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9-11, please read.Category: (general)
Saturday, 24 March 2012
09:44:56 PM (GMT)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=PBKDZhu-EZw Highlight this,
then right-click, then click "go to...'. 

The significance of these numbers in this video is that the Illuminati are warning us
about 9-11, which they were behind. They are now giving us warnings about London
2012, which is their code of conduct. 

The video
The video (which I did not make) is mostly about how the Illuminati are running
Hollywood, and how they pay producers to put subliminal symbolism into their movies,
to remind us that they are still in control. 

Chemtrail is a deadly chemical sprayed from planes appearing to be normal planes with
a white streak behind them. They are often seen flying low around densely populated
areas. Instead of dissolving, this white Chemtrail stays in the air, eventually
falling to the ground. You may have seen one, but not realised it. Next time you see
a plane with a white streak behind, look carefully. If, after a couple of minutes,
the streak stays in the sky and turns partly purple/green around the edges, this is
an Illuminati chem-trail plane. 


‹Wonderlust King› says:   24 March 2012   375403  
I'm sorry Holly, but seriously get a hold of yourself with this whole
illuminati business. There is no such group -.- the Illuminati were a
group of scientists I believe during the Enlightenment and now its
been used to connect to every secret society ever. There is no big
evil organization out there trying to destroy us all....that job
belongs to clowns >.> lol

branches says:   24 March 2012   534784  
Woah, it's on YouTube and everything! They don't let just anyone post
on there, don't ya know.
‹jesus_of_suburbia› says:   25 March 2012   133229  
The Illuminati are real, there are literally hours of video out
there, and videos of politicians talking about the new world order,
and all the symbols- did you even watch the video?@BlackJack21 
‹Wonderlust King› says:   25 March 2012   612133  
Then show me the videos rather than this one that is based on nothing
I watched it and yeah I see the symbols, but you realize most of those
are a stretch and the rest is because that is a common symbol. People
like to use it for the symbol of secret societies in movies. The rest
are a stretch of the imagination.
Also even if this group existed why would they plaster their symbol
everywhere like a bunch of self promoting idiots? 
‹jesus_of_suburbia› says :   26 March 2012   641118  
They're not stupid. Evil, but not stupid. Admittedly, some of those
were stretched a little but most showed the symbol, ie. the one when
the screen flashes and the all-seeing eye comes up.


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