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Thursday, 11 November 2010
07:06:45 PM (GMT)
Updates! Since I haven't been on for more than fifteen minutes at a time all month.

Word count = 15767

Just sos you know, that's thirty pages in size twelve font using calibri (body).

Also just sos you know, that's really behind D:

Today I was supposed to catch up but mom made me rake leaves, and my body made me
take a nap afterwards 'cause raking is hard.

I really gotta find a way to keep myself from passing out on the floor...

Recently realized that since my main character is a servant - who therefore can't
speak out of turn- he has virtually no dialog and my whole story needs to be in first
person narrative. 
Waaaaaah, waiting until NaNoEdMo to fix it will kill me...

For English class we needed to write a short story, so I wrote one that takes place
in the same world as my novel just about two years previous.

My English teacher loved it and wrote comments saying she wish she could see more of
these characters.
So I asked her if she'd be willing to help edit my novel in December and she said

(It was a happy accident. Oh well.)

Final note- pacing stuff is hard.

Now please enjoy a song sung in one of my three countries, Shank. In Shank they love
playing hand clapping games (Sorta like "Coca Cola came to town" or "Ms. Mary
Beryll, Beryll, Beryll, Beryll Jordidan The one no one remembers When he's dead and gone You only ever see him When he's in front of you When you wish he weren't so dim He goes against the group Oooh~ Beryll Jordidan is here Oooh~ More an annoyance than a fear You cannot tell sir Jordidan Of what he's done (again) He'll look surprised but still so calm As he steps forward then! Oooh~ Beryll Jordidan is always there Oooh~ More an annoyance than a fear Oh, Beryll, Beryll, Beryll He's Beryll Jordidan The one no one remembers When he's dead and gone

‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   11 November 2010   714548  
That is not that behind. D:<
Seriously, I'm way farther behind than you.
‹TonTon› says:   11 November 2010   978780  
since I'm not doing this at all, you're much farther ahead than me.

and what the duece is "coca cola came to town"?
Kirti says:   11 November 2010   537846  
"Coca Cola came to town
Diet pepsi knocked him down
Dr. Pepper fixed up up
Now I'm drinkin' 7 Up
7 Up got the flu
Now I'm drinkin' Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew fell off the mountain
Now I'm drinkin' from the fountain
Fountain broke,
Now I'm back to drinkin' Coke."

It was a really popular clapping game where I live when we were kids. 
‹TonTon› says:   11 November 2010   274548  
ah. never played a clapping game. no rhythm. or hand eye
still better than my sister, she tried to fist pump and whacked
herself on the forehead. twas hilarious. 
Kirti says:   12 November 2010   623582  
Oh, I was never any good at them. I have rythme and
coordination, but zero muscle memory. I have muscle ADD. I still know
the songs though. 
‹TonTon› says:   12 November 2010   532604  
I has something wrong with my muscles I think, my thumb on my right
hand has been messed up since fifth grade, and my right arms got
pulled twice for no good reason. 
‹Panda  Bear› says:   12 November 2010   320458  
LOL at the coke song.
I know you can do it, keep going!
‹❄Shexia: The Wintery Archer❄› says :   13 November 2010   842518  
 This is great! 
I imagine it to the tune of "Just You Wait, Henry Higgins" from My
Fair Lady, for some reason. ¬.¬


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