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Your Life is so HorribleCategory: (general)
Friday, 22 July 2011
03:56:19 PM (GMT)
Your parents won't let you go to a party, that's so much worse than being stuck in a concentration camp during the Holocaust! Your boyfriend just dumped you after x months, that's way worse than being in the twin towers on 9/11! People at school tease you and now you want to kill yourself, the Armenians killed in the Armenian Genocide wouldn't understand your pain! Let's just put it blunt, your life is horrible. You deserve to lament over all these things and complain about how much it sucks. No one will understand you and the pain you're going through. There's no one who can understand how much you hurt over your highschool life, or anything like that. How can anyone compare? Guys, shut the fuck up. Constantly there's this annoying rift of complaints sourced on stupid 'teenage-drama'. There's always these amount of people who get all butthurt over the stupidest things, saying their life sucks just because of these stupid things. 'High School' is something that is apparently a big deal, because it's going to matter. The only thing it does is screw you up. It's vaguely educational because most people are too worried about these stupid things to actually pay attention. 'Teenage Drama' shows don't even show the whole class period or anything - just the drama - which shows how 'important' it is for people. Even those shows are stupid. Really, do people have that many issues? No, not really. And even so, they're all stupid anyways. People who complain about those kinds of things don't understand what real pain and suffering is. They act like it's the end of the world and bawl their eyes out, and they have no reason to. All you're doing is complaining about shameful luxury. You wouldn't last a day in the shoes - if they even have shoes - of people who truly do. You'd realize it's all a bunch of bullshit you've been complaining about if you ever become homeless. You'll realize how stupid and regretful you are for having complained if you get caught in a terrible earthquake. You realize you didn't understand anything until the plane you're in goes crashing down and you hear everyone around you crying and praying. Your life may not be so great, but it's not the worst. Clearly you're fine. Clearly you're alive, cherish that for one goddamn second. The problems that people will complain about these days are stupid. People have grown soft in their luxury. I'm not afraid to admit that I haven't too. Stubbing my toe is like death to me and I start freaking out, thinking the nail will fall off. But I'm aware of these matters and people should be too instead of lamenting all day over it. People are dying right now. This very moment, someone, or even others, are losing their pulses. Is the thing you're really going to cry over going to be about getting dumped or 'parents being unfair and not letting you go to a party'? Then there's people being forced out of their lives - murdered or torture to that point. Do you really want to kill yourself just because these people teased you? There's so much worse in the world, you wouldn't last seconds in it. And yet, people have the audacity to complain about those problems. Useless problems that can't even compare to those in times today and in the past. Just shut the fuck up already. Your life isn't so great but it's not the worst it could possibly be. If you're complaining about those stupid things, you really need to use your head for once. //EndRant LOT'S OF THE WORD "STUPID" PUT IN THERE. WONDER WHY.
Last edited: 22 July 2011

‹IcePath› says:   22 July 2011   708143  
Well Said ol'bean
‹🎼kittidere🎶› says:   22 July 2011   742106  
Thank you quite so.
crescendo says:   22 July 2011   930098  
oh i guess since my arms aren't being ripped off my problems mean
nothing?!!11?!! oh okay i feel better now!
‹🎼kittidere🎶› says:   22 July 2011   824843  
I mean to not complain about it likes it's the bloody end of the
world, saying things like "OH MY LIFE IS SO HORRIBLE WHYYYY" and
bawling over it. I don't mean that they're not problems, but it could
honestly be a lot worse so there's no use in flipping shit over it. 

