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Shuffle Quiz, because I think they're hilarious, too.Category: Bored to tears
Sunday, 20 February 2011
01:05:25 AM (GMT)
1. Which song describes the mood you are in right now? 
As One - L'arc En Ciel
I think this song is about death or something.

2. Which song describes the mood you are usually in? 
Here, There and Everywhere - The Beatles 
This one is about love.

3. Which song describes one of your favorites things to do?
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away - The Beatles
I guess it makes sense...

4. Which song describes something else you like to do? 
Allegretto - Some weird flute thing... 
I have a lot of weird music on my I-pod -_-

5. Which song explains the way you think about love?
Villians of a Sort - Kingdom Hearts Soundtrack

6. What would you sing to your soulmate right now?
Existence - L'arc En Ciel
That song is kinda intense.

7. Which song best represents you? 
Winter Fall - L'arc En Ciel

8. Which song describes your sexual preference? 
Love Gets Me Every Time - Shania Twain

9. Which song describes what would occur between you and a (male) prostitute
Darkness of the Unknown - KH2 Soundtrack
I guess even my I-pod doesn't know that answer.

10. Your lover on the side? 
A New Day is Dawning - KH2 Soundtrack

11. How about your wife or husband?
Courage - KH2 Soundtrack 
My husband isn't my lover? :/

12. Which song would be played at your wedding? 
Singin' In The Rain - L'arc En Ciel
It better be raining.

13. Which song would be played at your wedding reception? 
Bounce-O-Rama (Speed Up Ver.) - KH2 Soundtrack
*Facepalm* Stupid soundtracks...

14. Which song describes yourself in the future? 
The Silver Shining - L'arc En Ciel
Asleep and woken by my lover?

15. Which song describes yourself in the past? 
An Adventure In Atlantica - KH Soundtrack
This is why I stopped doing these.

16. Which song would be appropriate for a one night stand?
Oopsy-Daisy - KH Soundtrack

17. Which song would best describe your first time kissing? 
Getting Better - The Beatles

18. Your first time having sex? 
Heaven's Drive - L'arc
Oh dear god.

19. Which song would best describe your fashion sense? 
While My Guitar Gently Weeps - The Beatles

20. Which song would describe your taste in the opposite or same sex?
Superheroes - Daft Punk
> : - D

21. Which song best describes your parents? 
Polythene Pam - The Beatles

22. Which song best describes your family in general? 
Working Together - KH2 Soundtrack
It makes sense for once!

23. Which song best describes your friends? 
Sunset Horizons - KH2 Soundtrack

24. Which song best describes your school? 
That Don't Impress Me Much - Shania Twain
It certainly doesn't.

25. Which song best describes your public personality? 
Menuet and Dance - That flute thingy
A menuet IS a dance. 

26. Which song best describes your private personality? 
Cloudchasers - KH2 Soundtrack

27. The weather outside is... 
Face To Face - Daft Punk
I don't understand. I guess like it's one weather and then suddenly another?

28. I feel like... 
Time Goes On - L'arc

29. I would really love to... 
Short Circuit - Daft Punk

30. No one can stop me from... 
Laughter And Merriment - KH2

31. Today I will... 
She Said She Said - The Beatles
I hate those jokes.

32. Love is like... 
Brotherhood - Home Made Kazoku

33. I would call myself...
The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill - The Beatles
No I wouldn't.

34. I've never been to... 
Just An Itty Bitty Too Much - KH Soundtrack
I hope not.

35. If I were a... 
Floating In Bliss - KH2

36. Never forget... 
Scherzo Di Notte - KH

37. No one believes me when... 
One More Time - Daft Punk
I cried wolf.

38. I would never... 
Her Majesty - The Beatles 
I wouldn't. If I was Queen, I might get assassinated. 

39. I could see myself as... 
Phantom of the Opera
> : - D

40. I'm as fun as... 
It's Only Love - The Beatles
Love is fun, right?

41. I wish... 
Good Morning Good Morning - The Beatles
I wish I could get up in the morning.

42. He will never understand why... 
March Caprice For Piano And Orchestra - KH
That's because he's thinking, "A piano and orchestra can't march!"

43. I'm nearly... 
Angel of Music 
Have you HEARD me play my solo? I suck at it.

44. I want to see... 
Maggie Mae - The Beatles
She got arrested.

45. At night time... 
Squirming Evil - KH
Muggers, rapists, and whatnot.

46. My fashion sense is... 
Having a Wild Time - KH

47. I cry when....
Digital Love - Daft Punk
I'm pathetic and cry when virtual dating is not enough.

48. The moon is... 
I'm Only Sleeping - The Beatles

49. I get tired when...
Voyager - Daft Punk
Long journeys are very tiring.

50. I lack... 
A Day in Agrabah - KH2
I would die happy if I could spend a day in that movie.

51. I'm so absorbing in... 
Sinister Sundown - KH2

52. I should be...
Ticket To Ride - The Beatles
But long journeys are so tiring!

53. I can't seem to forget...
Passion - Utada Hikaru

54. Where in the world is... 
I Want To Tell You - The Beatles
If I could find you, I could tell you!

55. I don't want to hear... 
An Intense Situation - KH
Wouldn't that just be like, battle noises? No wonder I don't want to hear it.

56. Don't give up on... 
A Walk in Andante - KH
I guess I'm too weak to handle even a walk in andante?

57. I should give up on...
Fate - L'arc

58. I want to be... 
I've Got a Feeling - The Beatles

59. I like alot of... 
Destiny Islands - KH

60. I often think about... 
Don't Pass Me By - The Beatles

61. I don't understand why... 
Isn't It Lovely? - KH2
I don't. But that might be because I'm not a mermaid.

62. Guys are... 
Carry That Weight - The Beatles

63. Girls go to... 
This Is Halloween - KH
Trick or treat?

64. I'm in trouble for... 
Holy Bananas! - KH
I blessed some bananas and got in trouble for it?

65. Candy is for... 
Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles
But she's dead!

66. Take me to... 
I Will - The Beatles
Me: Take me to-
You: I WILL!
Me: But you don't even know where!

67. All I've ever cared about was... 
Good Day Sunshine - The Beatles

68. Take me away from... 
Black Eyes, Blue Tears - Shania Twain

69. The worst possible thing is... 
Point of No Return 
Sounds like it.

Did you know we have a heavy burtation tonight?

Zelda3443 says:   20 February 2011   745824  
At least yours worked some of the time. I'm still trying to figure
out what burtation means...someone needs to make up a definition for
‹Anna54213737645189164337356591246353767654913685› says:   20 February 2011   529316  
I think it's hilarious and needs to turn into an internet meme.
Zelda3443 says:   21 February 2011   595867  
Then make it so.
‹Anna54213737645189164337356591246353767654913685› says:   21 February 2011   185572  

I'm gonna need your help.
Zelda3443 says:   21 February 2011   493450  
And how shall this operation be executed? Are we just going to say
burtation everywhere randomly.
‹Anna54213737645189164337356591246353767654913685› says:   24 February 2011   241017  
Whenever it fits, I guess.
Zelda3443 says:   3 March 2011   433067  
Your face is a burtation
‹Anna54213737645189164337356591246353767654913685› says :   3 March 2011   479183  
Your face is a HEAVY burtation!


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