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Monday, 14 July 2014
04:32:08 PM (GMT)
I don't know if anyone liked (or even read) the first chapter of my Ouran High
School Host Club fan fiction, but I decided to post the second chapter anyway...just
because. It's a bit shorter, but I hope it's still decent. So here. I'm in the
process of working on a third chapter but I kinda have writers block so I don't know
when it'll be done. Whenever that is, though, I'll probably post it.

Chapter 2: Tamaki's Advice:

The raven haired boy lay in his large bed with the covers nearly up to his eyes. He
had been laying there counting the specks on the ceiling since he arrived home from
the host club that evening. When he reached his five-hundredth and thirty-second
speck, his cellphone began to sound out the obnoxious ring he has specially selected
for Tamaki. He debated on whether or not he should answer, but he knew that the
over-reactive blond boy would be furious if he didn’t. He flipped open the phone,
put it up to his ear and was instantly met with Tamaki’s animated voice.
“Hey Kyoya, long time no see!” Tamaki said who was obviously trying to him cheer
“Shut up Tamaki. What do you want?”
“Geez, sorry. I just wanted to talk to you about something.” Tamaki’s voice
became quieter and more hesitant due to Kyoya’s harsh comment.
“Well…you know Haruhi… and how you like her. A lot.”
“I know of it.” Kyoya’s voice began to waver as he felt his emotions coming
back up, like vomit.
“Well I just wanted to know if you were going to tell her, you know, before she
“Are you actually okay with me telling your little girl my feelings? I don’t know
if you could handle it. And plus, are you forgetting you have the same exact feelings
for her as I do?” Kyoya sneered.
“I’m not joking right now. It doesn’t matter what I think and at a moment like
this I don’t want to call her that because it’s wrong. A father shouldn’t have
these types of feelings for his daughter, so I renounce her as my daughter for now.
But, what’s worse than a father with feelings for her daughter is two best friends
having strong feelings for the same girl. She needs to know and that means we both
have to tell her ourselves. So stop putting it off and be a man. I’m going to do it
and that means you should too.”
“I-I don’t understand why you’re encouraging me so much when you know you’d
have more of a chance with her.”
“But if you don’t do anything, she’ll never know and you’ll have to live the
rest of your life knowing you missed your chance. So Kyoya, you better get off your
lazy, mourning ass and tell Haruhi you love her.”
	With that, the blond boy hung up. Kyoya was slightly confused and in shock after
hearing Tamaki’s comments. Why was he encouraging him so much? Does he was him to
be with Haruhi? These questions and more were running through Kyoya’s already
crowded mind as he put is face back under the safety of his covers. The raven haired
host fell asleep that night with his glasses over his eyes, tears stains on his
cheeks, and Haruhi’s face in his mind.

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