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Help wanted part two.Category: (general)
Wednesday, 26 December 2012
09:46:03 AM (GMT)
The office was neat and small. The air conditioning was blowing sending cool chills
down my back. Sasha began to speak.

" Okay, now, thee has been a problem in the it is AFFECTING the
store." She began, chewing loudly on a piece of gum." And, you, to get the job have
to be able to detect problem in a flash. the hint is the problem in in the office,
and you need to find it." She sat down in a wooden chair in a corner as I searched
frantically for this problem. I noticed a couple of potential problems, like a family
of roaches have nested in a corner of the rrom and a rat hole was letting the air out
of the room. As I looked around, I noticed Monique. Her legs were open and I could
see her bare vagina.

" Er, what are you doing." I asked. I was getting kind of nervous. "um, I really
don't need this job." I said, grabbing my coat and heading for the office exit.

"WAIT." She said." You found the problem." I looked at her, confused.

"I found the...look, I don't know what this is, but...I am LEAVING." I said. I really
didn't want to leave, but to avoid any conflict i decided to.

"Wait." Sasha said again."Let me explain. Please sit." I sat in a saucer chair as she
began to explain."

"I am a lesbian. I have always been since grade school. I have been lately forcing
myself to have sex with men, but...I NEED a woman, and without my needs being met, my
store is going down the toilet because I'm not "friendly" or "happy". She said. She
looked sad.

"I'm sorry Sasha, but...I don't know." I said. I noticed her physique again. She was
beautiful. However, I was a lesbian but...this was a,little awkward.

"Feel free to leave." Sasha said. "You can still have the job...but...I am a little
ashamed since I asked you to." Sasha said. I walked closer to her until our faces
were almost touching. I grabbed her face, and began to kiss her slowly but
passionately. She grabbed on to my waist as we fell into the same wooden chair. We
continued to kiss. My lips passionately touching her lips was the release of
everything. She began to breath heavily. After, ewe attempted to contain ourselves,
in the excitement of the moment.

" COme to my place." She said, catching her breath. Me, blinded in love, nodded
softly as she yanked me by the hand. The next thing I know, we were in her car riding
along the long freeway. The drive to her house seemed like forever. You know how that
goes, when you want something, the time it takes to get it seems like forever.

We finally arrived to her house. Her house was a nice sized little building. She lead
me to the door. As soon as we entered a night no pleasure and pure love, we began
where we finished. We began to kiss, slowly and slowly. I felt like I could tear off
all of her clothes at once, but to express my love properly, I took my time with er.
I knew that she had been hurt...I didn't want to blow this.
We entered her bedroom. The deep purple walls added romance to the evening. She laid
on the bed as I climbed on top of her very reluctantly.I began to work her long skirt
down ,exposing her sweet pussy. It wasthe comparison of a wet rose. She was dripping.
I kissed her inner thighd, moving closer and closer to her sweet clit. She breathed

"Yes, Monique please, ungh please." She began to cry out. I felt my own pussy
becoming wet and hot. I slowly began flicking her clit ith my toung. She let out soft
sweet moans, grabbing on the the purple conforter. She began to move her toned hips
in circular patterns,

(Well, this scene is very if you need to leave...then leave)

Sasha sat up and looked me in the eyes.

"Monique, I am a dirty slut. I love to fuck women but lately I have been very very
horny and my store is going to e forced to go out of business. I want you to fuck me
harder than you are now. It feels wonderful, but girl, I need you to be gangsta with
this shit." She said. I nodded.

I picked her up by her waist and sat her on my mouth and I began to flick her clit
with my tongue, sucking and making slurping noised. I sucked gently then increased
tension. I liked her  inner labias, teasing her pussy with my resistance to lick her
tight sweet hole. She moaned, as if irritated. I pushed her gently on the bed opening
her legs wide for me to see the swet clear cum dripping down her slit. her pink pussy
was throbbing and the size of her clit began to increase. I slipped one finger n her
tight hole, moving in and out slowly then increasing speed.. As I finger fucked her,
I rubbed her sweet little clit making her sweet girl cum flow like honey of her.

pleasure aroused her. She slid away from my dripping wet finger and licked her fluids
off. She grabbed by my hips and threw me on the bed, removed my sweatpants and almost
instantly began to finger fuck me. I moaned and groaned, moving my his up and down
for intense pleasure. She began to suck and lick me, sucking my clit like a suction
cup while rubbing on my tits.
"Fuck me, bitch fuck me, yes awwww gawd yes." I said. tear began to flow from my
eyes. The pressure was great. I couldn't take  it.

Sasha slid her fingers and sucked my juices of of it. She climbed onto the bed with
me. She pressed her sweet wet pussy onto mine, as we began moving slowly against each
other. The room was filled with out criesof excitement. The tribbing got so exiting
that we began to buck against each other. The headboard banged loudly again the wall
as we rode each other.

"FUCK ME YES BABY AWWWW YES YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS" Sasha cried out. I knew I was going to
cum. My clit began throbbing as i released my girl cum, squirting it all over Sasha's
face and bed. She came to as I rushed to suck the juiced left over from her pussy. 
She wasn't finshed, by the way her light toned eyes glistened. She looked at my pussy
and pulled me closer, thrusting her fistinside of me, rbb=ubbing my insides. She
began to get faster and faster as I moved, squirming around.

"UNGH YESAHHHH MMMMYS UNGH." I cried out as she stretched my insides. Her thumb
rubbed my  clit as she moved her hand in and out of me. I came again, harder than
before. My juices flowed like a sweet river of pure excitement. The bed where I lay
was soaked wit sweet cum as our sweet scents filled the room. After I caught my
breath...Sasha whispered in my ear...

"baby, you have the job."
Last edited: 26 December 2012

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