Are you starting to gain something against me or something? 
Melissa_Cramer says:   22 July 2011   647945  
you go dude 
crescendo says:   22 July 2011   368466  
thanks!! i actually thought all of kupika would be against me on

no i just became extremely offended by this.
who are you to say that their problems are nothing to cry over?
being teased and having thoughts of suicide is NOTHING to take
but here you are tossing it around like it's ~ a luxury feeling ~
sorry, no, most people do not know what it's like to be homeless or in
a concentration camp. but you can't expect them to.

i'm not,you're just being 
1.a hypocrite by complaining about complainers and
2. COMPLETELY disrespectful to human emotions 
‹🎼kittidere🎶› says:   22 July 2011   172215  
I anticipated this happening. 
Honestly you must not get what I'm trying to say and to be frank, I'm
not even going to fight with you on this one. 
What you are saying is true, but that's not exactly where I'm going
with this with this in the first place, though I figured it'd be
obvious through with this I guess not and I'm not going to give a
'second shot' over it. 
 And I know what I'm being. But matters are different by standards to
get something across. 

 But screw it. I gave my shot. 
exquisite says:   22 July 2011   357053  
I'll agree with this, but some people actually do have real problems.
There are those who will easily recover like the ones you've
mentioned, but most people need help to take the next step towards
‹🎼kittidere🎶› says:   22 July 2011   347249  
That's a different matter. But the things I'm trying to get by are the
ones who don't have a reason to, things that will pass over within a
day, but still people will act like it's the worst thing that could
ever happen. 
The actual thing I was trying to say was to live out. When I was
talking about suicide, I was meaning that people are being
forced out of their life, unwillingly. Those who want to commit
suicide have the choice to end or not, which was not an option for
those who were murdered. So I think they should cherish their choices
and understand that.
 Actually, that's just what I want to say. Cherish what you have,
other's don't have it, you honestly have it good, it could be a lot
worse, pull through it. 
 But there's always other's who will assume it as being different. :l 
exquisite says:   22 July 2011   614004  
That's because of the way they were raised. They aren't used to
disappointment or have had their life handed to them on a silver
platter, so they aren't used to change broken down by their parents,
or another reason that's similar.

Now I'm going to agree with you on this, because I do actually agree
with your list. People are selfish when it comes to thinking about
their own happiness, and they honestly don't believe there are worse
problems than theirs.

I saw a diary dating a couple of months back that consisted about a
girl ranting that her boyfriend left her and her parent's think it's
for the better, she's heartbroken and she wants to kill herself, but
she's only 14! People do take things out of proportion and it's
actually pretty disgusting that people can be as selfish.

And as for the suicide thing, I think I'm also agreeing with you.
Suicide in my opinion is selfish because you're hurting those around
you who have tried their best to help you. If you die because you
think that it's for the best, then that's like saying "fuck their
efforts, I have no second chance", and that's really just a stab in
the gut. 

That's what you're saying right, or along the lines of? 
erised says:   22 July 2011   149672  
I like you.
You've just gained 10 points.
‹🎼kittidere🎶› says:   22 July 2011   170851  

Exactly, but it's not too late to notice the difference between real
pain and for how much you really have. But those matters do remain
extremely strong on it. But I bet if they were to switch places,
they'd maybe understand that what they had before was not the
greatest, but, damn, they'd want it back then. Almost like homesick.

Yes, persicely! I'm glad someone understands this. It is, the selfish
natures of homosapiens is despicable, but in the end, we all do it.
And yet there's just times when it's ridiculous. 
Argh, that's just weak. Fourteen years old is a young age and you'd
still have time ahead of you. And to suddenly cut that short just over
getting dumped? It's a hasty move.
 And that as well. By commiting suicide, you're cutting everything off
that you've had with people. You get teased at school, and your
friends try their best to help you, but you kill yourself anyways. Now
what? You just left your friends without you. You've thought that they
wouldn't care even if they gave their best efforts - you just let that
group lament in it and cry. You're own friends. And even your parents
will have to suffer it through. I honestly wonder how something like
that could possibly make someone go through with it. 

 But, yes. Those are basically all the points I was trying to hit at.
Is that even really offensive? I swear... 

