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Thursday, 28 November 2013
11:54:04 PM (GMT)
My Teen Life
Wednesday, October 1  Civil Class

Hi, my name is Brittney Akashia Yukari. I don't know why my mom gave  me a Japanese
name I mean, I am not Japanese at all. She even gave me this journal so I can right
my feelings in because I can't say them outloud. WHEN I CAN!!
Of course they don't believe me. Back to the name part, well everyone calls me
Akashia because Brittney is a "popular" girl name. Well, guess what I am a freak!!!
The popular kids are on the cheerleading team, of course! Their names are:
Natasha,Cassie, and Lindsey. Natasha is the "Post-it". We call her the "post-it"
because she sticks to every cute boy, like lets say ummmm......THE HOTTEST BOY, ZACK
WILLAM. He is a jock a.k.a the captain of the football team.
    Cassie is the "dumb one". Sometimes she even forgets her name. See she is "dumb".
Oh, and onetime she went into the boys locker room and it freaked her out. She was
scared for life. She never wants to date again. And alot of boys like her.
    Lasst, but not least. Lindsey. She is a person who is hard to get along with. She
can't get along with anyone except Natasha and her boyfriend. Lindseys boyfriend is a
sarcastic, smart-elic boy. He is always making mean jokes. One time he told me I
should put band-aids on my chest because I am flat chested. When I am not, I wear an
A-size cup bra. Myhair is straighter  and softer then Natashas. I know because one
time I was rubbing her hair and telling her how her hair is so pretty. "Natasha ypur
hair is sooooo soft," I said sarcatically.
    "Oh thanks, You FREAK," she said so mean I knew just what to do.
   I picked up my banana smoothie and said," You know it can go with anything."
'SPLAT' I poured it all over her head......
.......Yes I got detition for a week and grounded for a month. My mom wouldn't even
let me go to my best friend's Stephanie Landrys house. Her brother's name is Brandon
Landry. He is cute but not as hot as Zack William! OMG! He just looked at  me, but
with a crazy look,.....Why?
      "Miss Moffat, Miss Moffat,will you please answer my question please?" Mr.Styles
asked me. Shoot I got caught writing in my journal.
   "Huh, what was the question?" I asked embarssingly. Of, course Zack laughed at
    "Um...How many colonies are there?" He asked. So I answered and got it right. I
am good at all subjects except for Algerbra.Yes, I am in 10th grade. They say high
school is susposed to be the best years of your life. Guess what, it's not! High
school is the worst years of your life!!!!!


Algerbra: Page 61; questions 1-41
English: Essay on what I am doing for Halloween (can't say anythhing about alcohol)
French: Study for test
Civil: Research on 13 colonies
Chemistry: Bio partner doing it
Gifted and Talented: WHATEVER! NO HOMEWORK!!!!!

To do list:

1. Feed Milliana
2.Get more food for house
3.Remember to do essays
4.Practice algerbra 
5.Make sure Brandon takes his car to the Auto shop to get oil change
6.Take shower	
7.Go shopping for Halloween costume and other clothes (cute) for school
8.Make supper
9.Plan Halloween party and make invitations

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