened
selenagomezurthebest cries :   25 March 2009   595334  
wta?she died?noo!its soo sad i had a friend who killed herself


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