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Sex Story for fun_guy.Category: Sex,sex,sex
Tuesday, 27 March 2012
09:12:56 PM (GMT)
This is gonna be male/female. A girl named Veronica, with brown hair and eyes, and
36 c boobs and Dakota. Enjoy c;

Veronica walked from her house to Dakota's, bound and determined to finesh this
homework. She had no idea how to do it and Dakota had agreed to help her, and she
wouldn't pass up that help. She had come straight from school, her short skirt giving
glimpses of her ass and black thong as she walked down the sidewalk, her school bag
striking black against her pink tank top, that showed off her perky c boobs. She
quickly came upon Dakota's house and knocked on the door, to her suprise she only saw
his car in the driveway. She smiled as he opened the door and she walked inside,
"Thanks do much for helping me..." she said, but before she could finesh her sentance
Dakota's lips attacked hers. She was slightly suprised but she diddnt object as she
kissed back, her hands going around his neck as his went around his waist, he broke
apart for a second. "This is your payment for homework help." he growled at her as he
continued his assult on her lips. ShMe smilied as she was alright with this being her
payment. She wrapped herself around him, her legs around his waist and her arms
around his neck. He smilied in the kiss as he felt the warm eminating from her pussy
on his stomach. He held her legs, groaping a her ass every once in a while as he
kissed her. He felt the buldge in his pants grow, as her chest rubbed against his
neck and near his chin. He broke apart from the kiss and moved to her neck, nibbling
and kissing his way to her breasts. Her boobs had always been amazing to him, they
were the perfect size. He kissed his way between and into her cleavage. He smilied at
her as he laid her onto the couch, and smelled her juices. "Mmm you're getting hot."
he said laughing at her. He smilied as he moved her skirt up and moved her thong away
with his teeth. He licked lightly at her lips, feeling the juices on his tounge. She
moaned softly as she felt his tounge invade her lips, and move inside her pussy and
across her clit. She moaned as he got her closer to her orgasam and he stopped,
smiling up at her and lickig his lips, sonthst were free of her juices as he moved up
to miss her, the buldge in his pants pressing against her. He smilied as he grinded
against her, his buldge going into skirt. He smilied and undid her shirt, licking at
her chest. Her soft moans filled the room again as her face turned a light pink. He
continued on for a few seconds, and the  undid his pants. "Oh your gonna get it." he
said as he winked T her and pulled his pants down, boxers and all. He smilied as he
pushed the head onto her vaginal lips, groaning as the wetness from her pussy dripped
on his dick. She moaned as he pushed into her, slowly and surely. Suddenly he pushed
into her harder, havig held back too much before. He rubbed at her nipples with his
thumbs, her breasts rising and falling with her moans. He knew he couldn't hold put,
not of he was touching her and her moans were all around him. He groaned along with
her, and held onto her tightly as he moved himself in and out of her quickly. He
finally pulled out and blew his load across her belly, and on her chest. He smilied
as he laid down on her, his juices running between them. "Can we Do that again?" she
asked giggling.

I hope you enjoy!
Last edited: 14 April 2012

Dalton says:   29 March 2012   580846  
Thats fuking horny!
‹AubreeRose› says:   29 March 2012   328931  
Oh wel thank you. 
Sendmethose says:   1 April 2012   385638  
No offense, but isnt it against the handbook for porn in this form to
be public? Idk... And I'm sure as hell not gonna report you
‹AubreeRose› says:   1 April 2012   988772  
I dunno, Nd I Genily don't care haha. (: 
Sendmethose says:   1 April 2012   801941  
Haha, okay
MOON_NIGHT says:   12 April 2012   876085  
what is wrong with this story. you are crazy
MOON_NIGHT says :   15 April 2012   731147  
didnt mean to say that srry

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