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meme pt.2!Category: (general)
Friday, 9 February 2018
09:13:01 PM (GMT)
part 1: the basics

⇸ name: rem...

⇸ pronouns: god

⇸ gender identity: god

⇸ sexual orientation: straight

⇸ romantic orientation: what?

⇸ year of school/college: 1st year of uni

part 2: appearance

⇸ height: 5'11 ish

⇸ weight: skeleton

⇸ hair colour: dark brown

⇸ eye colour: dark brown

part 3: personality 

⇸ mbti type: entp

⇸ Empathy quotient: i literally just did this and got 13/80 

⇸ lover or fighter?: fighter 

⇸ violent?: kinda

⇸ introvert or extrovert: both

⇸ narcissism quotient: just did this too and got 32/40

part 4: this or that

⇸ dogs or cats: dogs

⇸ coke or pepsi: coke

⇸ iphone or android: iphone

⇸ sweet or savoury: both

⇸ phone call or text: text

⇸ skype or discord: discord

⇸ instagram or snapchat: neither

⇸ ice cream or frozen yogurt: neither

⇸ bath or shower: bath

⇸ converse or vans: vans

⇸ small groups or big parties: both

⇸ mcdonalds or wendys: mcd

⇸ burgers or chicken nuggets: chicken nuggets 

⇸ coffee or tea: tea

⇸ art or science: both

⇸ friends or family: myself

⇸ optimist or pessimist: both

⇸ milkshakes or smoothies: milkshakes

⇸ casual or fancy: casual

⇸ candy or pastries: pastries

⇸ youtube or netflix: both

⇸ fashion or function: both 

⇸ beanies or baseball caps: neither

⇸ movie theatres or drive ins: neither

⇸ book smart or street smart: both

part 5: favourites

⇸ colour: purple

⇸ animal: probably a lion or something

⇸ food: not sure

⇸ belonging: probably my guitar 

⇸ piece of clothing: black boots

⇸ tv show: i don't watch tv

⇸ movie: oldboy 

⇸ book: the brothers karamazov

⇸ drink: tea

⇸ school subject: mathematics...

⇸ restaurant: not sure either

⇸ fast food place: kfc??

⇸ band: death grips xDD

⇸ song: wallowa lake monster - sufjan atm

⇸ album: drukqs 

⇸ season: winter

⇸ emoji: none

part 6: random questions

⇸ are you religious?
i wouldn't say so
⇸ are you a forgiving person?

⇸ if you haven't gone to college yet, do you plan to go?
attending rn

⇸ if you could marry any of your mutuals, who would you marry and why?

⇸ what do you want to contribute to the world?
not sure

⇸ what do you see for yourself in the future?
attaining heaven

⇸ what is your relationship with your family like?

⇸ what is your relationship with your friends like?
don't have many i consider friends, but the ones i do i'm quite close with

⇸ who do you trust most in the world?

⇸ what do you enjoy doing the most?
reading or playing music

⇸ do you play an instrument?
the piano and guitar

⇸ do you play any sports?
i swim quite often, and i'm going to get back into weightlifting

⇸ what kind of music do you listen to?
my favourite genre is IDM, or compositional ambient music
i'm also getting into shoegaze 

⇸ are you an affectionate person?

⇸ do you consider yourself a good student (if you're in school)?
yeah i'm excellent

⇸ are you vegetarian/vegan?

⇸ if you could be anywhere right now, where would it be?
i am wherever i want to be 

⇸ what's the kindest thing anyone's ever said to you?
i get compliments often, they don't mean much anymore

⇸ when was the last time you said "i love you" to someone (platonic or romantic)?
don't remember

⇸ when was the last time someone said it back?
whenever i said it to them last

⇸ do you like halloween?
it's ok

⇸ are you afraid of spiders?

⇸ do you dye your hair? 

⇸ if you answered yes to the last question, what colour is your favourite colour

⇸ do you like making crafts? 
haven't tried it

⇸ do you believe in aliens?

⇸ ghosts?

⇸ Cryptids?

⇸ angels/demons?

⇸ magic?

⇸ do you have siblings?

⇸ if so, are they younger or older? describe them a bit!
they give good advice, and i sometimes enjoy being around them 

⇸ do you like physical affection (platonic or romantic)?
it makes me uncomfortable

⇸ do you like verbal affection (platonic or romantic)?
yeah i love it

⇸ what is one thing that you want to tell your friends but have trouble saying?
i don't have trouble expressing anything

⇸ if you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?
the power to manipulate matter and energy
because i'd be a god

⇸ what is your biggest insecurity?
i'm not sure atm

⇸ what is your favourite part about yourself (physical)?
i'm actually quite beautiful. i don't particuarly dislike anything i can't change
about myself

⇸ what is your favourite part about yourself (personality)?
i'm extremely rational and self aware

⇸ what is your hidden talent?
ability to predict the future 

⇸ what is your passion? 

⇸ do you act the same way you think? (basically, do you act like your real self in
not sure

⇸ what is your biggest fear? 

⇸ do you speak your mind when you have a problem with someone? 

⇸ do you have plans for the future? 
not really

⇸ if you're not married, do you want to get married? 
not sure

⇸ if you don't already have kids, do you want kids?
not sure

⇸ do you like roller coasters?
yeah they're fun

⇸ have you ever been on a plane? if so, where was the last place you went on a
last year

⇸ have you ever taken a road trip? 

⇸ are you afraid of death? 

⇸ do you recycle? 

⇸ what's your ideal career?
not sure

⇸ are you happy? 
sort of 

⇸ are you confident? 

⇸ do you act like yourself around other people or do you hide it? 

⇸ what's the weirdest thing you've ever done to impress someone? 
i don't go out of my way to impress others

⇸  what's your most awkward moment? 
i don't really have any

⇸  what's your happiest memory?
i'm not sure if i have a 'happiest' but i have some that bring pleasant nostalgia

part 7: have you ever's
put a // next to things you've done 
⇸  gotten drunk? // 
⇸  gotten high? //
⇸  smoked cigarettes? //
⇸  smoked weed? //
⇸  did any other kind of drug? //
⇸  gotten all a's? //
⇸  cried in public? 
⇸  questioned your sexuality? //
⇸  questioned your gender identity? 
⇸  been out of the country? //
⇸  fallen in love?
⇸  with a best friend? 
⇸  fallen out of love?
⇸  been rejected? //
⇸  had a one night stand? 
⇸  ate a bug (not by accident)? 
⇸  ate something disgusting? 
⇸  liked that disgusting thing? 
⇸  went hiking? //
⇸  played a sport? //
⇸  gone to the hospital? //
⇸  had surgery? //
⇸  broken a bone?
⇸  stolen something? //
⇸  hated someone?  
⇸  lied to a friend? //
⇸  hugged a stranger?
⇸  hurt someone? //
⇸  won something? //
⇸  came out as lgbt? 
⇸  cussed someone out? //
⇸  gotten in a fistfight? //
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babydolls says:   9 February 2018   383748  
aliens are real
rem says :   10 February 2018   266332  
yeah you are 


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