Awsh, I like ya' too. xD
P-points? ...Need... highest... score. Fufufu, but thank you. c: 
crescendo says:   22 July 2011   990748  
i get it, don't worry. i'm not concerned of the 'denied going to
party thing' or the smaller matters. you're correct about those.
maaam why didn't you buy me make upp oooMmaggg

i'm concerned that you took teasing/bullying so lightly.
do you know what it feels like to be in the spot light? having
everyone laugh at you? the ultimate embarrassment. 
to where you don't want to show your face anymore.
and sometimes you want to get away from it all. 
not necessarily end your life, but that seems to be the only option to
but for you to sugar coat it like it's NO BIG DEAL is what gets me.

and when thinking of suicide it's not selfish if you feel like you'll
be getting out of everyones way and stop being an embarrassment. 
if you are convinced people hate you [whether they do or not; in your
mind set they do.] then it's not selfish. for said people,it's the
most selfless thing possible,really.
‹🎼kittidere🎶› says:   22 July 2011   198742  
You're assuming I am speaking about every single problem that shows
up, like it's some kind of stereotype. I'm not. There's numerous
things out there that are different from other things - I'm talking
about little matters, things that can honestly be avoided and THAT
 Some are understandable. Everyone's against you, you're friendless -
you've got no comfort at all. That's different. 
 If you have friends that are trying their hardest to try and
reassure you about this or that, then you still decide to kill
yourself, that's different. You had people there, you had people who
cared, and you effortlessly made them waste time when all they wanted
to do was help you. Those kinds of seflish acts.
 But people still need to understand that they have a different life
ahead of them. The worst bullies in HighSchool may turn out to be that
lonely factory worker and so on so forth - most people eventually
realize that all the things that didn't follow them after highschool
were just idiotic to lament over at the time being.

 Some things are different though. I'm trying to target at the things
that won't matter next week, next month, next year - those things.
 Sometimes people need this revelation; that they can make something
better of themselves by the end of this, that they still have their
chances for something in life. 

THAT'S what I'm trying to say. 
crescendo says:   22 July 2011   174628  
i understand that,it's fine
but i don't exactly agree with the 
"this is worse so mine is better!" concept.
comparing things to make yourself feel better for me is kind of
strange ?_? idk!

to get over something and feel better i think it takes more than just
comparisons. realizations that things get better; and you will be okay
because many other people have lived through this situation.
inspiration,if you will.
acknowledgement that life goes on. and support. but you don't need to
think of the holocaust because you lost someone you love. no matter
what age it can be devastating to lose someone you have strong
feelings for. whether it be a small crush or not. you may find it
stupid; but i personally do not like seeing a human in emotional pain.
even if i find their love not mature quiet yet.

but if it's over a party/make up etc. something very small then you

what i'm aiming at
is have a little more respect. maybe i'm easily offended, i don't
know. i've admittedly had a bad day and i feel any other day i
would've ignore this. CAUGHT ME AT A BAD TIME!! 

regardless;seeing how many people have committed suicide lately spread
across the news for being homosexual/video taped etc. etc.
it's just not okay with me. i don't like seeing people brush off
teasing when the mental damage can be GREAT,ya know? 
imcoolbro says:   22 July 2011   335425  
Alright, I think we get what you're trying to say. You've said it in
/every/ comment. You're just repeating yourself over and over and I
can assure you Crescendo, or anyone on here is not stupid. They
understand what you're saying. That people shouldn't waste time over
small problems and should just live blah blah blah.

But what you don't get, is that no one cares at that moment whether
it's a small problem. They don't care if anyone around them think the
problem is small and meaningless. To them, it means everything. You're
just sorta heartless to tell a person their problem whether it be big
or small means nothing. You can't tell them to get over it. In their
mind it is big to them. They're hurting, and in that moment they feel
upset. Someone they loved left them, that's painful to them.

