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Tuesday, 3 September 2013
09:33:30 AM (GMT)
Evander- The main antagonist of the story. I imagined him with silver or grey eyes
but he does have long silver hair. When he learns of Amaranth's awakening, he moves
to Boston to get closer to Victoria but never expected a creepy infatuation with
Victoria. He will do anything to destroy Amaranth and get rid of anyone that is in
his way.

Victoria- The beautiful heroine of the story. At first, she doesn't believe in all
the Evander and demon story but after going to The Abyss, she believes it more. Her
memory had been blocked by someone who is close to her. Her best friend is Xavier.
Her parents were murdered by Evander but she got away. She was forced to believe that
her parents died in a massive car accident and she was the only survivor.

Orion- He is Evander's servant that has given his life to protecting him. Despite
helping a demon, he hasn't fallen. No other angel knows of his betrayal. When he met
Victoria, he vowed his life to protecting her. He betrays Evander and even tries to
kill him.

Xavier- Victoria's best friend. He gets kidnapped by Evander but stays strong.
Evander tortures him daily for his entertainment but he stays strong knowing Victoria
will save him. Because of Evander, he knows of the existence of humans which is
against the law but Evander doesn't care. To execute him, they'd have to catch him

Victor- Head of the guardians. He takes the appearance of Jasper so he can look after
Victoria but when he finds out that Evander knows her location, he tries to force her
to remember the guardians and her true self but realizes she has a block on her
memory. Her memories had been completely changed and she doesn't remember them at

Lucien- Second in command. He hates Evander with a blinding passion and refuses to
let him win. He doesn't have trust in Victoria at first and even comes off as hating
her but after a while he realizes her true strengths and starts liking her.

Drake- Hates Victoria.

Vladimir- Drakes twin brother. He is the complete opposite of Drake and comes off as
playful toward Victoria. Few know of his dark, troubled past that he hides from
everyone. He can be cruel and cold toward those around him when he's feeling
troubled. Drake knows when he's like that and never leaves his side.

Sable- He is the quiet one of the group. He sits in his corner and drinks his tea. He
doesn't have a human form being the youngest and all. He has cute cat ears and tail.
He left his family to join the guardians after hearing there was an opening. That's
all anyone knows about him. Oh and when Victor saw him he was covered in blood which
makes people question if what he said was indeed true.

Draven- He is arrogant and argues with Victoria a lot. When they first meet, they
immediately start acting like siblings. He cares for her like a brother does to his
sister but sometimes, they are at each others throats. At first everyone tries to
separate them but in the end realize its hopeless, knowing they'll be hugging each
other again in 5 minutes.



Ash- An angel that protects Victoria by hiding as a human. He doesn't want her to
choose the demons side. He wants her to use her powers for good not evil.

Zero- A mischievous demon that joins Victoria's side but then joins Evander. He
basically wants to let them kill each other while he watches.
Last edited: 24 September 2013

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