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STORYTIME! Both of my friends liked me at the same time.Category: (general)
Saturday, 4 June 2016
05:31:36 PM (GMT)
 please don't steal, this is actual events in my actual life lo 

Now in 8th grade, toward the end of the year. this is when this took place.

I hung out with three boys cuz my humor and Personality was very close to tomboyish,
but girly the same time. 
Anyway let's call my friends blossom bubbles and buttercup.
yasssssssss but we ain't fighting no forces of evil TUHDAY lol we talking roMANCE lol
jk nah but let's continue

So to explain it, I loved hanging out with them because, I felt way more included and
also it was way more fun because we all clicked the Same way.

 Blossom, was the guy I knew the longest from childhood and I would joke around with
him and he knew my cousins well.

Bubbles, was the guy who I knew most of my elementary days. He was funny Af like them
all, and out of all of them we shared the same humor much more so it was all good
when I hung out around him. Also we used to have hella memories in the computer lab
laughing cuz we always either sat with other of our friends or closer since I knew
him. He also had YT n I wanted to do YT too so it was similarities Af. 

Then buttercup I think I didn't know until middle school in 6th but I could be wrong.
He was funny too and we bonded over SMOSH on YT in 6th grade and we litterally wrote
pictures for them that I was suppose to send (SORY buttercup I SWEAR LOL) and he was
cool u know . 

These dudes were nothing but a good time I swear it was some good times. 

So with bubbles, I used to like him before, because he was funny Af and idk I just
did lol so I played those game like "this one girl In PE likes you" in the 6th grade.
He was like "who ?!??" I was like giving fake hints lol I wasn't good at that shit.
But other than that I seen him as a friend though. This will play a role in the

Anyways toward the end of the year , the three took me into the library I was like
"why we going in there?"

Then bubbles said "oh just to tell u something." 

I was oh okay I'm scared LOLOL what they GON say? 

So we get in there zand sit at one of the library tables that's a circle 

So pretty much blossom bubble n buttercup sit down and I say "so what's up?" 

And buttercup is trying to say soemthing. I was so oblivious lol 

So bubbles, for buttercup , just blurts it out .

"Buttercup likes you. And wanted to ask to go out."

(From what I remember lol low memory Af ) 

I was like......... Cuz i didnt expect it

Then was like "oh!" 

Then i think i said awh its sweet but i said no bit he got confused and said "yes?"

"Oh - no!" I said in a positive tone , but still i didnt mean for it to sound that

To be totally honest i just not ready for dating. At all. I think thats why i also
had so many bad awkward guy stories.

So after that we headed ot and it was a little awkward but not like how it would be
cuz i appreciated it u know, i didnt wnat him to feel bad cuz i felt like its okay
this dont chnage anything cuz u still a good person its cool.

so then people kept asking if we were dating like only a couple people but still 

And i said no we arent. 

I aint bout that lyfe yet lol

But then couple days after

Bubbles messages me. 

He then he tells me, he likes me too. (Remember i used to like him.) 

Then i said something about buttercup and how he liked me

And bubbles said buttercup was okay with it. But to me its messed up.

Now, since he told me that i said "i like you too but id rather not mess up a
friendship just be friends cuz i like all our friendship." 

Now i liked him but in that moment i didnt like have a crush on him at all it was
like, yeah id date him. But i wasnt hella liking him at that moment i just aint like
that. But then he said some kind of line that was a bit douchy lol like kinda loke
"ill get u" in a way cant explain

I was like fuck lol 

Anyway then the next school year my friend and one of bubbles ex's said "bubbles
likes you right."

I said "he does?"

I pretended not to know because with another situation that happened i learned to
mostly keep quiet about to respect privacy but also because last time with someone
else ,  was some messed up shit but thats another fuckboy story 

And she was like "oh he told me he told you, but ohh."

I still pretended not to know. Thats where it stopped 

But we all still good friends today  lol so it wasnt a bad situation

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