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Too Far Away... :/Category: Personal
Thursday, 16 February 2012
10:49:33 PM (GMT)
I'm pretty sure I've found a guy I could see myself being with for forever. You
know, "the one" as they say. Problem is, he's forever away.  A whole gazillion
miles away, and with this economy, meeting him will probably never happen. I wish it
would though since I've only been in love with him since I was like, in 8th or 9th
grade. =.=

Even when I was with other guys, he was always on my mind. :/ Sure, there were times
when I would just not talk to him for a few months, but then when I would again, it
would seem like nothing changed.

Out of all the people I know online, he is the one I want to meet the most.

I wonder if he even knows I'm talking about him... =.=
I wonder if he's even reading this...

Maybe that's why I've had so much trouble with guys; why I can't find one that I like
enough to want to be with.... Because I've already found him.
I'm reading too much into this probably...
I dunno.
No one will ever love me. D:
I bet he doesn't feel the same about me now anyway.
Wish I could talk to him about stuff like this...
I can't though. It just makes me too sad.

Enough about this. No one wants to read this stupid sappy stuff.
~le YWN out~

‹Kairos› says:   16 February 2012   963830  
I know exactly how you feel. the doubting. the waiting. the wanting.
it's torture. we put ourselves in the position as if we're nit good
enough. we don't see ourselves being good enoub for someone or we have
a hard time accepting that someone could ever love us back. truth is,
we're all unique. and amazing. and gorgeous. and flaws are drop dead
gorgeous. guys are people too. we sometimes forget they're all not man
whores or players. they're guys that see what we don't see and bring
out the best in us. 

long distance is hard. believe me. especially online. I've had my
share. some in florida, some in Texas, some on islands off the coast,
some in Italy. I've been around [on the web XD]. we can't really get
ourselves to say what we want do we? for me I see guys and think they
like spontaneous says what's on their mind kind of girls..and then I
try and push too hard. or I want to be the cool conservative type and
end up loading him again. what it boils down to is tell him no matter
what. I'm sure even if he rejects you guys will still be the best o
friends. and if he does feel the same, you wouldn't have ever known if
you hadn't take that risk. cause that's exactly what love is: it's
taking a risk into the unknown and findin yourself along he way.
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   16 February 2012   745154  
You are totally right. C: And this made me smile.
Also, the part where you said you've been around on the web made me
laugh. xD I know EXACTLY what you mean. 
‹Kairos› says:   16 February 2012   549194  
I got game..on the web XD but I'm glad I made you smile and laugh at
my pretty amazing checklist of exes :P I'm just..I want to be one of
those girls the guys fall for you know? like..I don't have to make it
so obvious. I just wish I was one of hose spontaneous free girls hat
can talk to a guy easily :P without getting my flirt on too much XD 
Your_Worst_Nightmare says :   17 February 2012   641039  
Oh yes, I know what you mean. I feel the same way lol 


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