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Tuesday, 1 October 2013
10:24:45 PM (GMT)
1.] What is one word you would never tolerate someone calling you?
2.] What is the strangest object in your bedroom right now? 
jars of spiders 
3.] Who do your teachers think you are?
girl who never talks
4.] Who do your peers think you are? 
girl with scars/girl who twitches/girl who only wears black
5.] Can you control your actions in your dreams? 
6.] What's the worst thing you did today? 
handed in a math quiz blank
7.] Do you have any tattoos? 
not yet
8.] Would you rather have wings and be able to read minds, or be able to breathe
underwater and turn tears into diamonds? 
that's tough, but I'd pick the second option I think, so I could hide underwater and
be like a mermaid and give people treasure 
9.] What song are you addicted to right now? 
Greener With the Scenery by The Used
10.] If you could have any real Pokémon, what would you want? (Or: Any animal for
a pet?)
Umbreon.. or Vaporeon if I could breathe underwater 
11.] Who do you miss right now? 
12.] What color describes your personality? 
13.] What is your natural hair color? 
dark brown
14.] What food do you hate the most? 
pickled beats
15.] Who do you hate/dislike the most? 
my sister's volleyball coach 
16.] Would you rather eat a plate of that food, or kiss that person? 
well, if I kissed her, she'd punch me, and then I'd have an excuse to beat the shit
out of her, so... 
17.] What helps you sleep? 
imagining conversations with people I miss
18.] Quote some of your favorite song lyrics.
"I am outside
and I've been waiting for the sun
and with my wide eyes
I've seen worlds that don't belong"
19.] If you could convince everyone in the world of one thing, what would you have
them believe? 
Money doesn't matter. 
20.] Would you rather be able to play any instrument, or speak any language? 
Probably language, because then I could travel anywhere, and also make tons of money
as a translator

‹forevayoung10› wonders:   2 October 2013   606789  
Woahhhh.... you have jars of spiders?!?!
‹stickyvaporeon› says:   2 October 2013   375992  

yes because I catch them but then I don't want to kill them 
‹forevayoung10› shouts:   3 October 2013   601872  
Awesome.... That is very unique 
‹stickyvaporeon› says :   3 October 2013   669261  

they'll die anyway 
they have no air or food or water 


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