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people of kupika: shut the fuck up with your whining.Category: rantrantrant
Thursday, 18 August 2011
02:16:05 PM (GMT)
i can't tell you how many profiles i see where all they say is how bad and horrible
their lives are.

omfg my lifee is so bad, you'll never understand me!! i cut myself to relieve the
blahblahblah whinewhinewhine bitchbitchbitch

you are clearly just a pity party, and i really want you to get it through your
thick, bitchass skulls.

there are people that cut themselves, but they don't come on a social website
broadcasting it for attention.
i know people who go through it, and they keep it to themselves and those close to

stop being such attention whores, it makes me and everyone else with decency want to
vomit all over your whiny faces.

and i know those people will comment on this trying to make me seem like i know
nothing of what they go through in their dark, empty, love-less lives.

i will laugh.
very hard.

had to get that off of my chest,
toodles ♥

‹✄--Fucктнααωoяℓ∂---› says:   18 August 2011   527201  
ROFL. You took the words from my mouth.
fantasmical says:   18 August 2011   830382  
they've just been infesting the joint, so i decided a rant was in
‹CNNInternationaal› says:   18 August 2011   563842  
fantasmical says:   18 August 2011   899283  
well alright then. 
‹burblegurm› says:   18 August 2011   902648  
T_____T *cry* u dnt understand how much i hve to go thru everyday evr
since my dad didnt buy me eyeliner!!11! brb now im gonna go listen to
linkin park and cut myself to heal my pain *wristwristwrist*

thank you for this entry, A majority of the people here need to learn
to grow up and realize they have it better than most.
Oceania says:   18 August 2011   384343  
yeah but the whole point is that you don't know anyone on here, so
it's like the one place where one can get things off their chest and
it shouldn't matter what others think. y know?
fantasmical says:   18 August 2011   708714  
exactly. and your post made me lawl a bit.

i get your point. but getting stuff off your chest is different than
whining and crying for attention. like, they can let it out privately
in letter and messages, you know? it just urks me that they don't
appreciate anything they have. 
‹The Lark› says:   19 August 2011   707438  
The sad thing is, I see it off the internet most of the time I go to
Honestly, it gets to the point where one would agree with everybody
that says that this generation is going downhill.
I have friends that have problems, but they don't usually go parading
around the world and screaming about them. In fact, the ones that
really have problems, you wouldn't notice.
fantasmical says:   19 August 2011   668096  
you're absolutely right. and yeah, i have friends with problems too,
and hardly anyone knows about them. i mean honestly, they don't
want people knowing about their issues. i really believe it's mostly
the younger kids that are doing this, because i do see it a lot in
real life too. no idea why it's mostly younger people, i guess
immiturity is a large factor. 
exquisite says:   19 August 2011   574238  
My thoughts exactly!
‹just_a_girl_who_wishes_for_the_world› says :   19 August 2011   612835  
lol, this. this.
these ppl need to grow up and oh i dont know, get a life?


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