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Monday, 29 February 2016
12:40:32 AM (GMT)
You want to know my feelings?
I have none.
In reality if someone was to hold a gun to my head, I would fucking beg them to pull
the trigger.
So I'm not going to regret this.
I'm disappointed in Andrew, he was really motivating me to end it sooner, but he's a
terrible liar.
Where's the guys that's supposed to be at my front door huh? 
Where are you with that strangle/rape threat if you know my address?
You seemed to be so worried I'm talking to um what did you call him... An "illiterate
You also said you posted my pictures on Imgur but I never found them? 
What kind of sad adult are you?
"I can't wait to fuck a 16 year old"
Oh really now? 
You told someone I was so in denial and I was obessed with you, but who keeps
attempting contact and to "troll" me?
Seriously, you're really failing at this.
You've threatened to ruin me so much I'm upset you've lied the whole time.
One more question, why are you so worried about me hm?
You're literally trying to run my life.
"Block the nigger"
LMFAO why though?
Why should I block someone because you're not happy I've moved on?
You even tried to ask for more pictures and you said you wouldn't post my pictures.
Go ahead lmfao why the fuck would I give you more shit to use against me?
Try me fucker.
Fucking do it.
You're such a goddamn liar.

Ivanhoe whispers:   29 February 2016   391566  
Move on girl - the dude isn't worth your time or trouble...    just
SoundOfMadness says:   29 February 2016   700622  
Clearly you didn't read a certain part of that 
Ivanhoe whispers:   29 February 2016   222375  
Idid   what did I miss?
SoundOfMadness says:   29 February 2016   479472  
Well you wouldn't have said that if you read the "I've moved on" part.
I knew I should have locked the comments to avoid stupid conversations
like this. 
Ivanhoe whispers:   29 February 2016   109886  
just trying to be supportive  - fuck it...
YoungDumbAndFullOfCum says:   29 February 2016   267893  
I would love to try you.
SoundOfMadness says:   29 February 2016   922316  
YoungDumbAndFullOfCum says:   1 March 2016   168677  
‹Prince Devitt› says:   1 March 2016   762255  
NIGGER- a black man with a slavery chain around his neck. 

NIGGA- a black man with a gold chain on his neck.
Hamlet says:   3 March 2016   220569  
You should be talking abought this to someone that can help you (and
I don't mean a therapist) if this guy is giving you grief call the
cops or someone that can take care of him.
YourEddieBear says:   8 March 2016   576291  
I find it quite funny how girls get swept up in this Andrew guy and
how he extorts or tries to extort them into (more) pics. It's like,
why did you give him any in the first place??
SoundOfMadness says:   8 March 2016   995699  
And why do you stalk me to the point you found my Twitter? It's like,
why are you a creepy fuck? 
crazyhot says:   16 March 2016   240910  
>don't have feelings
crazyhot says:   16 March 2016   815120  
>moved on 
SoundOfMadness says:   16 March 2016   892484  
I'm sorry why are you commenting? Bye (: 
ChristianTrevelyanGrey says:   18 March 2016   580403  
I think what you wrote was really powerful. Fuck him...he don't know
you. You deserve someone better than him. Much better. Take it from
me, I'd fuckin post this to the whole world if I could.~
Ivanhoe says:   20 March 2016   412969  
I agree with Christian!!!!
ChristianTrevelyanGrey says:   26 March 2016   377271  
Awesome dude!
‹D y n e› says:   1 May 2016   778462  

I know this is an old diary entry,  and sorry to Cherrie for dredging
up an old topic, but I just read this comment and.. Are you serious?
You're a convicted pedophile who served time yet still try to flirt
with every underage girl on this site. The only difference between you
and Andrew is Andrew hasn't gotten caught yet. 
SoundOfMadness says :   1 May 2016   483901  
He seems to think he's the lesser of two evils when they are pretty
much the exact same people. Just one is 40 and has been caught and the
other one is making his way there. 

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