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The Legend Of Heroes: Chapter 1 -Page 3Category: Fantasy-Adventure
Tuesday, 19 October 2010
02:12:47 AM (GMT)
It has been a week since they left the forest. They rested when they found suitable
shelters along the way, and took off as soon as their strength returned. As they flew
through the sky, Kinra and Hikaiki were playfylly pulling off some maneuvers. "Hey,
watch this!" Shouted Hikaiki, as she darted back and forth, pounding her wings, and
finishing off with a spiral. "Hey, not bad!" Kinra shouted back, "But check this out.
Kinra tucked in her wings and started into a dive bomb, and when she was close to the
grass below, she spread her wings and did a loop, and spiraled faster than Hikaiki
and shot back up in the sky. "Wow! I don't think I can beat that!" Hikaiki called.
"That's because I'm the best!" Kinra boasted sarcastically. "Well miss 'Queen of the
Sky', how about a race?" Hikaiki challenged. "Bring it on!" Yelled Kinra, and they
both darted forward. Suddenly, a flock of birds flew up from a tree ahead and Kinra
and Hikaiki flew straight into them. They both got pummeled by small bodies, and they
lost balance and fell down into the jungle. "Where are we?" Hikaiki said, looking
around. "I don't know, but could you please get off my wing?" Kinra said crossly.
Hikaiki jumped and looked at her feet. "But, I'm not on your wi-" Hikaiki turned and
saw Kinra's left wing was crooked. She rushed over to get a better look. "Oh no! I
think you broke your wing from falling!" Kinra stook up and looked at her wing. "No!"
She spat. "Ugh, well, I obviously can't fly. We might as well look for a place to
rest so it can heal." Cautiously, they wandered around. They heard some noises, like
birds, mice, snakes, and bugs, but there wasn't any sign of a huge threat. Suddenly,
something big moved in the nearby bushes. Kinra instinctively put herself between the
bushes and Hikaiki. "Who's there?!" She hissed, fur bristling. "Kinra, I'm scared!"
Hikaiki whimpered. "Don't worry, I won't let anything happen to you." Kinra whispered
with determination. I'd like to see it try to get through me! Then the
creature darted over to the other bushes so fast that Kinra only saw a dark blur.
Then it went into the trees. Finally, it went back into the bushes. It stared at them
with fierce yellow eyes. I'm ready for you! Kinra thought, bracing
herself. She knew it was going to attack. She was right. As if it read her thoughts,
it darted forward and tackled her. "Kinra!" Hikaiki shouted. Kinra was prepared for
the attack, but not for the power. She flipped onto her back and before she could
recover, it pinned all of her paws down, leaving her belly exposed. She struggled
helplessly, and she knew it's power was too great to overcome in the position she was
in. It leaned closer to her head. "Hi! What's your name?" Kinra stopped struggling as
the attacker released her and sat down in front of her and Hikaiki. It was a black
wolf about her size. He had this cheerful smile on his face, and his eyes were full
of childish energy. She also noticed that it had wings like them. "Umm... I'm
Kinra..." She said, looking puzzled. "Who are you?" He puffed out his black chest and
replied, "Well, my full name is Tobaith, but I prefer Tobi or Tobbs." Hikaiki, who
looked utterly confused and shocked, nudged closer to Kinra. "And what's your name?"
Tobiath eagerly asked. "I'm Hikaiki." She nervously replied. "Hmmm... Hikaiki... Mind
if I call you Kai?" He asked. "Why?" "Because it's easier to say, and it sounds
better!" He said. "So, what, you don't like my name?" Hikaiki asked sounding hurt.
"Opps! I didn't mean it like that!" Tobaith said, flustered. "I'm sorry, I tend to
say things without thinking, and others don't take it the way I meant." He flattened
his ears and lowered his head. "It's ok. I guess you can call me Hiki." He smiled.
"By the way, what happened to your wing?" He said flicking his tail towards Kinra.
"Oh, we flew into some birds, and I guess when I fell I hit it at a bad angle."
I didn't realize, but it really hurts now. Kinra thought. Tobaith
started sniffing and poking it. "Ow! Quit it!" She snapped. Tobaith looked at her.
"I'm sorry about tackling you, if I knew about your wing I wouldn't have. But
thankfully it isn't broken." Hikaiki sniffed Kinra's wing too. "How do you know?" She
asked. "Trust me, she'd be in a lot more pain if it was broken. I broke my wing a
while ago, and although hers looks bad, it's only sprained." He replied. "Come on,
you can stay at my place until your better." Kinra and Hikaiki followed Tobaith as he
led the way to his nest.
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ZeldaXprincess12 says :   30 October 2010   648700  
yayz tobaith is finally in the story XD


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