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My Story!! Finally finished!!Category: (general)
Sunday, 15 May 2011
12:32:07 AM (GMT)
I really hope that you all enjoy this, I had worked very hard on this. I t was going
to be much much longer. But I would have to put it into several different parts. 

Hello, my name is Amily Aferdighty. I am a 18 year old girl currently attending St.
bethony secondary school. I am a transfer student from greece. My family there we're
cruel and stricked. I was not alowed to say my opinon, if i did, i would have to 
feel the leather belts wrath. Fortionately for myself, the owners of the house i was
residing in had grew a strong attachment with myself and decided to keep me legaly. I
continued to go to the highschool and continued to be the outcast and laughing stock
of the school. You never know what it feels like until you are called names that I am
not going to describe or even say how vulgar they are. It stings my insides when i
think of the words that people at  my school know me as.  

         I am an unhappy person, I am supposed to be happy. I have everything that I
have always wanted. A family that respects me, a warm comfy bed, and delisious food
that am always satified with. I would just like for one day to be accepted. but again
I would fear of being like everyone else. I don't want to be like everyone else. I
want to be myself, and be accepted and treated respectfully for expressing truly who
i am.  

          Last  night i had cried myself to sleep. Day 4 on my victory lap year was a
disaster. Someone had filled my bag with doggie dung and called me a shit collector.
I just wish they would stop. Mother said to just ignore them, be the bigger person.
But in this situation i don't feel like the bigger person. I feel like a small rodent
trying to escape a trap and avoiding being eaten by a creature much larger. I am not
a person to label another, but it is always the preppy teens that are harrassing me
with their vulgar comments, and dirty looks. 

      A teacher was conversing with the princaple, saying that he is surprised that i
have not made an attempt to kill myself. It hurt me inside. Not only because the
thought of someone wanting to do that, but them expecting me to do such a  thing.  I
know why they think it, they think i am ugly, they think I am better than me. I
continued to my next class, I had saw the girl that is the worst to me, she is the
one that gets all of her friends to do things to me.  She is a narrasistic bitch and
I wish she would just die...Is this really me thinking this? Before I would never
think like this. She was coming up behind  me and i decided to make my way to the
bathroom before she could do or say anything to me. I ran to the stall and sat on the
top of the toilet hiding my feet. I know it is bad to skip class but at this time it
seems that i have nothing left to do. I heard the door open and my heart started
pounding, I could hear her foot steps walking towards the bathroom stall. I wanted to
cry, I didn't want her to do anything to me. I didnt want to go through the
hamiliation of being laughed at by everyone in school because i have make up on my
face making me look like adalf hitler. I heard the foot steps walk towards the sink
the water ran for a moment and than stopped. 

    Followed by the steps walking back towards the door.
When I heard the door closed I finally realized that I needed to do something about
this. I walked out of the bathroom and walked to the guidence office. The guidence
counceller was a strange women had some sort of spirtuality to herself. She was an
amazing lady though. It seemed like she was the only person in the school that truely
accepted me. One that never made rude comments always nice gental ones. Ones that
made you slightly blush. She was happy about everything, I have never seen a frown on
her face. Not ever. I had explained to her that things were getting really bad that i
have had to hide on top of the toilet in the stall. She had asked me who it was and I
told her, " its the same person as always ma'am, she is the charles manson of this
school. She very rarely does the work. It is always her friends or others that she
manipulates or bribes that if they do such things she will give them a blow job or
have sex with them. Her names, Samantha Green," She than widend her eyes surprised,
and just exclaimed" I have never known her to do anything to anyone, yet again I am
always in my office and have a lot of things to do. I am not going to deny it, i know
you are a very honest student and have never known you to say a small lie. I am
unsure what I can do, this is a sort of situation that could possible worsen if i get
involved. I do not want things to get worse for you. My best suggestion is to show
the people that you arent what she says you are. Whether it is in a speach or a
video. We are having a peprally soon perhaps you could do it then?"  I had looked at
her as if I had a clue of what she was trying to explain to me, she i did not. Not in
my life have I ever heard a counceller say that. Its always been ' ignor it' or ' see
the princepal'  I had nodded and left the office saying goodbye and made my way home
to start on the project.
I walked in the door of my house, said hello to my mother and to my sister. I told
them how my day was saying i had to once again see the conceller. They looked very
concerned and offered if  i wanted to move to a different schools. I just ignored and
didn't want to talk about it anymore, I wanted to focus on the special project. 
I set up the camera i had gotten for my birthday that year and began recording. 

first clip recording script

Hello there, my name is Amilya Afrodighty. 
I have made this clip to show you that I am exactly like all of you. You may not
think it because of the clothing I wear . Not everyone can be alike. The world would
be boring if everyone was alike. You don't know what it is like to be me. To have to
constantly made fun of by people. I am making this video to show you my day -to-day
life at home and at school. First I would like you to meet my family. 