Telling someone who wants to commit suicide that they shouldn't is
just dumb as well. Their life is nothing to them because of how hurt
they are. They're being torn up inside and it hurts them every day. If
they're being teased especially. They have to go through it every day
and bullying causes a lot of emotional damage. Someone can get
completely screwed up because of teasing. Just because they didn't go
through the holocaust doesn't mean their problem is nothing.

I agree with Crescendo on this. You should be more careful with your
words. Understand that a persons feelings aren't nothing even when
compared to a major problem. They're still emotionally damaged. Given
time, they'll cope with it on their own. But someone isn't going to
brush off losing the one they loved or being teased so easily. 

Complaining about not getting make up though I agree that's not
something to cry over. There's always another opportunity to get those
‹🎼kittidere🎶› says:   22 July 2011   138369  

To avoid this from going on any further and just cut the line for

 These are opinions. You have your's, I have mine, other's have
their's. I know where you're coming from, and for the most part, you
know where I am. 
 What I'm trying to do is not offend people, nor was I trying to make
people dig deeper into this than what was really necessary. 
 I'm not sure how many times I'll have to say it; but some things
are different. Some things are completely acceptable. This wasn't
meant as in those manners of your disagreements, this was supposed to
be more like "Come on, you can pull through it if other's have been
through worse". This is, AGAIN, targetted at smaller matters. When I
said "Shameful Luxury", I was meaning those smaller matters that
should/are able to be passed by but people take them too far. 
 There's things out there that are different, I'm not claiming that
people can get through with those, those are not the things I was
aiming for. 
 But if it can be pulled through, it should be done. That's really
all. Please understand that. 
‹🎼kittidere🎶› says:   22 July 2011   223009  

My emotions are fine, aside from feelings over death which are rather
numb regardless, and yet suicide is illy planned. But I'm tired of
 I think I'll just let these things hang around now because I honestly
don't see why it's an endless array of having to say it over and over
 So just for that, YEAH LOL I AM HEARTLESS LOLOLOLOL, fucking KHR
 Nah, immature. But anyways, it appears everything just goes straight
onto opinions. 
 Have yours, have mine, have their's, have whatever. Everyone's going
to think differently in the end - why bother? pft. 
‹ㅑJïNxㅜㅇNㅕ› says:   22 July 2011   955988  
idk Erika you complainging about them complaining doesn't seem like very productive. :T ///shrug But its cool. Its always good to let it out.
‹🎼kittidere🎶› says:   22 July 2011   551269  
Ain't complaining how they are. If no one says it, then who will? 
But whatever. 
I'm getting sick of saying that it's everyone's own opinions in the
‹ㅑJïNxㅜㅇNㅕ› says:   22 July 2011   745329  
idk maybe it does need to be said, but certainly not like this- i mean well- complaining is fine, theres nothing wrong with going on a good rant a few times to get the hate out your system. Its theraputic. Ya your right, but its just, in my opinion you sound like your complaining, (which isn't a bad thing. just not productive to stoping the problem, which is okay too) and you could be a little- nicer..? IDK as a friend, no offense, i agree with the lovely @crescendo. I STILL WUVS YOU THOUGH. <3333
‹🎼kittidere🎶› says:   22 July 2011   133340  
Again, take it as you want. 
All these people are complaining too. 
As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't even really matter, LOL. 
You can't fix problems like this, if they could be, I wouldn't be
complaining in the first place because I don't like to complain if it
CAN be.

