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what. the. hell. angry Felix.Category: (general)
Saturday, 23 October 2010
11:30:41 PM (GMT)
Dad, you douche.
i fucking hate you right now.
i was almost on the verge of like.
punching you.
in the face.
but i'm just that amazing at self-control.
so, it's not my fault that my phone hates me,
and doesn't want to work in the middle of nowhere.
that is not a reason to ground me.
until i give in and get a goddamned tracfone again.
those things suck ass.
and the worst part is,
you almost made me so mad i forgot about all of the good things that happened

making tomato sauce from almost scratch.
mincing onions.
eyes burning from said onions.
writing stories.
hearing stories.
watching supernatural.
eating pizza.
watching Joe fail at making a fire.
trying to roast marshmallows.
making s'mores without the graham crackers.
trying to scare the shit out of Jessica.
marveling at Joe's acting skills.

and then you come and ruin it all.
fuck you.

‹cauchemar› says:   23 October 2010   842880  
‹Felix;; just an afterthought.› says:   23 October 2010   738927  

yes? :[ 
‹cauchemar› says:   23 October 2010   393737  
Im sorry
its Katie
:3 D: Sorry
very very very very very very very very very very very very very very
‹Felix;; just an afterthought.› says:   23 October 2010   774771  

i kind of gathered it was someone i knew. :p
but it's not your fault.
it's my phone's.
and my dad's. p_p
and Joe's, for living in the middle of NOWHERE. 
‹✁[...A-Adelia!]› says:   23 October 2010   241407  
Tracfones suck, man.
Mine is like the size of my pinky.
‹cauchemar› says:   23 October 2010   221037  
im in shit loads of trouble because i has a defect phone
‹Felix;; just an afterthought.› says:   23 October 2010   196619  

exactly! D:
but they apparently make calls to/from the middle of nowhere.
my parents can always reach me.
if not my phone, on someone else's.
and they should know that. :[
but my dad is such a douche. that he doesn't listen to me. 
‹Felix;; just an afterthought.› says:   24 October 2010   373960  

that sucks too. :[
i'm grounded.
i'm not going to forget this, dammit. 
‹RoarItsAlly› says:   24 October 2010   844808  
im sorry felix D: 
thats terrible
thats just gah i would be pissed :/
i have a good at&t cell so i wouldnt be able to comprhend a crappy
phone :L sorry....
‹ciaranic0le› says :   24 October 2010   215514  
Tracfones suck ass, deary.
And I know that from experience.
But still, you were in the middle of NOWHERE.
You can't get reception out there, so it's not your fault.(:

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