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The Chronicles of La Flor de Infierno: White Rose, Chapter 2Category: TCoLFdI:WR
Wednesday, 6 October 2010
05:38:09 PM (GMT)
"Stacie, Flor-Belle" said our father. "We have heard rumors of angels infiltrating
our guard. Stacie, you and Wes will go up to the World to hide. Flor-Belle, you will
be hidden in the house of my general, Cletus."
     "Yes, father." said Stacie. She had pity in her eyes when she looked at me. Was
there something I didn't know?
     "Why must I hide with Cletus?" I asked, dismayed I had to stay in Hell.
     "Well, Flor..." said my father, hesitating. "You are... to be married to Cletus.
He is --"
     "WHAT?!" I screamed. "Father... you can't possibly be... --"
     "Silence!" My father's voice rang throughout the obsidian room and halls. "We
must move you both out of here now. We do not yet know if the angels' spy knows of
your existance yet.
     "Lord Lucifer has spoken." growled the depressed and demonic guards.
     Wes and Stacie faded out of the room. I sat on the floor, on the path to murder.
Cletus, my father's general, knelt beside me. I didn't look up to see him.
     "Princess, come." he said softly. The sweetness in his voice didn't fool me. "We
must be going."
     I made a short growling sound as he took my arm and pulled me up. I did not look
at him. This was going to be a... rocky relationship. 
                                 ~                ~              ~
     "Flor, please." said Cletus for the tenth time. "Why are you so mad?"
     "I will not be sold off to some demon with only the title of general and I have
yet to fall in love with, not even a drop of my blood would be set on the line for
you!" I screamed.
     Cletus cupped my face in his hands and made me face him. He had dark brown hair,
like chocolate. How I loved chocolate... His skin was fair, and his eyes were a deep,
demonic red.
     "Will you just accept it?" he said softly. "In ten days, you will be crazy for
me. I cannot say this about you, for I am already under your spell. One I cannot
     "I couldn't care less." I said sourly. "In five days, I will be out of here, out
of Hell, out of this place."
     It was true. The entire walk to Cletus's... mansion, I devised a plan to escape
Hell and finally see the World. And no one could stop me.
     I walked up to what Cletus called 'our room'. I had set a place for me to sleep
on the floor. I put on my black silk nightshirt and black flannel pants. I knelt down
on the ground, closing my eyes. I laid down.
     Tomorrow, yes tomorrow. Tomorrow, I will be free.
              ♥              ♥             ♥             ♥
     When I awoke at around three in the morning, I looked to my side. Cletus was
asleep in the bed.
     "I must go." I whispered in his ear. My voice was so serene, he was
really under my spell now. Asleep until I escaped Hell. I pitied the general.
After all, I didn't know what my father would say when he was told I was missing. I
grabbed my gold chain with the key. I slipped it onto my neck and bid a silent
farewell to my unwanted betrothed. It didn't really matter to me if he was a high
general in the army of Hell.
     Silent as a hellcat, I crept to the door. Cletus's head was facing the door. I
looked to the opposite side of the room.
     The window.
     I opened the window silently. I slipped out and shut the window again. I took
one last glance at Cletus's sleeping form and stalked off.
     It was around four by now. I saw the gate of Hell. I glanced around to see if
anyone was watching. No one. I cast my mind out to see if anyone was hiding. Still no
one, only dreaming guards. I crept forward.
     I felt a hand on my arm.
     "Cle--" the hand clamped over my mouth. "Mmfh!"
     "If you want to get out of here alive," said a seemingly concerned voice.
"You're going to need help."
     The man released me, and I turned to punch him. He grabbed my arm with ease.
     "Calm." he said. "I'm trying to help you escape."
     I couldn't see his face. It was shrouded in a black hood, hiding even his eyes.
     "Are you trying to escape?" he asked.
     I nodded.
     "Then follow me." said the man. Within seconds, we were out of Hell.
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‹คคг๏ภ; tђє ภєץt гє๒เгtђ ๏› says:   6 October 2010   460180  
black hood... serious... yeah thats my character
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   6 October 2010   628287  
GlitterKelly wonders :   14 November 2010   809395  
Wait, what If it's the angel spy???!!! WOOOO!! GO HEAVEN!!!!


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