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Sunday, 26 June 2011
09:10:10 AM (GMT)
1. Eastenders or Emmerdale?  
Eastenders omg don't judge me

2. Euros or Keep the English pound?  
What kind of sick anarchist are you, euros are scum
3. In the last month have you been to the shops?  
I went on Wednesday, in fact, and had a tantrum in New Look and threw shoes around
omg and then I bought some raisins and a Stone Roses tshirt yay

4. Bourbons or Custard Creams?  
Custard Creams
5. Do you find Six Feet too tall?  

6. Is Byker Grove well past its sell by date?  
Oh god
7. O2 or Vodafone?  
Except they text me every fucking day
Leave me alone you cunts
8. Marmite or Jam?  
Holy jesus
Jam, probably
but marmite
idk help
9. Which are your three favourite typically English slang words? 
I like the way scousers unnecessarily add 'la' onto the end of sentences ughughugh
makes me melt 
Our kid. I will always be our kid (your kid, my kid, whatever I don't care) even
though I'm not a Northern flower (IN SOUL N SPIRIT THO)
Scrounge! I might have made this up but my friends and I use it. It means going to a
party without any alcohol of your own and stealing drinks that other people have
carelessly put down.
11. Do you shop regularly in Tesco's?  
No, where's my strawberry lemonade you cunts
12. North or South?  
The North would be so proud of me.
13. Heinz Beans or nearest competitor?  
What the fuck why is this even here
14. Which is the national treasure: The Red phonebox, cricket or Posh and Becks?  
Paul McCartney is our national treasure
15. Brolly or Umbrella?
Umbrella. I can't even pronounce brolly without sounding like I've had a stroke

16. When was the last time you were trolleyed?  
The night before last! Toilet hugging trolleyed yay.
17. Which expression do you use the most?  
'What do you want from me'
Godammit leave me alone

18. Rock or Metal?
Rock, duh.
19. Beatles or Stones?  
Beatles, obvssss
20. Chavs or Emos?  
Mindless vandalism and intrusion into New Years parties is moderately more bearable
than being an insufferable cunt
21. Peter Kay or Ricky Gervais?  
Peter Kay omg

22. Pub lunch or Fast Food?  
Pub lunch yay let's go for a burger and a pint and then we'll walk the dog and punch
each other
23. Tetley's tea or Typhoo's?  
24. Who was the last person you snogged?  
Lol snogging does anyone even say that
A stranger called Alex
I think he had a beard?
He was a cunt and I was drunk oops

25. Heinz Ketchup or Daddies?
26. Led Zeppelin or The Who?  
The Who 
27. What does G.M.T mean?  
Gay Man Time
28. Who was the best Doctor Who?  
Tennant obv obv
29. Do you watch Hollyoaks at the weekend or each day?  
I don't watch it
30. Name three members of "Take That"  
Robbie Williams, Jason Orange, Gary Barlow

31. Jaguar or Bentley? 
32. British Airways or Virgin? 
Never flown Virgin ooo
33. BBC or ITV?  
BBC duh
34. Only Fools and Horses or The Office?  
Never watched either, what is living

35. Who is the the Queen?

36. Rule Britannia?  

37. Are Arsenal shit?  
this is my favourite question C:
of course arsenal are shit! cheating scum faggotry cuntybollocks twats
spurs appreciation lyf
38. Who are worse; the Germans or the French?  
Germans, crazy beach stealing Germans
39. Fags or Ciggies?
Fags but ciggies sounds nicer
But naw everyone says fags
Last edited: 26 June 2011

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