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Thursday, 30 June 2011
12:58:43 PM (GMT)
Once upon a time I had a life...
   It was not, by all means, a great or perfect life, but it was mine and my own.
Things were going really well for me. In my life, I had a job that paid my bills, a
school with classes I actually enjoyed and a boyfriend who loved me. Yup everything
was just peachy. That was until I met her. Angel. She was beautiful. Angel had the
brightest blue eyes and the softest brown hair that always tickled my face when we
would ride on her motorcycle. She ruined my life and for that, I love her.

   "Today's the day Nick I know it." I squealed to my boyfriend Nick as we walked the
halls of Webster High. I was excited for the results of my finals to see if they were
just good enough to get into the college I wanted to go to.
   "I know it is too, but don't stress over it you've got all day it's only first
period." He teased me tussling my hair. I swiped a hand at him and he pulled away as
I fixed my hair.
   "I know, I know, but I just can't help it I want to know now!" I whined. Nick
pulled me aside to the lockers and looked me in the eyes.
   "You'll be fine. You're a smart, beautiful young woman that I love very much.
You'll get the grade you want. I promise." He pressed his lips to mine and walked
towards his class.
   "What if you're wrong!?" I yelled after him.
   "Then you can kick me."
I laughed to myself and headed to my class with anticipation, jittery with

  As the day grew on my impatiences grew with it, but finally the moment came. I
walked as slow and calm as I could, trying not to draw attention to myself, to my
counselors office. Pushing the door to his office open I noticed a shiver run through
my body. I was scared and I didn't want to find out, but at the same time I did.
   "Ah Jessica how are you today?" Mr. Foreman ask nonchalantly sitting at his oak
desk with pictures of his family surrounding him.
   "I'm good. I uh came to see the results of my finals. Are they in?" I held tight
to my books in my arms to the point where there were indents in my skin.
   "Let me check," He dragged his mouse around and clicked it several times before
looking up at me. "They are in. Do you want to know the grades?"
I shut my eyes tight and slowly exhaled. I nodded.
  "Well your first final, Math, is a good 97.4%," my body tensed a little less,
"English is at 95.8%," a little less, "Chemistry is 99.7%," a little less, " And
World Studies is a 94.3%. Congratulations Jessica Casio, your grades are good enough
to go to the college you've been wanting to go to."
I jumped up and down and screamed at the top of my lungs. "OH MY GOD! I can finally
go to Medical school!"
I hugged Mr. Foreman and ran out of the room searching for Nick. When I finally found
him by his car waiting for me I jumped into his arms and kissed him all over.
   "I'm guessing you got it then huh?" Nick chuckled and kissed back.
   "Nope not at all I failed all of them I have to take a another year. Of course I
got it!"
I kissed him hard and hugged him tight.
   "See I told you you could do it." He smiled and let me down. "Why don't we go
I nodded and hopped into the front seat of his car. I was happier than I could have
ever been.

  That night Nick took me to dinner at my favorite place to eat. Red Lobsters. At
dinner he did something I never expected from him. Before our food arrived he held my
hand across the tabled and smiled at me.
  "Jessica, I love you so much, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you." He
reached in his pocket and pulled out a small velvet box. I held my breath and covered
my gaping mouth with my hand.
  "Will you marry me?" He opened the box and slid it over to me. It was an opal stone
in the shape of a heart with silver ivy vines around the sides. The band was gold and
on the inside of it my name was engraved.
  I took the ring out of the box and held it up to my face. I loved it and to show I
loved it I slipped it onto my finger. It was a perfect fit. I took one look at the
ring on my finger and gazed into Nicks beautiful brown eyes. Tears filled my eyes and
my face turned red.
  "Yes." I cried. Nicks face lit up like a little boys face on Christmas morning. I
leaned over the table and pressed my lips to his. The night couldn't have been any

I would love to tell you about the wedding and what college was like but I want to
tell you about how I met Angel even more.

The day was just beginning and it was already very hot outside. Today was the gay
pride festival and I wanted to go. Nick didn't so I went on my own.

  Once I was there I stood in the crowd and watched the parade go by, screaming for
beads and cheering for all the people who walked by. It became too hot for me and i
decided to go get a cold beer. As I walked into the bar and ordered my drink, that's
when I noticed her. She sat at a table alone with just water and looked sort of sad.
Feeling bad for her I walked over to her table and sat down.
   "You okay?" I smiled at her as she looked up at me.
   "Not really I was just dumped. In front of everyone." She lowered her head in
shame and in embarrassment. I scooted my chair next to her and put my arm around her.
I don't know what it was about her that made me want to make her happy, but I hugged
her, This woman I just met and already felt I had known her forever.
   "Was it a girl or a guy?" I asked.
   "Guy. The last one too. I"m swearing off men for a while." She sighed.
   "Come on." I stood up and held out my hand to her. She looked at me hand and then
up to me with a confused look on her face. "Just because a douche bag dumped you
doesn't mean it has to ruin your whole day. Now come on lets go have some fun." I
winked. She took my hand and we walked off to the parade to have fun.

(this is just stuff off the top of my head you guys tell me what you think and if i
should continue or not. also requests are open! so message me if you would like one!)

Vincent8D says:   26 July 2011   415142  

‹Lost_Forest› says :   30 July 2011   782681  
haha thanks


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