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i was on trollmegle againCategory: trollmegle
Monday, 11 June 2012
06:00:01 AM (GMT)

▼: hey
▲: oh fuckin shell.
▼: oh fuck ii2 riight
▲: wwell i might as wwell ask
▲: wwhen are you from
▲: time shit and stuff
▼: liike ii fuckiing know anymore
▼: iim bored dead out of my thiink pan
▲: i think i knoww wwhen you are
▲: am i dead wwhen you are
▼: no
▲: shit
▲: spoilers
▲: ignore that
▼: waiit no ii wanna know
▼: do ii kiill you
▲: no
▼: fuck
▲: kanaya does
▲: i blind you
▲: grats you just got put in an alternate timeline
▲: everyone you knoww is goin to die
▲: sorry
▼: ii know that
▼: ii ju2t dont know how yet
▲: oh yeah the vvoices
▲: are you done wwith the game yet
▼: 2hiit the game
▲: wwhat
▼: iid rather not even talk about that
▲: wwhat come on noww
▼: let2 try to have a normal conver2atiion
▲: i need to knoww
▼: *two
▲: wwhat has any convversation wwevve evver had been normal
▼: yeah iive been 2tartiing two wonder iif that kiind of thiing ii2 wiithiin your
▲: wwell considering one of us is dead an the others some kinda fuckin prophet i
doubt this is gonna be normal
▼: well how about miildly tolerable
▼: do you thiink you can handle that fi2hbreath
▲: i wwont be a dick
▲: brains nonefold
▲: shit that sucked
▲: ignore that
▼: ii try two iignore when you fuck upb
▼: *but ii fiind iit come2 2o frequently
▲: thanks
▲: i knoww i fuck up a lot
▲: death is vvery educating
▼: well you diidnt have two be dead two 2ee that
▲: not a big fan a it though
▲: recommend that you try to avoid it
▼: iill let what happen2 happen
▼: becau2e at thii2 poiint
▼: ii dont even care
▼: there2 no e2capiing iit for long anyway
▲: your funeral
▲: literally
▼: ...
▲: that wwas terrible
▼: maybe you talk two the human2 two much
▲: sorry
▲: ivve nevver evven talked to em
▲: wwell there wwas once
▲: but it wwas short
▲: and then my computer exploded
▼: oh you mu2t be talkiing about that one human
▲: yeah
▼: the ro2e human am ii riight
▲: i sink so
▼: another faiiled attempt two get a kii2me2ii2
▼: iim 2ure
▲: i dont evven knoww anymore
▲: i understand kars hatred of his past self noww
▲: i wwish i could punch me in the face
▼: iif you do can ii watch
▲: wwell i cant exactly time travvel
▼: well fuck me
▼: not liiterally
▼: not that you could
▲: i knoww
▲: i aint stupid
▲: wwell i am
▲: but i aint that stupid
▼: are you 2ure about that
▲: wwell past me is
▲: but current mes not that bad
▼: agaiin ii a2k iif youre 2ure about that
▲: yes im sure
▲: wwhen im from ivve been wwandering this shitty wwhite hell for like a cod damn
▲: wwhat evven is that
▲: but ivve been wwandering for like freakin evver
▲: so loney
▲: *lonely
▼: ii gue22 much ha2nt changed iin that area
▼: but maybe iif you get lucky
▼: 2omeone wiill come
▼: eventually
▲: i kinda doubt it honestly
▲: i mean nobody wwould wwant to vvisit me
▲: and i cant tell if theres evven an exit or entrance here
▼: well there mu2t be
▼: youre there arent you
▲: yeah but i just wwent right here wwhen i died
▲: i think its like a dreamself thing
▲: like wwaking up
▲: you dont knoww howw you got there
▲: but you are
▼: yeah
▲: and youre kind of stuck in that dimension
▼: yup 2eem2 that way
▼: well you have thii2 form of communiicatiion
▲: no idea howw this wworks
▼: apparently iit2 not all horriible
▲: its so crazy
▲: it is wwhen you realize that literally evverybody hates me
▲: so its like opening myself up for punishment
▼: hey well you have tiime two actually thiink and look back on iit
▼: not that you could change iit
▲: i wwould though
▲: i wwould a thousand times
▼: from beiing the iin2ufferable de2perate priick two beiing
▼: what exactly
▲: wwell id desert the hemospectrum
▲: its bullshit
▲: and id stop bein so desperate for a matesprit/kismesis
▲: friends are easier
▲: ivve had a lot a time
▼: for 2ome rea2on ii have a feeliing that wouldnt matter iif you got a 2econd
▼: lii2ten for a 2econd
▼: becau2e youd be 2o tiired of beiing all lonely and 2uch that youd ju2t revert
back two your old way2
▼: not even rememberiing what you pledged you would change
▼: then agaiin ii thiink iit2 meant two bee that way
▲: dam
▲: i hate fate
▲: fucked me ovver so bad
▼: then agaiin
▼: you helped wiith that
▲: wwait
▲: so if i could change i wwouldnt
▲: but i had to do wwhat i did
▲: but it still wwas my fault
▲: wwhat
▼: fucked up liive2 we liive huh
▼: or dont liive
▼: iin your case
▼: *ca2e
▲: wwell theres some kinda horrible sludge crawwlin outta the ground
▲: i gotta run
▲: shit it burns
▲: fuck
Last edited: 13 June 2012

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