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Outlining fun! Tips for moi, por favor?Category: (general)
Monday, 8 August 2011
05:48:32 AM (GMT)
I'm hoping the multilingual title will get people to open this diary, if only to
inform me that "moi" is French whereas "por favor" is Spanish.

So I've been working on an outline for my second novel, even though I'm still only
beginning the process of rewriting and editing my first book.

When I asked people which of two story ideas I should write as my next book, pretty
much everyone recommended the same one.

1) Many of those people only wanted that story if I changed everything about it, and
made the characters gay.
2) The one person who wanted the other story knows more about both ideas and my
writing than the others, so I trust her the most and
3) A big part of why a lot of people didn't support story number two was that it
didn't seem as developed as the other.

All of which led to my eventual decision to outline both of them in detail before
making a final decision. This seems very mature of me, until you realize I am
actually ignoring most of my friends feedback. (If you consider "make them gay
please!" feedback. Which I don't. So there you go.)

What I'm wondering, and this is the point of this entry, right here... <-- for
those who stopped reading

Does anyone have strategies for outlining?

My usual method takes a long time, you see, and since I have to outline two stories
instead of one I'd like to know if anyone could recommend a more efficient outlining

Comments make my day~

tiggerlemon101 says:   8 August 2011   353755  
Sorry, but I am of no help.  Aside from doing character sketches for
the main characters, I don't do outlining at all.  Sorry.  

Why do people want gay characters?  What is the fascination with gay
‹shotaexplosion!› says:   8 August 2011   800647  
google yaoi 
lunasan says:   8 August 2011   356592  
Don't google yaoi. 
lunasan says:   8 August 2011   676821  
I like a way I learned while Collabing, which will work since you have
the idea and main characters:
Plot the events you want to happen, such as being abducted and then
trying to find the father. Since you'll be using a notebook, just make
two small circles and label them accordingly. Could just use a
number/letter/hieroglyph and then use another page to write out the
actual thingy, like "a) Abduction. Involves theft. Also, pigeons."
Then use spider arms to make events before and after each one, and
instead of making it LINEAR, make it so you can plot out the
possiblities. I.E., have three bubbles from bubble a-- one that takes
them to McPage's, one in which Darren dreams he is drowning, and
another in which you decide it would be best if someone ran into a
tree for comic relief. Then you can interconnect them until you decide
which string of events you want to use, or effectively cross them all
out and start over :P
...It is hard to see what I mean e.e /has online example tho
‹-赤い激怒-› says:   8 August 2011   494952  
Me little notepad had a semi-useful outlining strategy... Characters
and their descriptions. One sentence plot description or story
summary. Main and minor points of the story (separately.) Theme or
moral(s.) Uh, goal for the story, and something else I can't remember
Kirti says:   8 August 2011   782748  
Would you mind adding an example to Oekaki? I'd pay you back the

That's kind of what I do, just times five obsessive details about
everything. Maybe that's my problem... 
lunasan says:   8 August 2011   745855  
Yea, I do mind. I'd rather direct you to the Vyew room, because it is
a BIG map that I've tried to print screen before e.e
http://vyew.com/477867/Blood_University Password will be in your chat. 
Kirti says:   8 August 2011   126704  

Well, that does help me see what you meant- I was imagining something
completely different.
I think I should stick to linear outlines, at least for
Charlen&Venetam. The only flashback I have planned is the prologue,
and it's all going to be in third person. Whatever the plot is, it
will be fairly straight forward. (Well, you know. Filled with
symbolism, foreshadowing, pigeons, and events that only I could see
coming, but the plot will progressing linearly. Linearly is a word?!
My gods.) 
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says:   9 August 2011   397394  
I Like To Get Down Ideas And Relationships And Write Them Down In
Outlines, Like How This Person Meets That Person In Chapter One Or
Whatever. Then I Move Onto The More Broad Stuff Like What Happens By
Certian Chapters And Plots That Start To Develop By Those Events And
lunasan says:   9 August 2011   993677  
The plot is always linear, but you think "this COULD happen--" like
six pages, coughcough-- and then you later decide if it should, esp.
based on what could/would happen afterwards/beforewards 
Kirti says:   9 August 2011   547990  
Yes, but the point of an outline (for me) is know what DOES happen,
otherwise I can't plot anything out.

Well, yes, that stuff is what outlines are for :/
I'm looking for how people format them. 
‹-赤い激怒-› says:   11 August 2011   833077  
...do you just know what happens before you even outline? :I 
Kirti says:   15 August 2011   142025  
Not completely, but the outline is where the plots of stories get set
down in stone. The outline is what happens in the story, you know? If
after making an outline I'm not sure what will happen in the story,
it's a brainstorming session- and then comes the outline. 
‹-赤い激怒-› says:   16 August 2011   493574  
SOOOOOO.... you know what is going to happen? :D 
Kirti says :   17 August 2011   893749  
No...? I figure it out as I outline. I have some vague ideas
before the outline, and then I have to make it coherent. During the
outline I come up with more and figure out what ideas I can/can't use
and get more ideas until I have... Well, you know an outline. 


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