 Anyone can take it as they want. They can find it offensive or they
can see it as the intended purpose. People are different and when it
comes to those kinds of opinions, I honestly don't care. Agree or
disagree. There's always going to be SOMEONE who does, regardless. You
can't please everyone. 
‹ㅑJïNxㅜㅇNㅕ› says:   22 July 2011   825740  
@Error01110010 I don't know i sort'a thought you'd give a danm. My bad buddy. What'a silly thought it was. :P
‹🎼kittidere🎶› says:   22 July 2011   677169  
We're not playing this game again. 
Look, this is an opinion. People are putting their opinions on my
opinion. They have their's, I have mine. This wasn't to collect
opinions. This was more like putting it out there, but OF COURSE I did
expect this. I know what I meant, and other's either are slightly off
from my meaning, they understand but don't agree, or so on so forth. 
That's all there is. Their opinions don't change my opinion. 
‹Plainly and simply - Ham.(=› says:   22 July 2011   479174  
I. Love. You.
‹🎼kittidere🎶› says:   22 July 2011   767564  
erised says:   22 July 2011   522555  
‹🎼kittidere🎶› says:   22 July 2011   393638  
erised says:   23 July 2011   127719  
‹adorkablemaknae› says:   23 July 2011   596772  
Erie, I respect what you are saying. Most people should
appreciate what they have in life and not complain about the small
things. Girls shouldn't be saying they want to commit suicide just
because their boyfriend broke up with them. In all honesty, that's no
My dad recently died (reason why I left Kupika for a while) and it was
because of suicide. He was in pain. I knew he was and I just said one
day, "Even if it hurts me, I want him to be happy. I want him not to
be in pain anymore". I respect everything except for the suicide

Because it is their choice... but things in their life can 'force'
them to do it. 
‹🎼kittidere🎶› says:   23 July 2011   875069  

Again, I really don't like to repeat myself with this, but there's
some things that are understandable. There's a difference between
killing yourself for numerous 'selfish' reasons, apperantly for
some people I have to put that in certain context and because of
pain. Like, if you're growing old, your body is suffering so badly and
you've been bed ridden for what's felt like ages, it's understandable
to pull the plug.
But killing yourself so young is just kind of peeve-worthy when they
could've made something great of themselves, unless it was for the
same reason - in unbearable pain. 
I'm talking about fixable problems or things that will just pass over. 
erised says:   23 July 2011   217063  
‹adorkablemaknae› says:   23 July 2011   531344  
Okay. I'm sorry, Erie. I understand now. 
I didn't read clearly.. I'm just really frustrated at the moment with
Sorry to make you repeat yourself. 
‹🎼kittidere🎶› says:   23 July 2011   346211  

Ah, man, Mel, it's alright. C: 
Don't worry yourself over it, if I hadn't needed to say it a million
times to other people it wouldn't matter at all. Relax, dragoste! 
‹adorkablemaknae› says:   23 July 2011   280704  
Thanks, Erie. C: I missed ya soo much.
Okay, okay. Just.. freaking out about a lot of stuff lately. 
erised says:   23 July 2011   966513  
‹🎼kittidere🎶› says:   23 July 2011   412851  
Been freakin' forever, hasn't it? D:
...wanna talk about it? :C in messages of course.[s/]

erised says:   23 July 2011   439050  
‹🎼kittidere🎶› says:   23 July 2011   846091  
erised says:   23 July 2011   138693  
‹🎼kittidere🎶› says:   23 July 2011   168618  
u lie 
erised says:   23 July 2011   744589  

‹🎼kittidere🎶› says:   23 July 2011   172353  
erised says:   23 July 2011   991990  

KelseaLynn says:   23 July 2011   306423  
your right imy brother killed himself and i was a retard i was in the
house listining to music and didnt hear his screams 
‹🎼kittidere🎶› says:   23 July 2011   435406  


You aren't a retard for not hearing him scream through your music. 
erised says:   23 July 2011   349925  
alleygirl92 says:   23 July 2011   450049  
Erika, I think your a remarkable person for having the bravery to
state your opinion, clearly, over and over.
I won't start to preach my own opinion, that would just be plain rude,
and biased.
But I think everyone obviously has a point here, and I hope you feel
better after having this let loose.
Message me if you want to vent some more, I'm up for
‹🎼kittidere🎶› says:   23 July 2011   515725  

I'm a bold musketeer. LULZ. Nah, it's just I got sick of listening to
my sister cry about several useless matters, and knowing other's did
it too, I had to vent here.
Here, everyone's doing that though. Some are with me, some udnerstand
but disagree, other's require to read it six times apparently. Hhnnng.

