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We Dive at DawnCategory: Random things
Monday, 31 January 2011
08:08:55 PM (GMT)
"A'right, listen up! I know it's cold,  the fog is not clearing up, and
Patrols are lurking every corner. But that doesn't matter right now. What does matter
is that we have one day-one day-left to get this done." 

Hanson paced back and forth, his hands clamped behind his back. His cold grey eyes
surveyed each and every one of us soldiers, as if searching through our minds.
What have we done wrong? I couldn't help but wonder. I knew the answer,
though; everyone did. We were careless and didn't work together. Therefore, we lost
twelve men to the Patrols this morning. They're really called Patrolium Mantas, the
Citizen Guard's official title from their made-up language for the men who are
instructed to kill anyone who's not on their side. I shuddered, thinking about all
the blood I had seen earlier. It was enough to make the strongest, bravest man grow
pale and fall to the ground.

"You need to be very careful when we go out tomorrow. The Patrols are not stopping at
anything; bombs, gas, and planes dummies are just the beginning, " Hanson continued.
A low murmuring started at the mention of "plane dummies". They were dummies placed
in a jet plane decorated with our colors to make it look like they were people on our
side. The planes were programmed to crash into the closest area filled with the most
people, in order to kill them. This unique method of fighting had been used only once
years ago, but nobody remembered it. We figured the Citizen Guard must really be
desperate to go to such extremes.

"You must be on top of your game, and ready to fight at a moment's notice. You will
all carry your packs, which should include water proof flashlights; they are very
important, considering where we are going. The flashlights' light is not as strong as
headlamps, which should make it less noticeable. The flashlights also have a blink
option, which you may use only in emergencies. 

"As soon as you all leave the house, make a run for the docking area and make sure to
stay low. Garb an air tank and strap it on. Remember; the black tank, not the red.
Once underwater, swim to the left as quickly as possible. Stay in your quad and try
to hide between the coral and plants. Go as low as you can so that the Patrols will
not be able to detect you. I'll meet you at the Terellis Gate, and I'll give you the
rest of your instructions there. If you are separated from your quad, use the blink
option. If that does not help, go up for air and get out of the water. Then
leave. I will not have you endanger the rest of us by giving yourself away. Is
that understood, ladies?" I winced along with everyone else at Hanson's somewhat
cliched nickname for us. But we nodded our heads, staring at the ground and fidgeting
with our faded, worn out jackets. We were tired, we were dirty, and we wanted to

We were all pretty young guys, the youngest being nineteen. We had been recruited for
this war months ago, forced to leave our families and for some of us, our children.
Most men nowadays marry when they are still young, in order to have a full life-at
least, that's what the Citizen Guard says. I had gotten married ten days after my
seventeenth birthday, and now five years later have my wife and two kids waiting at
home for me. It is a grueling experience, being a soldier, but we have to fight the
Citizen Guard if we want our freedom. I, along with everyone else, is tired of the
Citizen Guard ordering us around; it's been going on for about thirty years, starting
in 3013. I want to win this war, World War III. However, I'm not sure how long I can
hold up.

Hanson looked around the house. "Do we all know what to do tomorrow?" We gave him a
quiet chorus of "Yes"s, and he nodded his approval. "Good. We dive at dawn."
Last edited: 10 February 2011

Bootheghost says:   1 February 2011   944531  
Thanks for the entry! ♥ It's great!~
‹RushingStars★› says :   1 February 2011   443851  
No problem, and thank YOU! 


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