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Likes and Dislieeekes IICategory: UPDATES
Thursday, 9 September 2010
11:07:50 PM (GMT)
My first lists of likes and dislikes were strange enough... But since then I've
become aware of more 

There are some really weird things that make me happy...

What else do you guys like?

Putting on foundation but no blush so that I look pale like a 1800th century noble

When I notice everyone doing something subconsciously in time to do it too and not
look out of place, it makes me so happy.

Big words! Quadra syllabic terminology feels great to use!

I love it when the letters on license plates are relevant. I mean, seeing a six
seater that says "VAN 4329" is funny! Or if they say "RED 3764" and the car is red,
or if- *shot*

Eating food from different areas of the world in one meal is fun!

Skipping. Oh how I do enjoy skipping.

Wearing earplugs. I like shutting out noise.

Seeing squirrels fall off branches and run away looking squirellishly embarrassed;
it's so funny!

I really like it when I can tell homophobic people how long I've been dating my
girlfriend and then they shut up 

This is only lately, but I love getting packages by mail. I just keep spending
money online so that I get stuff!

Footdrills for cross country always make me smile. Ministry of Silly Walks!

Telling people corny jokes.

Blurting out random facts- but I like blurting out relevant facts more~

When I find any one of three weird specific drinks that I love but almost no one

And lastly, I like getting comments. A lot.

lunasan says:   9 September 2010   349354  
nice marketing plan.
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   9 September 2010   401937  
"This is only lately, but I love getting packages by mail. I just
spending money online so that I get stuff!"
I was like this until I ran out of amazon money. :D
Kirti says:   10 September 2010   704022  
Eh? What do you mean?
Which is one of the joys of debbit cards! 
‹TonTon› says:   10 September 2010   934062  
I think chu have a spending disorder... but this is from someone who
saves up change to buy a book from a dollar store >.>;

and here is a comment.

And also, an irrelevant fact, I have to find a place to store my books
that don't fit on my bookshelf... my bookshelf is bigger than my bed,
and has three rows >.>

I really like long book series...
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   11 September 2010   989996  
Boo. I don't have one. >3>
And there are so many things I want on amazon! 
tiggerlemon101 says:   11 September 2010   106931  
Putting on foundation but no blush so that I look pale like a
1800th century noble
Kirti says:   11 September 2010   930261  
Nah, it's all stuff I need, like clothing to replace the things I
outgrew this summer. I'm just using my money online instead of in
‹TonTon› says:   11 September 2010   575977  
ah. I just buy books. >.> 
Kirti says:   11 September 2010   521833  
I buy books... Over teh internetz!!
That textbook came in, by the way. 
‹TonTon› says:   11 September 2010   987642  
awesome :3
I bought one book over the internet... I like the bookstore better. It
smells better. like being inside a big library ^^
*is easily contented, and easily irritated, but rarely ever happy* 
Kirti says:   12 September 2010   445130  
I like reading in bookstores, but when I have to actually go in and
buy a book I get distracted.

"I have to buy a birthday present for my mom!! ... Ooooh, a book on
asbergers disorder... Right, here for a present... Must walk past
manga... Oooh are the new volumes in ___ series out yet? Wait, no!
Hang on, there's a philosophy section?" and on like that. 
And anyway, being content is just fine! ^_^ 
‹TonTon› says :   13 September 2010   579465  
Ah, for me it is more:

"I wonder which dark-hunter books I should buy./... Ooohh.. Alexion, 
Vane, Rayvvn, or should I get the dream hunters... or maybe a league
book? Or maybe one of those series by Richelle Mead I know nothing
about and hope its good... or maybe a cirque du freak or demonata
book, but then I'll be able to buy less... and I still need to get
Samantha something for her birthday..." and it keeps going like that
til my mom tells me to hurry up e.e;

and contentment is dull >.> 


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