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Episode one: the Start of A new school year! part 3Category: (general)
Tuesday, 20 November 2012
10:38:18 AM (GMT)
as the day gradually eases into the afternoon the biggest kid in her class walks up
to the front of her desk 
she looks up at him then back down to her notes "I don't care If your a girl I
challenge you to a fight."
she looks up once more grasps his collar stands so she looks at him directly in the
eyes "fuck you say?"
He he hits her arm off with the back of his hand "I challenge you to a fight, we'll
see just how tough you 
are after school unless your scared."

she is looking down at the desk a smile grows on her face and she starts to snigger
"you really want to fight,
me?" he looked confused for a moment then frowned and nods his head with a grunt
"Fine, at the back of the 
gym, at 3pm, be there, unless your scared." she looks at him with a smirk. "of coarse
not why would I be."
they return to their seats and waited for the moment to arrive, to lose this battle
was to lose honor no way 
was she going to lose her own self respect to this punk.

"You see!, she's already got way to much attention and not the good kind either!" "we
should not inter-fear she would 
do worse to us then she would to him." "but,but!" " no more lets just go before we
get into even more trouble because of you."
the Last bell Rings and everyone starts getting ready to go home but most of 2-D were
already behind the Gym 
waiting for S.B to arrive, the sound of gravel under feet draws closer to them until
finally she is in their sights 
" so she finally arrives." she throws her bag and jacket to the ground and enters a
defense position. he growls then charges at her she doges his attack and strikes him
in the jaw with her fist  he pummels to the ground "get up." he gets up slowly and
starts to fight her with melee combat and hits her in the face the class gasps,and he
stands in awe that she was still standing 
for he hit her pretty hard,she touches her face, then smiles, his eyes widen, she
then Climbs him and beats him over and over again in the face the then uses the
pressure in her legs to back flip off him and push him backwoods he groans in pain
and try's to get up but ends up not able to move , "fear of change is what makes you
all weak." she walks over to her bag and picks it up "if you want to challenge me
again just ask, or don't bother."

she walks away from the school and rain clouds start to form, what starts as a little
rain turns into allot. As she continues to walk with an umbrella above her head she
comes across a guy sitting in the rain hes got his knees cradling his head and the
light from the sign across the street shines ageist his earrings, she holds the
umbrella above his head and started to get wet herself her shirt was white so it
kinda became see through clear enough to notice she's wearing a black bra he looks up
to see her and blushes, she smiles at him and lends him her hand "you shouldn't be
out in the rain, you'll catch something." he takes her hand and she helps him up "you
got family?" "uh, no,I dont." "oh sorry." he looks at her and notices a red mark on
her face then looks back to the road as they start walking "you will stay with me
then, I'll take care of you." 
"its fine and,thank you"

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