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Friday, 26 October 2012
11:56:24 AM (GMT)
Solaris walked into the ally and looked around to make sure no one was around. The
portal would be open for fifteen seconds so if anyone saw it they could walk into it.
After checking again he created the portal and stepped through it. Unknowing to him,
his friends had reached the ally and were now staring at the portal."Where do you
think it goes Sam?"Asked Mitsuki"Yeah, Kevin must of went through it since he's not
around here."Said Kayam. They all waited to see what would happen but suddenly the
portal started to shrink."Its closing lets just go through it already." Kayam said.
They all nodded and jumped through just as it was closing.

Solaris was at the center of the white room looking at a giant hologram of the Earth.
Some of the Earth seemed to be covered in a transparent dark color while other parts
were covered in a white color. Also the Earths weather could be seen on it. Solaris
had control of the Earths weather but he was told to let it happen naturally. He was
in charge of keeping the balance in the world. He was still checking when he heard a
loud thud. He assumed some dark warrior had entered and summoned his sword and armor.
As he turned and looked he was shocked and surprised to see his friends.

"What are you guys doing here why did you follow me?" Solaris asked. Sam was the
first one up and she did not like his tone."You know why we followed you, were your
friends how could you hide this from us?"Asked Sam. She and the others circled him
and waited for a response. They were all amazed by the room but they were more angry
then anything." Because you were not supposed to find out, im not allowed to reveal
who i am to anyone and now ill have to reset everything to make sure you dont
remember me."Solaris said. "Dont you dare try that on us, were your friends Kevin why
didnt you trust us?"Abbi asked. Now Abbi and Sam stood in front of him while the
others stood back, they knew what was coming." We can keep a secret you know, we
wouldnt have told anyone."Sam said "Thats not the point i was told not to let anyone
find out about me and my name isn't Kevin its Solaris."Solaris said trying to move
away."Well what ever your name is you better explain to us who you really are."Sam
said. She was now giving him the look, Solaris had been in many battles throughout
history but Sams look was more terrifying then any battle he could have been in.
Last edited: 26 October 2012

MarieBaby says:   5 November 2012   964016  
It's really good!!! Just grammar.
‹Phoenix Genesis› says :   5 November 2012   472984  
I know i was planning to fix it but havnt had time to i did this like
4 years ago then had writers block and just started writing more again


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