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Part 1 of RAID!!(: !!.WARNING SOME SEXUAL CONTENT.!!Category: (general)
Tuesday, 21 January 2014
10:23:47 PM (GMT)
I was rudely awakened by the sounds of my bed room alarms. They sounded from the
many speakers on the walls of my room. I jump awake, my Beretta 92FS in my hand. I
sigh, and glance down at Tasha. She was still laying on her back, naked, the
comfortor pulled halfway up her stomach. I walk over to the door and slam my hand
into the red button. The alarms stopped, and my head slowly stopped pounding. The
alarms meant it was time for Tasha and I to get ready for our raiding shifts. I make
my way back over to Tasha and I sit on her, my knees on either side of her. She
looked so peaceful with her green eyes closed, and her light brown hair sprawled
across the mattress. For a second i don't believe that we were about to go out an
face a bunch of hungry zombies. I lean down and press my lips to one of her breasts,
my tongue playing with her nipple. I look up and see her smiling at me, showing off
perfect teeth. I laugh and climb off her. 
"Up and at it. We've got to raid today." And then shes up pulling on her fishnet
tights. I pull on my black corset shorts, not bothering with underwear, than my white
crop top over my black push up top. I grap my black leather jacket from my pile of
dirty clothes. 
"They promised us muffins today." Tasha says excitedly. I nod, lacing my black wedge
lace up knee high boots. "Can you braid my hair?" I ask Tasha. She comes up behind my
scraping my jet black hair into a high ponytails. I feel her moving pieces of my hair
as she braids it. Than she gets up and tosses me my back sheaths. I slip my twin
machetes into them after i get it all set up. Putting on my Leg Holster, I slip my
SMG into it. I glance over at Tasha, she was still pulling on her tight black top. I
smile and shake my head. Finally I wrap my bandolier full of ammo around my waist,
and my hip holster with my Beratta. I glance at Tasha, and she winks at me. Together
we head out to the court yard. 
•     •     •     •     •     •     •     •     •     •
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Last edited: 21 January 2014

‹~LeDoobie~› whispers:   22 January 2014   489655  
iimagine that "I" in the story is yhu...and my thoughts are so guilty
‹xX_Shy_Girl_Xx› says:   22 January 2014   129486  
c: Funny, I imagined you as Tasga O.o
‹xX_Shy_Girl_Xx› says:   22 January 2014   765599  
‹~LeDoobie~› says:   22 January 2014   987771  
o_O...holy shit...O_O
‹xX_Shy_Girl_Xx› says:   22 January 2014   903916  
Hmmm... >.< xD
‹~LeDoobie~› says:   22 January 2014   546612  
*awkwardly adjust self in seat*....idont have green eyes O_o
‹xX_Shy_Girl_Xx› says:   22 January 2014   741365  
Eh c: If i had made her sound exactly like you than id have to name
her after yuh, idk if she'll die or not so I use my imagination cx
‹~LeDoobie~› says:   22 January 2014   337894  
...rephrase that haha ?
‹xX_Shy_Girl_Xx› says:   22 January 2014   344802  
Basically i don't like characters in my story looking like someone i
know, idk why it bothers me xD <3
‹~LeDoobie~› says:   22 January 2014   344289  
haha ahh
yhu think im ugly? -__-

oh,...yhu havnt seen meh
‹xX_Shy_Girl_Xx› says:   22 January 2014   385174  
I dont think your ugly! xC
‹~LeDoobie~› says:   22 January 2014   788877  
decide when ipost my pics >_<
‹xX_Shy_Girl_Xx› says:   22 January 2014   762980  
When? Hey It wont let me swnd mssges! Its like freezes on that backup
screen or what ever O.O And I have to go pretty soon
‹~LeDoobie~› says :   22 January 2014   451318  

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