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Love found and LostCategory: Stories
Thursday, 5 August 2010
12:18:07 PM (GMT)
Walking along the abandon train tracks he turns around and look back once again at
the town that he was leaving and the love he once still loves. Memories flooded his
mind as he stood there and a tear fills the corner of his eye. Three months ago he
wasn't just passing through not really doing much but traveling around for a year,
but didn't expect to stay in this small town for three months because of her. Love
was far from his mind and it seem to find him here. Ethan came through this sleepy
little town just out side of Indiana. He notice there was a laid back, not much to do
in this town. Most just head to the big city to get work and have fun. Ethan stopped
at the one of the stores for supplies and found himself getting a job there to earn a
little extra cash for his travels. Just about everyone comes there sooner or later to
get some supplies. Ethan took notice of all the people that came in and out. A few
girls from the local high school a few that were stuck up on themselves and other
with big dreams and ideals of moving out of this town. One day he was stocking some
lower shelves and saw a pair of feet standing in front of him. Ethan looked up and
saw her. Her shy eyes where trying not to notice him and trying to scan the shelve in
front of her. He stood up and and looked into her eyes. They were amazingly hazel
brown, that bright up the room and her brown hair flowed down her shoulders like
silky minks. “Hi I'm Ethan.” he said to her She blushed and look up at him,
“Hi, I'm Lisa.” From then on their innocent interested smiles and flirtatious
stares turned into passionate love. They often meet long the old abandon rail
station. They would sit in the building for hours kissing each other, smiling and
holding each other. From time to time they would spend more then just kissing.
Passion insight them and soon from themselves kissing bare shoulders, touching naked
skin and pants of passion sings out of this old abandon building.
Lisa kept her distance from Ethan while they where in town. But always look at him
when she though not body was looking. One day he asked her, “We been at this for a
while but when we are in town. You just avoid me. Why is that?” Lisa looked out and
looked him in the eyes, “I can't be with you, when we are in town. It my family,
and friends, they expect a lot from me. Usually no body notice me that much, but they
expect me to do great things when I head off to college. I do love you but if they
knew about you, they wouldn't like it. You being a drifter and all.” Ethan just
looked at her and try to explain to her but it didn't work, Her mind was made up and
wasn't going to change.
The memories of 2 days later flashed in his mind when the shop owner told Lisa that
he and his wife saw her with Ethan. In far she came to the boarding house at night
and throw a few small rock at the window to call out Ethan. They went down to one of
close shops and stood in the cold dark. Mustering up as all of here strengthen.
“I-I never loved you. You where just a distraction for me. I-I don't want to see
you again.” Ethan stood there listening to her, and found it hard to believe her.
He look at her shadow face, “I don't believe you. I know you love me and...”
before he could finish, Lisa slapped him. “I never want to see you again,” she
said as she ran off. Standing there looking back at this small town he turn back
around and walked down the tracks out of town headed west.
A few years later while on spring break Lisa and her friends where in California
where she once again saw Ethan. Her friends where driving down the street and she
notice him coming out of a large house with nice yard and a dog at his side. She
scream to stop and the car came to a screeching halt. Ethan looked up and saw the
car, and out of it Lisa came running out there. As she ran across the street she
stopped at the edge of the yard looking at him and Ethan looking at her. A young
woman walked out from the door, and walked up and pet the dog. She looked up at Lisa,
“Hi, can I help you?” The smile from Lisa face dropped, “No, I thought I knew
him.” Turning around she walked back to the car, with tears coming down her face.
Ethan, ran after her, but couldn't get to Lisa as she didn't notice a car coming down
the street. She was hit her body flew to the ground. The pain was numb to her only
the pain in her heart rip through her. He kneel down, holding her hand. He yell out
to his stepsister to call the Ambulances. She ran inside, Lisa looked at him reaching
up to him face she touch him. Her breath became shallow as her eyes fluttered. Ethan
told her, “I still love you, and always have. Don't you dare leave me.” Lisa
smiled as tears roll down the side of her face. “I didn't mean what I said that
day. I always loved you. It so cold...”she said as her hand fell from his face.

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