I'll message you anywyas, but I'm actually not really caring of
this anymore to just go venting around with it. LOL I just put it
alleygirl92 says:   23 July 2011   976255  
Lol you sure are!
That's completely understandable, I deal with that from three younger
siblings, sometimes even four when my baby brother can't go see my

lol, whateversss. Just a thought, besides, I'm sure we'll
think of a topic to talk about otherwise. 
‹🎼kittidere🎶› says:   23 July 2011   858465  
Well, he's also young, younger kids tend to do that We're talking
about other's who should know better about that. Hnnng. 

alleygirl92 says:   23 July 2011   575537  
Oh yes, I realize, I still hear it from a thirteen year old, it's
dredful sometimes.

exquisite says:   23 July 2011   311400  
I keep thinking "Beautiful arse, pretty d*ck" when I read that, but
that's just me. :| 
bieber_fever says:   23 July 2011   784976  
bieber_fever says:   23 July 2011   644625  
i think its comparing ppl that think big and out of the box (smart) to
small minded dumb ppl->the duck. different perspectives/minds. or
thats what i think. 
Bootheghost says:   24 July 2011   346198  
Yes, this. 
UglyLittlePretty says:   26 July 2011   994338  
It's good to worry about these things because when you don't, that's
when the dark thoughts start to creep in. Thoughts of emptiness and
loneliness. And people with too much time on their hands to think
about stuff is what made evil dictators in the first place.  

‹Hypochondriac› says:   29 October 2011   542270  
i kinda have mixed emotions about scuicide... i had to go to the
guidance counselor twice at school because of my non-stop crying
during classes occasionally and the attempts to commit scuicide (don't
ask...). i finally told my parents about it a few days ago, and found
out a family member i never met commited scuicide when i was little.
so i kinda have mixed feelings about it.
‹goodfornothing› says:   29 October 2011   397939  
ah, yes. perspective.
listen, the truth is nobody who's upset their boyfriend cheated on
them is saying "my life is worse than the life of somebody dying of
starvation in a third world country right now". nobody's that stupid.
the point is, though, that there are varying degrees of sadness and
there are varying degrees of what's bad. i don't think someone is
being stupid for being upset about getting a bad grade in a class they
worked hard in, just because at least they can go to school. i don't
think anyone's stupid for being upset that their best friend spread
rumors about them, just because something bad is happening somewhere
else in the world. emotions are irrational and uncontrollable.
sometimes we recognize that and sometimes we don't.
honestly the important thing is realizing not that you're better off
but that you'll feel better soon. everybody is different, and to all
commenters ^ who said things about how it's all based on the life
you're raised in, that's true. we're not all prepared for the same
circumstances, but we all have emotions that make us react differently
to different things even if we know we're blessed. that's life.
‹burblegurm› says:   29 October 2011   883721  
good lord thank you and yes.
‹Fuckingundeadvampiredog<3› says:   30 October 2011   280994  
I know that the covo has taken on a whole nother thing by now, but I
just had to say something, and I apologize for that. crescendo has a
point things should never be takin lightly, few things dealing with
emotion should really just be blown off.Imcoolbro also said this, no
matter how small the problem, its big in the other persons mind.
Error01110010 also has a point tho, you may not have ment it in that
way, but if you were teased everyday, it would be different for you.
 I know how it feals to be teased everyday, I know what the thoughts
of suicide are like, its not fun. You are taking the whole suicide
thing like it is nothing tho. When your family has severe depression
and it's passed down, it's an even bigger deal. 
 I believe very strongly that if you had been teased everday, and had
thoughts of suicide you wuld feel vere diffrent. 
‹🎼kittidere🎶› says :   30 October 2011   103574  
oh my gog i could barely read that

LOL this thing is so old, i dont even care about it anymore 

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