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Friday, 14 December 2012
06:24:30 PM (GMT)
Seriously, who even reads these? Eh. Read it. Go on. RANT AHEAD AWYISS~ -bloop- Guh. So here I am, reading a very very emotional Stony fic (Asgardians like Stony) when I see ads lined up and asking begging shh for a 'f*ck buddy'. Okay. Sure, yeah, roleplay. It can lead to the characters cybering. But. It's not like we intend to jump on your bones the moment we click on the little Send Message button on your profile. Why do people even do that? Ask for someone to wreck their virtual panties? Wait, I want to answer that with another question. Is it because it's more exhilirating - because you can improvise on the spot? Whatever the reason, it has still been bugging me for quite a while. I understand that the Internet is a place in which you may roam free~ but if you're aroused to the point in which caressing your genitals isn't working out, go outside and eat some food. Wear something blue. Read a fic. Is that so hard? But if that doesn't work out -and here I thought fics can solve and create problems at the same time-, then you can message other people who clearly put I SO HORNII PLZ CYBR WIT MIII so then you can both be relieved of your 'problems'. That way a certain Asgardian wouldn't have to be so irritated by it and have to write a pointless rant. Is this even a rant? Too many lines... And most of them consist of just a sentence or two. Come to think of it, this 'rant' may seem selfish or stupid in a person's eyes as well. But that's fine. Because you're you. And you think this rant is stupid. But that's nOT THE POINT. Why do people even think of doing it in the first place? Hold on, don't interrupt my train of thought. I think it's because of the fact that you don't get STDs or AIDs -or anything, for that matter- from cybering. Yeah, sure. Who wants to die young anyway? Why not enjoy life and cyber with a 53 year old man named Billy who claims to have a very long reproductive organ? Why not? What irritates me -I only get to the point now?!- is the fact that these people are so desperate to throw themselves at another person's feet. And they happen to be just as aroused as they are. Not only that: a handful of them are 13... 12, even. And that's the horrible part, really. BITCH YOU SHOULD BE RUNNING FROM BOYS OR DISCOVERING FANFICTION NOT TRADING PICTURES WITH SOMEONE YOU DON'T KNOW I TRADE POKEMON CARDS BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO SEE GYARADOS' VAGINA ANYWHERE -bloop- Ugugugugu. Now, if you'll excuse me -psh, I'm excusing myself anyway-, I have a 12-chapter fic to read.
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