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Monday, 18 April 2011
07:00:50 PM (GMT)
You know who you are. You're like, the only person who reads my diary entires
anyway. XD;;

1 – Favorite Character
2 – Least Favorite Character
3 – Favorite Filler Arc
4 – Least Favorite Filler Arc
5 – Favorite Character From the Gotei 13
6 – Favorite Zanpakutō/Shikai
7 – Favorite Bankai
8 – Favorite Fight
9 – Favorite Opening
10 – Favorite Ending
11 – Most Epic Moment
12 – Favorite Vizard
13 – A Scene that made you happy
14 – A Scene that made you sad
15 – Favorite Zanpakutō Spirit
16 – Favorite Fan Couple
17 – Most Pointless Episode
18 – A Character You Feel You Are Most Like
19 – A Character You Wish You Were More Like
20 – Favorite Arrancar
21 – Least Favorite Arrancar
22 – Favorite Release Form
23 – A Character You Are in Love With
24 – Funniest Scene
25 – Favorite Line/Quote
26 – A Character You Would Love to Cosplay
27 – Favorite Minor Character
28 – A Character You Wish Never Had to Die
29 – Favorite Episode Ever
30 – Why You Love Bleach

Let's get started.

1 – Favorite Character

Don Kanonji. 

Yes, I have been watching Tiger & Bunny recently. Why do you ask?

This man here is the real superhero of the show. Sure, he starts out as a blazing
idiot, but once he learns the truth of his actions, he's genuinely repentant and
quickly accepts that he was wrong. It's refreshing to see ignorant characters that
aren't total blockheads by the end of the episode. It doesn't hurt that his
personality is very quirky and amusing to watch. 

Another big factor to take into consideration: This man has BALLS. OF.
STEEL. I would give this guy a medal for badassery if I could. 

He's totally aware of how outclassed he is by shinigami and strong hollows. In the
midst of the chaos that arises from Aizen's dickery with Karakura Town, Don Kanonji
not only chooses to try and rescue innocents instead of running away, but charges at
Aizen knowing perfectly well how futile it would have been.

He had the chance to run, and he was explicitly told by Aizen himself that trying to
fight against him would promptly result in death. It doesn't matter to me that it's a
pretty stupid decision to go on anyway, or that no one would have given a damn if he
quietly withdrew. 

His last words would have been, "The children will never accept a hero who runs

No camera crews. No rewards. Nothing but being faithful to his own convictions drives
him to attempt the suicidally impossible. 

It takes a lot of bravery to stick to what you believe in. He was a role model and a
true superhero, all the way to his 'nah, not really' end. 

Plus, Don Kanonji looks ten times more fabulous than the main cast from any break
page pic (With the possible exception being Charlotte Coolhorn). 
The fact that I'm a fan of Lady Gaga is a coincidence. COINCIDENCE, I SAY.

Bootheghost says :   19 April 2011   998355  
let's not get started on Charlotte Coolhorn

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