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Life without you.... eternal loveCategory: Stories
Thursday, 28 October 2010
10:25:35 PM (GMT)
Waking up in his bed Ethan, not remembering the other night to well. He stumbles out
and walk to the bathroom. The shower was on and a figure stood there bathing. The
silhouette was of a woman, He opened the shower door and saw a smiling face look at
him. He Blinked, and rubbed his eyes. 'Good morning, you going to join me or get the
floor wet?' The raving beauty asked him.  'Jennifer? What?' Ethan said. She looked at
him with her soft brown eyes, with a worried look on her face, 'Whats wrong Ethan?' 
Not saying anything he walked into the shower with his boxer on and held her. She was
stunned for a moment. 'Baby, whats wrong?' She asked him. 'Nothing. Nothing at all,'
he said as he held on to her tightly. Giggling slightly as she held on to him, 'baby
you getting all wet. you need to take this off.' She said as she pull down his
boxers. The shower doors closes as the hot water steamed up the bath they made love
over and over again. After the shower laying in bed, Jennifer looked at the clock. 'I
need to get to work, so do you.' As she rolled over to get up, Ethan took hold of her
hand. 'No lets skip work today, and do something together.' She looked at him
strangely, and wasn't sure what he was up to. 'What are you up to?' She asked him. He
smiled at her with warmth coming from him, 'I just want to spend the day with you.'
Jennifer looked at the bed and then looked at him. 'Ok, I have to call into work.' He
let go of her hand and smiled. Jennifer took her cell and dialed into work telling
them that she couldn't make it to day, That something came up that was important,
then hung up. 'Ok you got me for today.' He smiled at her and pulled her back to bed,
they spend that morning touching each other and cuddling. That afternoon they went to
the park near their apartment. Watching the children playing, and people out for
their walks and jogs. They sat on the beach holding each other and sharing laughter
and smiles. As they watch an older couple go by they notice them and the old woman
smiled at them. 'Hey that could be us,' Ethan said to Jennifer. She smile at him, 'oh
and I would be like her watching younger couples, thinking about our youth.' Ethan
smiled at her and looked into Jennifer's eyes, 'yeah but one thing has to happen
first.' Ethan got off the bench and onto one knee, taking a box out of his coat
pocket. 'I don't know how my life would be with out you......' 
Flash, blurring of light, Flash, screeching noise..........
Ethan, blinked and felt uneasy, not sure what was going on. It was dark and he was
laying on something hard, pain rack his body....
Flash, blurring of light, Flash, screeching noise.........
'Ethan? Are you ok?' Jennifer asked him. He blink for a second and looked at her. 'I
couldn't imagine my life without you. You are my breath, you are my every heart beat.
My soul is incomplete without you. I want to have children with you, many holidays
and birthdays, grow old with you. Will you be my wife, my lover, the mother of my
children.' Jennifer's eyes watered up and could hardly speak, she nodded yes. And all
the people around Clapped and cheered. He place the ring on her finger and kissed her
with passion. They spend the day together, sharing the moments and each other lives.
That night as they where getting ready Ethan was talking to Jennifer, 'We can have
your sister plan the wedding since she like doing that. As long as she doesn't go
over the budget.' A laugh came form the bed room, 'I'm sure she would pick some theme
to put it by.' Jennifer said.  'No themes. I don't want a theme wedding, that would
be horrible.' Ethan said as looked from around the bathroom. There was no one there.
He called her name but nothing. Ethan came of the bath and looked in the living room
and kitchen but nothing. The door was locked on the inside and he frantically
searched the apartment. He looked into the closet and only saw his cloths, he looked
in the dresser and there were a few empty draws. All of Jennifer's things were gone.
He sat that on the bed.
Flash, blurring of light, Flash, Screeching noise........
Ethan found it hard to breath, the darkness surround him. He can't feel his arms. A
voice came out of the darkness, 'its ok, you will be find.' Looking at the woman,
Ethan's eyes focus. 'Jennifer?' She smiled at him. 'But you died years ago. I'm sorry
I didn't stay home that day. I wanted to but I just couldn't. I was stupid to go to
work. I wanted to spend time with you.' Ethan said as she cough up blood. Touching
his forehead she smiled, 'its ok, we have all the time in the world now. And we can
take the walk in the park that you wanted to.' Reaching down she took his hand, Ethan
found himself standing next to her. Not even noticing his body laying there from the
accident. 'I missed you so much,' he said to her. She smiled and took his hand, as
they walked off the bright light flash and they were in the park next to a bench.
Last edited: 29 October 2010

‹IzzyImperfection☣› says:   28 October 2010   730505  
That is extremely amazing.
I friggen LOVED it<3
You wrote this?
‹Monkey boy› says:   28 October 2010   943780  
I'm glad you like it. It took me a bit but yeah I wrote it.. 
‹IzzyImperfection☣› says:   28 October 2010   973420  
It's really good Monkey.
I enjoyed it mucho, you should write more. 
‹Monkey boy› says:   28 October 2010   459912  
aw it was just something to keep me from being bored... 
but thank you... I might, write another one. 
‹IzzyImperfection☣› says:   28 October 2010   237578  
Totally tell me if you do, and I'll read it(: 
‹Monkey boy› says:   28 October 2010   332516  
I will let you know.. =) 
‹IzzyImperfection☣› says:   28 October 2010   843830  
‹Dr.giggles› says:   29 October 2010   700289  
aw that's nice monkey really beautiful i enjoyed it^-^
‹Monkey boy› says:   29 October 2010   987360  
Aw thanks... 
‹Dr.giggles› says :   29 October 2010   770307  
-giggles- your welcome^^ 


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