Before The Storm (totally ominous name that has nothing to do with the
setting) - For Sia~~
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Before The Storm (totally ominous name that has nothing to do with the
setting) - For Sia~~
Category: (general)
Tuesday, 3 January 2012
03:55:34 AM (GMT)
SinceI can't do a romance between Cheren and bianca...*grumble grumble*

This is basically before we get the pokemon, and is in third person-- actually, no, I
wanna do it from Cheren's POV.

It was another dream. The one everyone aspires and dreams about. To be the master. As
we get closer and closer to finally getting our pokemon, I get it more and more. I
can see myself as champion, and as something more than I am now. As usual, I'm up
earlier than the alarm is set, and I'm sure no ones awake. I better get up then, I
don't really want to be late. Today we are going to have a picnic, Biancas idea
though I know she'll be late. I'm usually there first to everything, except for when
its hosted at one of their houses. 

Finally, I get up, put the normal uniform I wear on, and walk downstairs. Somehow my
Mom is always awake. "Toast. Bacon. Eggs." she says, before I can even get the
question out. Wondering if I'm really so predictable, I pull out the wooden chair,
and sit down. "So, where are you going today?" she says as she readies the table,
putting down each utensil neatly and each plate not a bit out of order. I can't help
but smile. "I think we're going a little ways from town. Not far enough away to worry
about, but just outside the border. A picnic Bianca will surely be late to." I say,
taking a bite from the egg.

"I see. Well, take the Xtranciever when you go." she says. "I know." I say, finishing
most of the breakfast fast, my mother watches as I scarf it down. "Aren't you
supposed to be scarfing down your breakfast when you get your pokemon?" she asks,
already gigling a little bit. "no...just....hungry...I'm going to take a walk." I
say, grabbing a piece of toast and almost stomping out the door. I can hear my moms
giggling and I sigh. So, sooo much like Bianca...
because that I found this picture after writing this part....

It isn't very large a town. Not many places to walk. i walk the familiar path, and am
surprised Touko is also up early. "Oh, Cheren, by the way, Bianca changed plans." she
says cheerfully. "In what way?" I say, already knowing this wiill be going in the
wrong direction idea-wise. "On route two." she says. "What?" I ask.

"In the tall grass." she says. "ROUTE TWO?! TALL GRASS?!" I yell, and then try to say
some other things but she puts a hand to my mouth. "Cheren, we aren't supposed to go
out there so if you yell people will notice!" she hisses, finally taking a hand off
my mouth when everyone stopped staring. "I guess this means she's awake at could you let her change plans like that?!" I ask, and from the look she
gives me (trollfaceftwyusyus), I think that I know.

"Well...The plans were like that from we tweaked them justtt a
bit so you would agree then returned to original plans! She isn't awake, either.
She'll be late as usual!" she says cheerfully, and skips off before I can object.

--A few hours later, at the entrance to route 2--
"She isn't here, and it's a half hour late!" I say, leaning against the sign that
clearly states what you already know. "Oi, Cheren,--" she starts to say, but pauses
quickly. "GAIS~~! I'm here~~!" she says, cheerfully bouncing towards us. "Your late."
I say, pointing at my watch. "I had to prepare the food since my mother is out
today!" she says, pouting her face. 

I look away, not at all convinced in her cooking abilities or that she was actually
doing anything till this late. "HEY! That face tells me that You don't believe in
me!" she says, pointing a jagged finger at me, eyes trying to look like daggers but
childish all the same. "I helped. She actually HAS been doing stuff, I lied about her
being asleep earlier." Touko says, and then skips down the trail, jumping over tufts
of tall grass. Apparently the look on my face is priceless, because Bianca starts
incessantly giggling.

"oh shut up..." I mutter, I know I'm stomping, but I frankly don't care too much.
"Guys, wait up, this is heavyyyy!" I hear a shout from behind us, far behind us, and
though I'm not sure if Touko hears  her or not. Sighing, I can't help but go back and
help her. "I got it." I say, taking it off her hands. "I can do it!" she says, and
makes a swipe for it, I pull it out of her reach. "Fine." she says, and I wait till
she's out of earshot to laugh. 

The grass we settle on is comfortable. Touko shakes her head. "You guys are so slow!"
she says, digging in for snacks in the basket. "Guys, the reason I took so long is
this!!!" Bianca chimes, holding a Lillipup. "Want. WANT. WANT~~! me gusta megusta
megusta." she says, it all sounds like gibberish to me. "I got it from a meme that
was on my moms computer!!" she says. "Should you be on your mom--" (<--oh god worse
cut off ever) I start to ask. "NO! But I needed to check the pokemon of the day.
OSHAWOTT! it's totally the one I'm picking~ Providing Touko doesn't steal it." she

Me and Touko exchange a glance, mostly confirming what are pokemon are going to be in
relationship to what Bianca has to have. "Oh my god, you did a lot after I left!"
Touko explains, digging in the basket, her face pracctically submerged in it. "Yeah,
I mean, this may be the last time we're together like this before we go on our
journeys..." she says, for the first time in a long time showing anything other than
cheerfulness. Touko's head pops out of the basket, coming out with sandwiches and a
container with cake in it. "But they arrive in a few weeks!" she says in a puzzled
tone, and I also direct the question.

"ooh. Well, they are actually coming tommorow!" she says cheerfully. "THAT'S THE KIND
OF THING YOU TELL US BIANCA!" comes the loud conjoined chime. "ooh, pssh, lets just
eat!" she says, making another priceless face.

--about the time it takes to eat a hugantic basket of stuff later...--
"I'm full!" Touko exclaims
"That was better than I though." I say
"THANKS" Chimes in Bianca

We're now laying in the grass, nothing bothering us, the last time that we'll be like
this in a while, as Bianca said. Touko clasps my hand. "Don't worry guys~~ It's gonna
be fun!" she exclaims, and I agree. I'm ready to start our adventure.
Last edited: 3 January 2012

siatwin says :   3 January 2012   270664  
O_O I fugging love you man O_O


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