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Friday, 18 April 2014
05:36:38 PM (GMT)
After school, I met with Andrea out in the front of the school. "Do you want me to
walk you home?" She asked me and I quickly shook my head. "No, its fine." She gave me
a worried look but I gave her a reassuring smile.

I watched her leave with her boyfriend and once I saw them get into his car, I
started to walk to my house. When it started to rain, I groaned. Guess I was walking
in the pouring rain.

When I saw a car pull up, I thought it was Andrea's boyfriend and I approached the
car. "Andrea, its totally fine. Honest. You have to st-" The window rolled down to
reveal Erik looking at her with his cold eyes. "Get in..." he said coldly. I backed
away, shaking my head.

"Get in!" He yelled. I nervously got into his car. Why would any guy forcefully drag
me into their car? My hair was already becoming curly. It was disgusting. My make up
was running as well. I looked terrible. I hated him seeing me like this. He didn't
seem to mind but I minded.

"You didn't have to," I told him softly but refused to look at him.

"Where do you live?" I looked at him, surprised but then looked back down at my
hands. I told him my address softly. He smiled a bit. "That wasn't so hard now was

I hated how he taunted me. I hoped he didn't mistake me as one of his fan girls
because I was far from one of them. The more he spoke, the more I hated him. The more
I hated him... the more I desired him. What was happening to me? I hate men!

When we got to my shitty apartment, I quickly got out and said "thanks for the ride!"
I was walking off when I heard his door shut. Oh no. He can't be wanting to walk me
upstairs. I spun around and noticed he was right there, causing me to yelp. When I
gathered my composure, I said "walking me upstairs really isn't necessary. I mean, I
can totally get there by myself."

He smiled softly. It was so weird to see him actually smile. It almost made me want
to hit him for trying to pretend to be good hearted. I knew his heart was black. I
could just tell. People would think I'm crazy but there are some people in this world
that you can just tell are pure evil and I know he's one of them. I knew he was up to
no good. Maybe if I scream, someone could save me from this possible murderer. My
anxiety was building by the minute and I started to scratch the scars on my wirst.
Sometimes it felt so irritated.

It was then that I just noticed that we were walking into an elevator. He could
easily murder me in here. I tried to get away from him but he looked at me like I was
insane and brought me into the elevator. "What's the matter? I just want to make sure
you get to your apartment safe."

He was a demon. I needed to run.

The numbers went higher and higher.

Almost there. I was almost free from his trap.

Finally, the elevator stopped at the 7th floor. When the doors slowly opened, I ran
out and ran toward my apartment. I heard him screaming after me but I couldn't have
him see my mom. When I got home, I slammed the door shut. I slid down and let the
tears roll.

My entire body was shaking. What was happening to me? Well, no time to think about
what was wrong with me. My eyes easily fell upon the empty alcohol bottles and
noticed the bathroom door was closed and the water running. If my mother was drunk,
she wouldn't have been taking a shower. I knocked on the door and called out,
nervously "mom?"

When there was no answer, I yelled out "mom!" I opened the door and noticed she was
laying in a full tub and there were empty pill bottles scattered on the floor.
"Mom!!" I screamed.

I ran out of the apartment and saw the elevator doors closing. I ran over and threw
the doors open. I saw Erik standing there. I fell to my knees, crying. I didn't care
anymore if he was here to kill me. My mom was all that I had left. Yeah she had her
faults but other than that, she was still my mom. I managed to say "its my mom..." 

At that, he bolted toward my apartment room. I knew my mother was suicidal. Its
gotten worst over the years. She used to hide her drug problems and alcoholism from
me and act like nothing was happening. She used to be a pretty fun mom. Now, it was
out in the open. She has been to rehab on multiple occassions and to many mental
hospitals. I've been to foster homes because of it but I would never tell anyone any
of this.

My dad was my mom's everything. My father died of Cancer when I was 5 years old
leaving my mom and I. At the time, my mom was pregnant with my baby sister. After his
death, my mom started to do drugs. She didn't care that she was pregnant. My sister
was stillborn. After that, my mom's frustration came towards me. She started to beat
me on a daily basis. I was forced to cover up the bruises. Every day, I was afraid
that my mother would finally kill me.

Watching doctors take my mother away once again, brought the tears back to my eyes. I
should be used to them taking her away from me but it hurt every time. I let Erik
comfort me but I refused to look at him. I was ashamed that he would see my true self
despite knowing each other for only a day. It made me feel even worst.

People were asking me all these questions but I couldn't hear them. If my mother
died, I would have nowhere to go. I would have no one to turn to. I laid on the
couch, not wanting to see my mother. I felt Erik pick me up but I was too far lost to


When I woke up, I woke up in an unfamiliar bed. I saw Erik sitting beside the bed and
I looked around. "Your awake." He smiled a little.

"Where am I?" I asked. Then the realization hit me like a hammer. "Mom!" I screamed
as I sat up. 

"Calm down!" Yelled Erik. His hands were on me. "Your mom is at the hospital. The
doctors said that you would be forced into a foster home while your mom is in the
hospital since your a minor so I brought you to my place."

I blushed at the site of his hands on me but then I hit them away. I got up and said
"thanks but you don't need to pity me."

"What are those scars from?"

I noticed my arm warmers had been taken off. I quickly grabbed my arm. "Its nothing
you should worry about. I'm nobody. Once my mom's out of the hospital, I'll be gone
and we'll never see each other again." I walked out of the room. I didn't care if I
was acting like a little bitch but he had no right taking my arm warmers off. They
were the only thing that hid my real self. I was so ashamed of my unattractive arms.

I sat at the dining table and saw a beautiful women come out of the kitchen wearing
an apron. Her bright hazel eyes seemed to sparkle whenever she smiled which, from
what I gather, was a lot. She was so different from my mom.  Her blond hair seemed to
top off her appearance.

"Hey mom," said Erik as he walked out of the room. He kissed her cheek before sitting
next to me. His life seemed so different from mine. I smiled. I could get used to
this. I wanted to live with this family. 

I asked them "is this what a family is like?"

Erik smiled at me and nodded. "Yeah."

"You know, your not that bad. And your cute when you smile." I poked his cheek.

His mother brought them some chicken fingers. "Here you go, you two. Call me if you
need anything. I'm going to the store." She kisses both of our heads. 

I turned to him and said softly "thank you."


The rest of the day we spent together at the park. It was as if we've known each
other our whole lives. It was a weird feeling but I was happy that I gave him another
chance after how he treated me. He evn bought me ice cream. I laughed for the first
time in years. With him, things were different. He might be the only man to save me
from myself.

"When did you start cutting... I'm assuming those are what the scars are from?"

I looked down, ashamed of myself and grabbed my wrist.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked that," he said quickly after realizing my
reaction. I looked up at him, surprised. he wasn't like everyone else at our school.
His kindness was genuine. 

I replied "my depression began at a young age but I started cutting when I was 8. It
was a way to escape temporarily. If my mom wouldn't kill me, then maybe I would
finally end my life."

He looked down and told me "I have something that can give you a longer escape. I've
tried to quit but the escape feels so good." I looked at him and looked down at the
pill he held before me. Whenever I held the razor to my wrist, I have never thought
once about doing drugs to escape reality. Maybe it was what I needed.

I grabbed the pill without hesitation and swallowed it, preparing for my escape.

grungeandbublegum says:   18 April 2014   621366  
This is great, you should continue it on Watt pad XD
Lucy_Destroys_Humanity says :   19 April 2014   871000  
I have up to the fourth chapter on Wattpad. I'm working on the fifth
chapter right now. 


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