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Sunday, 5 February 2012
06:14:56 PM (GMT)
Since being a slave to my report card is why I don't write to anyone, I figured I'd
at least tell ya'll what I got and pretend that somebody out there actually cares.

Phys Ed: 100
       What I learned about ultimate frisby: I have only moderate talent for passing
or receiving, but am awesome at defense. Jumping up and down in front of someone
throws off their aim nicely.

Spanish: 94
       What I learned about the future tense: It is best to memorize linguistic rules
without questioning them. 

Algerbra and Trig: 78
        What I learned about cubed rooting: It is actually possible for me not to
mess this form of math up too badly, after learning the steps.

Physiology: 92
        What I learned about the human body: There are an absurd number of parts to
the scapula.

AP U.S. History: 92
         What I learned about the Gilded Age: Theodore Roosevelt was a freaking

Mixed Choir: 98
        Songs I performed at the concert: Walkin' on Sunshine, If You Don't Know Me
By Now, and Pride in the Name of Love.

English: 100
       What I learned about the Catcher in the Rye: There is no plot, and there is no
character development, but the dialog is very believable. 

Extra curriculars I'm involved in: Book club, anime club, Shakespeare club, Alliance,
stage crew, and the selective a Capella women's group in my school.

Hobbies being neglected: Running, writing, socializing, sleeping, reading,

On the bright side I've been practicing drawing.

Post some grades you're proud of in comments?

tiggerlemon101 says:   5 February 2012   310607  
How do you get 98s and 100s and such?
At my school it's practically impossible to get over 95.  I'm done
that twice, ever.

When I get my report card I'll let you know!
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   5 February 2012   385466  
A 96 in accounting? XD

And just managing a B+ in APUSH. OTL

How did you not know that about Theodore Roosevelt?! A BAMF he is.
Kirti says:   5 February 2012   456418  
I get grades like that by studying for every test, never letting
myself half-ass an assignment even when it's stupid, and by making
sure to always participate in class. I often skip lunch to work on
APUSH, and because I'm in choir I have forty minutes of music study
hall every other day to work in. Also, the only thing that comes
before my sleep is my school work.

My school doesn't exactly make it easy to score this high either. Part
of the reason I wanted to post this here is because when I tell my
friends about my grades they feel bad. 
Kirti says:   5 February 2012   893388  
Well, I knew he was because of the big things- getting shot and then
delivering his speech any way, going to the wild west just to have an
adventure, creating the Rough Riders because the navy was too boring
for him- but he was a politically savvy BAMF, which makes him
Also, he drank two gallons of coffee a day, and read a page in the
time it takes most people to read a paragraph. What a boss! 
tiggerlemon101 says:   6 February 2012   297940  
Does anyone else in your school get marks like that?  Because
the smartest kid in my school (who is probably a certifiable genius)
would still kill for a 98 or 100. 
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   6 February 2012   229627  
DAMN. Your grades are fantastic! If I got grades like that, my
parents would probably feel obligated to buy me a car or something.

I think my highest grade was an 88 in gym. Everything else is in the
80s and 70s. I got a 68 in math but that's about it.
How do you have the ability to get grades THAT good?
cypris says:   7 February 2012   108313  
Kirti says:   8 February 2012   913249  
The reason for the English grade is that there was a mistake in my
schedule. I'm in a regular English class when I was supposed to be put
in honors, and honestly I should be doing AP. I always get one
hundreds in that class because it's way to easy for me, but it would
mess up my schedule too much to switch out. (Also my teacher likes
having a student in class who can lead the discussions.)

Anyway, yes there are other kids in my school with grades like mine.
There are actually some kids taking more advanced classes than me
whose grades are higher than mine. (Honestly, how are they
still alive?)

Honestly, my grades might be above average, but they aren't unheard of
in my school. Apparently my high school is way above national
standards in, like, everything. Not that we compare to the private
school in my area- I gotta wonder how they're alive, too. 
tiggerlemon101 says:   9 February 2012   640456  
Moving to the States.  It's official. 
cavillica says:   9 February 2012   117976  
English GT- 90
Culinary- 97
Algebra 2 GT - 89
History GT- 82
Art- 100
Chemistry GT- a fucking 68.
Spanish 3- 95
I'm proud of most of my grades. xD I fucking hate science obviously.
Crap I still have 6 worksheets I haven't turned in for chemistry yet,
probably why my grade is like that..and the tests...and
stoichiometry...gas laws...when will I need this stuff?! DX
Kirti says:   10 February 2012   465946  
Well, if you're going to college you may need it to test out of some
minimum graduation requirements. (Otherwise you need to take more
classes to get science credits.)
Also, chemistry is important for understanding how the world works,
which is important as you'll be living in it for awhile.
That said, it can be frustrating when you're learning something that
doesn't seem practical. Just do the work they tell you to do and hang
in there, I guess. Good luck! 
Kirti says:   10 February 2012   741058  
For our public education? That's not something you hear every day. 
tiggerlemon101 says:   10 February 2012   614808  
You know what, never mind.
I make fun of it aaalllll the time, but once in a while you're just
like "Ooooh, I'd love me some 100s" 
‹_Lumenol_› says:   10 February 2012   214161  
Senior year report card 3 years ago

AP English 4- 99
Geometry- 34 hehehhe i FAIL at math.
Economics- 94
Advisory- 100
French 3- 77
Advanced Art- 100
US Government- 89

yet i didnt graduate. due to getting suspended alot and my poor
attendance record (got really sick and didnt go to the last 4 months
of highschool)
Kirti says:   11 February 2012   809123  
That sucks. And there was no way you could take an exam for classes to
earn the credits you needed? 
‹_Lumenol_› says:   11 February 2012   579554  
it was too late to register for summer school by the time i got
better. so i just got my GED a few months later.
Kirti says :   11 February 2012   388264  
It's not like my grades are like that without working hard and
learning... :/

I know that there are other students with grades like mine, but
it's not like it's easy to do- especially since I have to keep up with
all the clubs I'm in and I spend three hours a day at stage crew, and
organize fundraisers for choir. I spend hours doing just doing AP, and
hours more on all my other work and studying for all the tests. It's
not like "Welcome to American schools! Here's an A+." 


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