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The Chronicles of La Flor de Infierno: White Rose, Chapter 7Category: TCoLFdI:WR
Monday, 6 December 2010
05:19:52 PM (GMT)
My first instinct was to run. I had to fight it. What would Ahiru and Lilli think of
me? Wait, why was I scared? It's only a human... But he's everywhere. What are the
chances of seeing a male teacher at a store like this? Even as a demon, I knew it was
wrong. Why did I want to run? I quickly handed my dress to the girl behind the
     "Eighty." she said. I handed it to her, ignoring Mr. Flahnerry. 
     "So I take it you three are going to the dance tomorrow?" he asked, smiling.
What a creeper.
     Ahiru and Lilli nodded. "Yes." they said in unison. I wanted to say as little as
possible, for fear I may say something I'd regret.
     "How about we grab something to eat down at the food court?" he said, still
     "I have money." I said flatly.
     "Save it. Let me handle it, alright?"
     Ahiru, Lilli and I looked at each other. Ahiru looked concerned, and Lilli
looked a bit scared. I would be too, believe me.
     "Mr. Flahna--"
     "Come on now." he said as he picked up our dresses. I looked at Ahiru in
surrender. Lilli and Ahiru did the same to me.
     "Fine..." I growled. I felt a cold fear run through me. I felt my wings, yes, my
demon wings, coming out. Yes, I said coming out. I looked out the windows. I saw
Jasper and Vladimir walking by. I looked closely at Vladimir. For some reason, my
wings stopped giving me trouble. The cold fear was still there, though. 
     Ahiru, Lilli and I followed Mr. Flahnerry down to the food court. He motioned us
to sit down, asked us what we wanted to eat, and walked over toward the little mall
Burger King. 
     I leaned over toward Ahiru and Lilli. "Think we should bolt? Or would it make
too big of a scene?"
     "Yes. I mean, yes we should bolt..." said Lilli.
     "Of course, but we can't." whispered Ahiru. "He's like an under-rated stalker."
     Lilli and I nodded in agreement. 
     "So you mean you've seen him before?"
     "In school." whispered Ahiru. "He's almost always looking at you when you're
there to look at. It's like the opposite of Mr. Watson*. He's such a creeper. Though,
all the girl pops* say he's oh SO hot..."
     Lilli nodded her head behind Ahiru and I. We glanced over our shoulders and saw
Mr. Flahnerry walking back to the table. Ahiru, Lilli and I looked at each other. I
forced a smile as the student-teacher placed the food on our table. I looked closely
at him. He had chocolate brown hair and fair skin. I knew I had seen him before. His
eyes were a deep brown. I couldn't place him...
     "So..." I said, trying to end the awkward silence. "Do you mind telling us your
first name? You are, after all, a student teacher."
     Mr. Flahnerry smiled. "Alejandro*. My family is from Spain. What about you
three? Where are you from?"
     "Mine is from Japan." said Ahiru softly and shyly. "My name means duck."
     "England." said Lilli.
     "Ireland." I said, almost as if I really was. Mr. Flahnerry seemed to believe
     "How old are you, Alejandro?" I asked. He looked around our age, so I
didn't think to say mister. 
     "Twenty-one." he said. "And I like the idea of calling us by our first names.
You three are... sixteen, seventeen, right?"
     All three of us nodded.
     I looked up at the clock on the wall. Seven.
     "Sorry, Mr. Flahnerry, but we really need to go. We promised  our parents we
would be out until seven. Bye!" I took Ahiru and Lilli's arms and dragged them away.
As soon as Mr. Flahnerry looked away, I motioned them to come to the bathroom.
     "Thanks for getting us out of there, Flor." said Ahiru.
     "Yeah. I thought we were stuck there all night talking to him!" said Lilli.
     "We should just leave..." mumbled Ahiru.
     "Shit! We need to get our dresses!" I growled. "You guys meet me out front. I'll
go in enemy lines and snatch the dresses!"
     Ahiru and Lilli nodded. They bolted as I ent back to the table.
     "Forgot the dresses." I said in fake shyness. Mr. Flahnerry smiled at me.
     "I'll see you tomorrow in school, Flor Lucifer." he said as I turned and walked
away with the dresses in my hand. When he said my last name, the cold fear returned.
      Oh, Lord. What's happening to me?

*Mr. Watson : Ke$ha's song LOL
*pops : popular people
*Alejandro : GO LADY GAGA!!!!! W0000000000000000T XD
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