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Sex Story for Ironix.Category: Sex,sex,sex
Tuesday, 27 March 2012
03:25:02 PM (GMT)
This is boy boy love, of you dontlike it don't read it

Richard sat on the couch, as Nathen sat on the other end, careful not to get too
close, he diddnt want Nathen to find put his little secret. Richard had always liked
Nathen, he just haddnt been able to voice these feelings or they had never been
alone. But today was different, he was home alone and nathen was there, and he would
be telling, actually showing, nathen just how he felt. Richard inched closer to
nathen, as the movie they watched got closer to the end. Richard moved till he was
right next to him, his hand on his theigh. "Wh-what are you doing?" nathen asked as
he turned a bright red and looked at Richard, who smilied and bit his lip. "Oh...
Well I'm going to show you just how much you turn me on. You know your such a tease
right? It's cute." Richard said as he moved Nathan closer and into his lap. "Now
isn't his nice?" he asked as he bit at nathens neck, playing with his black hair.
Nathen struggled against him, but soon he felt him relax as Richard found nathens
spot on his neck. Nathen gasped slightly, his face turning even redder. Richered
smilied as he felt his own dick getting hard, and poking at nathen. He kissed up
nathens neck and move to his cheek, eventually up to his lips. "Just relax and let
yourself go." Richard whispered against his lips as he kissed nathen, full on the
lips. Richard smilied as he felt nathen stir, and kiss him back. Richard held onto
his hips, pulling him closer of that's was possible, when he felt something poke him.
"Mmm what is this?" he asked as he touched at nathens croatch. Nathen jumped and
turned a bright red as he felt Richard touch him, "No need to be embarrassed
darling." he said smiling at him. Nathen looked down at bit his lip as he looked at
Richards own buldge. Richard winked at him, Looks like I have one too." he said as he
flipped them over, layig on top of nathen. He took nathens shirt off quickly as he
wrapped nathens legs around him. He smilied as nathen smilied slightly, "Just calm
down and let me do my thing." Richard said as he smilied and started kissing at
nathens neck. Richard moved down to his cheast, playing with nathens nipples. He
heard a small moan from nathen, which made him smile. He had one finger flickin and
pinching at one nipple and his mouth playing with the other, his tounge swirling
around it. He heard Nathens moans fill the room, which made him smile. Soon enough
they pulled apart and stripped, nathen taking off Richards clothes and richard taking
off nathens remaing clothes. Richard laid nathen down on the couch again, "Now
relax," he said as he whispered in nafhens ear, his long hair brushing against
nathens cheast. Richard moves to kiss nathen, his hand going down to his cock,
positioning at nathens hole. Nathen gasped slightly as he felt it, the lube from the
tip of richards cock dripping onto him. He smilied up at Richard, and Richard slowly
pushed forward, the tip of his cock slowly pushing into nathen. Nathrn gasped
sligtly, feeling Richard push into him. Richard bent down and hugged nathen to him,
kissing him slowly as his cock slid into nathen. Richard slowly moved in and out of
nathen as he kissed him, holding him tightly. Nathen moaned and moved with Richard,
as Richards cock moved in and out of him. Nathens own cock rubbed up against Nathan
and k stomachs, causin nathen to have even more pleasure. Richard grunted against
nathens lips as he felt his insides and co k rubbing up against his stomach. Richard
felt himself going over the edge, nathens moans and his ass becoming too much for
him. He felt nathens own cock Tense up as it rubbed up against their stomachs.
Richard felt himself going over and he held onto nathen as he came into his ass,
nathrn blowing his own load all over their stomachs. Richard laid ontop of nathen and
smilied at him, playing with his hair. "We need to do that again!" natuen said

I hope you enjoy!
Last edited: 2 April 2012

Ironix says:   3 April 2012   849015  
‹AubreeRose› says :   3 April 2012   709294  
As your welcome! I hope you enjoyed it 

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