I walked down stairs and carried the camera along with me, first I intorduced my
mother, a lovely women, a model with long hair burnett with naturall curls. Everytime
she turned her head her hair would flow gracefully she was very beautiful. She had
waved to the camera and told her what her occupation was, what it was like around the
house when I was home. Than next I had introduced  my father, a work aholic that
constantly had his phone on incase of a business call. He was tall handsome, with
glasses and a very masculine shaped face. He wasnt as beautiful as my mother. Some
had always wondered what on earth my mother was doing with him. Than afterwards I had
shown my sister and her daughter. Both beautiful angels. My sister was a cheerleader
when she was in highschool. She was a miniture version of my mother, she was so
beautiful, and her daughter looked like her father, who was never to be mentioned. 

Continuing on with the video.

So you have seen my family they are all like you. They are normal, no surpirses. I
hope everyone of you are carefully watching this video. I know many of you are
probably looking down at your feet or are talking to your friend next to you. Since
you are I ask you to ask yourself, since you like running your mouth so much, to ask
yourself. How badly do you want to try to keep fitting in? I will give you a moment
to ask yourselves that.....[moments go by] I wish I had a quarter for the amount to
times that someone has ever said that I just did not want to fit in.. I bet a 100 %
of you students had said yes. Or thought it. I don't  understand what it is. I am
just like you. I feel pain like you. 

At this moment while filming i had tried so very hard not to cry. I had choked on my
own words. Trying to keep strong. I have never realized how much it hurts to not to
fit in. Nor how badly i wanted to fit in. They just don't see it. They are too caught
up in yourselves to ever care about anyone else. 

Know I am going to ask you all, what have i ever done to you? If anything I have been
nice to you. Let you borrow my pencils, copy off my work. I may have taken the blame
for you. I try not to cry, I try to tell myself that you are just doing it because
you don't want to fall out of what you are around the school. Whats the word?
Popular? Many of you don't see what you do. how much it hurts. Is all of this because
I was adopted? Or is it because I am greek? I believe many of you around here are
greek or spanish or from another place. This is too much for me.. all i have to say
is think about what other people may feel. And ask yourselves.. why do you tease
me.... have I ever done anything to you... and did samantha green put you up to
I than turned off the camera and began to cry.. All of this was way too much for me.
I had never noticed how much it had effected me until now. Perhaps all of this was a
terrible Idea.I had kept the tape anyways, incase i had changed my mind. I went down
for dinner, and than talked to my mother and father about this, which ever their
thought of it was. Would be my thought. Everything that they thought was right, was
always right. They seemed to be very intellegent about these kinds of things. I
really liked that about them. I think that is the different between them and my other
family. They listened to me, and gave me advice. When my other family, would never
let me talk. All my idea were poppy cock to them. 
The day of the peprally had aproched very quickly. After the announcements all the
students were sent down to the autotorium which was also the gym. There was a
projector plugged in, and the guidence councellers were there. Ms. Bonitha, stood
there in the same sort of posture as  she did all the time, she had been the one that
had given me the idea. She asked me " did you get the video done and how do you want
to get this set up?" I told her it didn't really matter. I just wanted people to see
it. I gave her the disc and she put it in the DVD that was set up to the projector.
The video began rolling and people went quiet. One person had said a comment, I
didn't hear it. I was paying attention to my masterpiece. 
After the peprally, people walked out as they had when the walked in. I went to the
office and asked for a slip to leave the schools premesis for the day. I had signed
out and walked to coffee culture and had an apple tea. The warmth of it calmed the
tickle in my throat that I had been feeling since last night. It was a burning
feeling. I tried to ignor it. After wards I had walked out and went home. I didn't
feel good. A feeling In my stomach was horrid. I just thought it was from me being
nervous at the peprally. So I had a hot bath and than went to bed. 
The next day A lot of thins had changed, it was a satasfactory change. People came up
to me and commented on my masterpiece. They said it was well done and had them
thinking. That isn;t what i wanted I just wanted the message to get acrossed. They
had told me they were sorry, that they felt bad for me, that they knew how they felt.
It was strange. I continued on, and than i saw her, samantha green.. She look
ferious.. I made a run for it forgetting that she was the number one in female cross
and feild. She grabbed my hair and pulled me across the floor screaming at me and I
screamed back from the agony of her pulling on my hair. She than began to kick me and
hit me I felt blood running from my nose and mouth.. every time I had tried to get up
she would kick me in the side or slam her foot down on my rump and scream " you stay
low where you belong, you dirty piece of shit... you worthless slimy fucking
whore..." the words in her mouth just kept on pouring out like verbal diariah. People
heard her, but they just watched.. they didn't do anything.. they stood there in
watched.. I cried out for ms bonitha.. but i wasnt loud enough.. Samantha just kept
on kicking me and hitting me everytime i tried  to call out she would kick me in the
face.. I screamed anything i could.. eventually I heard someone screaming leave her
the fuck alone samantha, she has never done anything to you.. she backed off for a
moment which gave me a moment to try to get away.. I wasn't quick enough.. She
grabbed me by my ankles and pulled me across until she bumped into ms  bonitha and
our gym teacher ms davidson. They both were off duty and should of been on their
break. Ms bonitha was very angery and said " Get your fucking paws off  of her Ms
Green. You are to be expelled tomorrow you will no longer be aloud to come a mile
near this school or ms afrodighty. If you do you will be escorted away in a police
cruiser, understand? now get the fuck away from here. " ms davidson had grabbed her
arm fermly and pulled her away. There was blood all the way down my shirt and on the
floor. I felt myslef drifting away to fall asleep, i heard a distinct noice of a
siron from a amblulance and ms bonitha saying " stay awake amily, you need to stay
awake!!! " I stayed awake for as long as I could and than eventually fell asleep and
woke up with my mother sitting  next to my bed holding my hand and my sister and her
daughter sleeping in a chair. My father as mostlikely at a meeting and possibly
showing up in a few hours. 
I could tell by the look of my mothers face that she had been crying for quite some
time. I was worried about what was going wrong. I had seen police there with
Samanthas mother. Samantha is being charged, from breaking my ribs, nose, and almost
causing brain damaged. I was away from school for 2  weeks to get back to my normal
self. I continued to have that terrible feeling in my throat an d stomach. It had
worsened more and more.  I started to have head aches and passing out. 

