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Maximum Ride by Iman chp 2Category: Fanfic's
Monday, 25 October 2010
07:24:08 PM (GMT)
*Looks like im of to a good start. Might as well add another chapter.* Chapter 2: M. O. V Doctor Weenie started shaking even more, but i didnt care. I stealed myself as my fist collided with the bridge of his nose. It felt good, i realized hearing the bones of his nose shatter and his cries of pain. Almost insantly i rammed my knee in his stomach, angling for his ribs, again the sound of his bones breaking was music to my ears. The more i hit him the angrier i got and this just baffeld me, i mean i was supposed to feel better! But the rage kept escalating in dangerous amounts, it wasnt healthy for me. And it sure as hell wasnt good for the doc. In the midst of my hostile thougths, i had already broken his nose, a couple ribs, his feet, and one arm, through various kicks and punches. I should've just left him right? I mean he was pretty darn banged up, but, im Maximum Ride, and when i make a promise, i intend to keep it. And i was going to keep this one to kingdom come! So i grabbed him by his lab coat, and threw him agaisnt the wall (the one with all his lab equipment and the metal shelves), he hit it with an "Oomph" and slid down leaving a trail of blood in his wake, he crashed down in a heap on the floor. I looked over at him, disgusted that he even had blood! I was shaking with fury, i wanted to see more blood, i felt like an Eraser, but i couldnt control myself, so i walked to the other end of the room, picked up a metal lab table and hurled it at the scientist, and im ashamed to say that i have spectacular aim, so it hit his body directly. He jolted and tried for the life of him, to curl into the fetal position. By now he was openly weeping, and his blood lay pooled around him. I was breathing hard, my fists still curled. I actually did break every bone in his body, he felt like a plush doll. I picked him up by his shirt and dragged him to the freezer, whose door was open, and threw him inside. He landed at the far corner, and slumped to his side. I slowly turned around to look at the rest of the flock. Most of them were in shock, starring at me like they had never seen me before. And im fairly sure they never had seen me like this, and hope to god that one day this cold fury was never directed toward them. The only sound was our heavy breathing, and the broken ragged breaths of the doctor. "Go... get...the others", i squeezed out."Anyone in the buliding whose still alive",i said throguth cleanched teeth. "NOW!!" my scream echoed in the room, it felt like it filled every creavase in the room and warmed up every cold spot. Fianlly they began moving. Iggy, and the Gasman flew out the window, while Nudge and Angel ran out the room. Dylan just stood there, eyes fixed on my face but i couldnt meet his. We spent ten minuits like this, me gazing unseeingly at the floor, Dylan starring at me, and the rest of the Flock routinly dropping people in. Most of them were white coats, and it made me angrier, i broked the leg of the metal lab table and started wacking them in the stomach, then dumping them into the freezer, i broke most of their ribs, so they werent going anywhere. Nudge, Iggy, Gazzy and Angel, came back. All with their eyes cast down, avoiding my face. "Thats all of em'", muttered Gazzy. They were still standing my the door. I spun around and with the makeshift club, i was holding, banged the thermostate until it busted. I could feel the cold air coming out of the vents faster. Then i slammed the freezer door shut, locked it, and began wacking it with the table leg over and over again, until it was bent at an odd angle. Nothing could open it now. Hopefully they would all die in there. I stood back, looking at the door, trying to fight down all the emotions, that were starting to rise up. I needed to be numb i reminded myself. I had to choose, Numbness or loosing the Flock. I think its pretty obviouse the one i choose. I turned around slowly, and dropped the leg. The Flock, flock, flock... flock, flock, flock, the Flock, flock ...flock. I couldnt let them down, the flock was all i ever thought about, all i ever cared about! Fang. Fang had given up on me. He'd died, without my permission. I mean how was this a Max-tatorship, when people kept doing the things they wanted! If this was a Max-ocracy, then i would understand. But i've lived through fourty minuits without him, so i think i can make it. Standing there i retreated soo far into myslef that i wasnt sure i was alive. Finally i acheived the maximum (no pun intended) level of numbness. Nothing botherd me. Not even the faint beeping of a machine far across the room, hooked up to a supposedly dead person, bothered me. You gotta' be kidding right?
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