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This will be a weekly story!!!Category: Love and romance, schooldays
Sunday, 5 December 2010
11:42:58 PM (GMT)
This is the first small section of a story blog that i will be sharing with you all

     I sat at the edge of the pool, watching the boy i like stretch his spine as he
pulled himself up from the ladder and climbed out. He began to walk towards me, and
so i looked down, afraid that I might be stuck in the position of talking to him. I
am a very shy person, so I don't talk much and i blush really easily. I started
pulling at the bands on my wrist, contemplating wether or not to look up and see if
he was still walking towards me, but i decided that was too risky. I sat there hoping
he would just walk by, at the same time I was also hoping he would tak to me so that
i would have a better chance of getting with him.

     "Hey Anna," I heard him say as he walked by. I looked up briefly.

     "Hey," I said back after a few seconds. I looked over my shoulder to see him
smiling at me. I sneezed and he turned.

     "Bless you," he said with a sweet voice that rang through my ears and shot in
like a bullet, hitting my brain and making me go all limp and silly feeling. It
wasn't the words he said, but how he said them, and that he was saying them to me.
Usually people don't actually talk to me because i am so quiet, but knowing that he
out of all the people in my school has the guts  to talk to me makes me feel
appreciated even in the smallest of ways.

     I stood and walked to the showers, peeking over my shoulder as i got to the
entrance. The shower room was way to cold and gave me goosebumps on every part of my
body that it could. I hit the button and the cool water shot out of the nosel and
onto my face. I gasped as the water suddenly became scalding hot. I jumped back and
looked around noticing that every one els had gone home sense it was last hour and
the teacher let us go early if we wanted to. Knowing that no one would be mad if I
went back in the pool for one last jump sense they were all gone i went out to the
edge of the pool. I had never had trouble with swimming because i was usually
cautious with making sure I didn't go too far down where it was too deep. But as i
jumped in I realized too late that i was over too far.

     I screamed as i hit the water, thinking maybe he would hear me. And he did. He
ran out of the shower room and jumped in after me. All i heard was a slight pop and
the sound of bubbles coming out of my mouth as i sank deeper to the bottom. I don't
understand why our school had such a deep pool, but the drop off went about 12-15
feet down, and every second i was about a half of a foot deeper. He swam as fast as
he could to reach me and pulled me up to the surface, dragging me out of the water
using all the strength he had to keep moving up.

     He laid me down on the cold tile floor next to the water and crawled up next to
me. He checked if I was breathing and started pushing water out of my lungs, trying
his best to get it all out without breaking any of my bones. At some point he stopped
because most of the water was out, but i still was not breathing. So he grimaced as
he went in to try CPR. He leaned in to breath in to my mouth when I involuntarily
spit water out at him. It totally ruined the moment but i was sure that wouldn't stop
it from coming some other time. He spit it back out at the floor and looked at me
with a strange expression that i had never seen before in my life... it was a look of
confusion, anger, and love, AT THE SAME TIME. It was a strange look but i think i
might have had it on also. We both broke out into laughter and I sat up to face him.

     He stopped laughing soon after and I looked away awkwardly, pulling my hair
behind my ear and looking at the floor. He loked directly at me and it kinda creeped
me out a little. He stuck out his hand to help me up, and i grabbed it. It was a
strange feeling, holding his hand, but it was one that i liked. "I'm Chase..." He
said as we stood.

     "I know," I said back to him with a slight smile. "Every one in our grade knows
who you are... and most of them think your annoying."

     "Oh, yeah.... You too i guess?" He said, with a hint of disappointment in his
words, even though he wore a smile on his face.

     "No..." I said hesitantly, i could feel my cheeks turn bright red as i answered
his question and so i looked away to avoid further embarrassment as we walked across
the floor over to the wall in between the two doors leading to the shower rooms.

     "Oh really?" He asked as he stopped and spun me around to face him. I had no
choice but to look him in the eyes. "Then why have you ignored me all the time
durring classes?"

     "Oh, uh... that? Well you see, i never know quite what to say, because i dont
wanna mess things up..... so i just sit there silent. I feel so STUPID after I do
that, but i can never think of what to say until at least an hour later. Im just slow
like that."

     "Well, maybe you should work on that? Maybe I can help to get you to loosen up a
bit? You always seem so quiet and held back... if you cut loose, everything will be
so much easier!" I stared at him, not knowing what to do and so i simply nodded my
head and he laughed. "Exactly what I'm talking about."

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