I went to school after my 2 weeks and things changed so much, A lot more. I had
contiued to make my videos and people watched them. I got my own area in the school
to broadcast my videos. Some people watched them and some people didnt really care. 
I went to the office and i got a slip to leave.. As i walked down the hall I had
passed out. I don't know why I am having  these terrible spills. I went to the
hospital and the doctor told me its worse. 

I got my camera, and decided to make a video. 

video 2 scprit

Hello everyone, as you have been watching my videos I am afraid to tell you in 3
months they will come to an end. I was today informed that...that I have a strange
sort of cancer that is in my throat. Unfortionatly because I ignored the signs of it.
They are going to try and see what they can do, but i really doubt it. They said it
is so severe that the only give me at least 3 months maybe less. I am going to go lay
down. I can't flim anymore. 

[film cuts out] 

As I presume, people maybe jumping for joy. After a moment of that thought, i had
gotten a phone call from my guidence counceller. Saying that there were many people
that were broken up perhaps from the thought of guilt of what they had done to me. As
well as that she is very sorry for what ever had happened to me and that she felt
that it was partly her fault. I had said it was alright and that I apreciated the
phone call from her. I told her I was going to make it there sometime this weekend to
go to my last class. I didn't make any promises. 
I hung up the phone and had gone to the doctors. They had taken tests and had done my
first chemo and radiation. It was awful, I felt nausous, and tired all the time.
After a few days, I had decided to try to make my way towards school to see the
students. I didn't know what to expect. When I walked in to go to my locker i had
seen a lot of people around my locker. I than knew what to expect. They put something
in my locker that was meant to make me feel terrible like i was before. When I went
to my locker, I opened it, and a tone of cards with " i am sorry " on them poured out
of my locker. I looked at all of them and I am sure that there was almost all of the
school in my locker. I didn't know what to think. I felt really bad for thinking such
things. It seemed rational i gues because i am so used to being picked on so much.. 

After that day, everything went down him.. My lungs started giving up on me and i had
to be put on oxegen.. Than, after that, the doctor said " I don't know how i can tell
you this ma'am, but i don't expect you to live any longer that 24 hours. You could go
any time. I suggest anything you wish to do before you do, do now. " 
I was choked up but not surprised. I knew it was going to happen sometime. Everyone
was there with me. My father took the day off work and was rubbing my feet. My sister
was sitting next to me and her daughter was laying on my stomach. My mother had asked
me what I had wished to do, and I said I want my camera, I want people to see my last
proformance." my mother went and grabbed my camera from my house. She set it up
infront of me so i didn't have to get up out of my bed. The camera was viewed on me,
i was hooked up to many machines that were keeping me alive until they could no
longer support me. 

 last video 

Hello everyone, 
I have taken my time to say what i felt i needed to say goodbye. 
My time is sliming. With all these machines i am hooked up too. Are keeping me alive
long enough to say what I feel I need to. Even though a majority of you were terrible
to me. I thank you. You ignolaged me, made me feel important in a strange way. You
took the time for me. You took the time to, to,
I am glad i was dead. As cold as that sounds, I was happy that i didn't have to see
everyone in my family cry. I wouldn't be able to see it. I also feel free. Relaxed
and peaceful..
Last edited: 15 May 2011

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