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Friday, 18 February 2011
07:06:57 PM (GMT)
You: YOU
Stranger: me
You: YES
You: YOU
Stranger: that is an interesting point of view
Stranger: well
Stranger: i cant hide everyone
Stranger: because
Stranger: im on an airfield..
You: the dinosaurs did it, how the fuck can we not?
Stranger: dinosaurs never took a plane
You: they had no use of planes.
Stranger: not all of them
You: obviously.
You: but those ones obviously didn't want to/need to fly.
You: therefore they had no use of wings.
Stranger: how would you know
You: which has brought us back to my first point.
Stranger: i have no wings
Stranger: and i have the need to fly
Stranger: yet
You: we have planes though.
Stranger: hmm
You: you still have no use for wings.
Stranger: if i had wings
You: we have planes, no wings, dinosaurs had wings, no planes.
Stranger: i had no use of planes
You: of course, that theory works both ways.
You: just so happens that mines is related.
You: yours is not.
Stranger: then explain me
Stranger: why do we have helicopters
Stranger: if we already have planes
You: Helicopters are easier to use, and are used a lot more when you only have a
couple of people, say like two. you wouldn't want to waste a whole plane trip just to
get two people across the world now would you?
Stranger: you can't get 2 people across the world in a helicopter
Stranger: now could you
You: obviously not, that was just an expression used.
Stranger: it was a bad expression
Stranger: therefor
Stranger: your argument is not valid
You: i would suggest that my argument is very valid.
You: although i used a bad expression, you still got my idea as a whole.
Stranger: ofcourse you would, you want to defend your argument
Stranger: well
Stranger: one way or another
Stranger: i would love to see a dinosaur in a helicopter
You: as would i, as would i..
Stranger: so 2 random people
Stranger: want the exact same thing
Stranger: thats a score of 100%
Stranger: does this mean the whole world would like to see it?
You: that could be very possible.
Stranger: and if it would
Stranger: why has nobody came up with such an idea before?
Stranger: i think
Stranger: we are on to something here
You: oh dear sir, as do i.
Stranger: i think this would just be the very last point of amusement
Stranger: this world needs
Stranger: imagine
Stranger: millions and millions of people
Stranger: all paying a few bucks
Stranger: to see our show
Stranger: tv shows broadcasting live
Stranger: all we need
Stranger: is a dinsaur that could fly an helicopter..
You: a fucking t-rex would be awesome.
You: and we could train him.
You: and he could be our pet..
You: sir, i think we're seriously onto something.
Stranger: if only i knew where to get such a t-rex..
Stranger: i do know this guy round the corner
Stranger: that sells such animals
Stranger: the only problem is
Stranger: is that they are plastic and only move when u press their belly..
You: maybe we could get one of those magazines that tell us how to build our own 
stuff step by step? i bet we could find one that tells us how to build a t-rex step
by step.
Stranger: you sir are a genious
You: thank you, sir.
Stranger: it couldnt be hard
Stranger: just gotta connect the right bodyparts together
Stranger: and give him a helmet.. just in case the helicopter drops
Stranger: besides
Stranger: it looks awesome
Stranger: and sunglasses
You: couldn't be any easier, right? and i mean. he can't be that scared of a
helicopter... he survived the fucking end of the world.
Stranger: we wouldnt want our rexie to get his eyes hurt
Stranger: exactly
You: oooh, no we wouldn't. he would crash his dear helicopter.
Stranger: I could start writing the business plan right away
Stranger: i doubt we have any competitors
You: we should go on dragons den ;D.
Stranger: as far as i know of
Stranger: haha
You: well sir... i better get started on these ideas right away.
You: it has been a pleasure talking to you.
Stranger: we can't afford to waste a single minute!
You: no we cannot!
You: hat tip to you, sir!
You: good day!
Stranger: haha
Stranger: i have to admit
Stranger: one of the better conversations
Stranger: you could have around here 
You: oh, i could have these conversations every day :D.
Stranger: still waiting on my flight bleh haha
You: really? oh that sucks...
You: where you headed?
Stranger: should have been boarding half an hour ago
Stranger: netherlands
Stranger: back home 
Stranger: im on curacao now
You: SHIT, half an hour ago? smash the pilots face in ;D.
Stranger: in the carribean
You: Netherlands, ooooh. awesome!
Stranger: haha people here are so relaxed (read: lazy)
You: wait, really? was it fun?
Stranger: ye was awesome, had great weather
Stranger: awesome beach
Stranger: hotel
Stranger: sun
Stranger: loved it
You: aaaw, great. i'm glad you had a nice time!
Stranger: haha thanks so do i
Stranger: where are you from?
Stranger: US?
You: naah, i'm from the UK.
Stranger: oh haha that pretty much makes us neighbours 
You: up scotland, ae ;D
Stranger: hehe nice nice
You: yeeeah, crap weather though D:
You: rains almost constant.
Stranger: i could imagine..
You: always windy too.
Stranger: i hate to get back in the cold hahaha
Stranger: 28 degrees here now
You: oh, i was like that when i went on holiday too.
You: hated to leave.
You: haaha.
You: really? 28? fuck thats hot.
Stranger: how old are ya?
Stranger: yerr was a rally sunny day today
You: haha. oh, i'm fifteen. how old are you?
Stranger: 18 here
You: ha, awesome. whats your name?
Stranger: marc here and u?
You: marc, nice name. i'm Gemma. i mean this when i say it's awful nice to meet you,
You: you're such an awesome person, Marc.
Stranger: hahahha glad to hear 
Stranger: so are you
Stranger: gemma
Stranger: you are a girl?
You: yes, i am a girl.
You: haa. and i take it you're a male?
Stranger: haha imagined you a 20 year old guy, boy was i wrong 
You: LOL
Stranger: yes i am
You: aw, good. gonna say... a girl called Marc. LOL
Stranger: would be pretty screwed up i guess 
Stranger: hahaha
You: haha, yeah
Stranger: you could add my facebook if u'd like to
You: i don't have facebook... got msn?
Stranger: if u have it
Stranger: ah i see
Stranger: yes i do
Stranger: but my msn is so lame so dont laugh haha
You: alright, add me. yourthesmoketomyhigh@hotmail.com
Stranger: ah urs is nearly as bad haha
You: i knoooow, haaha.
Stranger: wait gotta board now
You: alright! thank you for your time!
Stranger: bye bye
You: byeeee :D!

aaah, he was so sweet<3.

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