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Jace's personalitiesCategory: Role Playing
Thursday, 6 December 2012
05:59:00 PM (GMT)
Alright so I recently made a character with schizophrenia/split
personality(whatever) and since I'm so horrible at keeping track of all of them I
figured I'd make a page of all of his personalities. They will all have a name,
picture, and short, brief description. I know people with schizophrenia or split
personality don't transform into someone completely different but this is role
playing and who knows where it actually takes place? It could take place in a
completely different realm. Who knows? I never really specified where it took place
anyways. Plus, who knows? Those of different species could transform into a different
person if they had schizophrenia. It could happen. Well anyways. Here's Jace's bio. 

Name: Jace
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Race: Demon
Orientation: Straight
Occupation: He works at a cafe
Origin: California, USA
Languages: English
Abilities: Depends on his personality that takes over. Regular Jace can
manipulate darkness but he also a master of arcane magic(he is specialized in
darkness but can conjure most elements), master swordsman, and a master
Weapons: He has a katana in his sheath, but he also has 2 guns slipped into
the back of his pants and a couple of knives in his belt.
History: He grew up in a wealthy family. He loved his mother and father. More
than most kids do. His mother was an artist while his dad was a writer so they were
home a lot. They didn't always have time for him but they were in fact home almost
always. He also had a couple of friends whom he trusted with his life. His life
seemed almost normal. He wasn't even like most rich kids too. He was in fact
granted his families wealth when he turned 18 but sadly, on his 10th birthday his
parents disappeared. So when he turned 18, he would be able to gain his parents
entire wealth and also be the ruler of his father's kingdom who build it with
his own two hands before he became a writer. After his parents died, he started being
handed off from aunt to aunt, to relative to relative. His first aunt was insane. She
had just been discharged from an asylum. and they said she was stable but he doubted
it. For the most part, he kept his distance. He got to close to her one day, she
nearly killed him, and she was sent to another hospital. He found out she was
schizophrenic from one of the doctors. Throughout the years, Jace had been in and out
of relationships. Whether it was girlfriend/boyfriend situation or his family
situation. Over the years, he discovered that he had this weird personality disorder
kinda like Schizophrenia. It was almost like he was possessed by multiple spirits but
as far as anyone knew that was impossible to remain control of your body with so many
spirits. There were a few times he'd fall madly in love with a girl but when he was
about to have sex with her, he'd black out and wake up to see him lying next to his
brutally murdered girlfriend. It was rare for him to fall in love though. He's
probably fallen in love a total of 3 times. When he turned 18, the aunt who was
taking care of him at the time said he wasn't ready to get his money cause she knew
about the murders he committed to innocent girls. Her decision frustrated him so he
rather hates her right now.


Darius- Evil, sadistic, shinigami-like, weapon of choice: Scythe

Damien- Quiet, shy, kind, but also quiet evil, weapon of choice: bow and arrow

Sadistic, sociopath, delicate
Last edited: 8 December 2012

branches says:   6 December 2012   705362  
not to be a cunt but I don't think you understand what schizophrenia
Demonic_Rayne12 says:   8 December 2012   579649  
Oh I know what it is. 2 of my friends are schizophrenic. Not to be a
cunt but its called role playing. Shit doesn't have to make fucking
sense. I had absolutely no sleep last night so not in the mood for
peoples bitching. My job is to make things interesting. It doesn't
have to be right. I keep the truth in my stories not role playing. 
Ms_Grell_Sutcliff says:   12 December 2012   334207  
I love the pictures.
Demonic_Rayne12 says :   13 December 2012   318114  
I will find a picture for this shadow creature thats about to take
over Jace. 

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