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Sunday, 18 July 2010
11:44:57 PM (GMT)
Here is an excerpt from my book. It is a very small part. No copying it or hell will
reign down upon you.

“And on the first day God created the world and he saw that it was good.”
A horrible sound filled the crisp night air. The sky was black with a glimmer of red
on the horizon. Wind whipped the flames. The yells of men and women making their
final cries for help from their mothers or even their gods. All different languages,
all of them crying the same thing. For pain is understood, no matter what dialect is
in your voice. “Axis! They’re here!” The gunfire cracked the previously silent
night as the facility was burned to the ground. Inside this facility were scientists,
not soldiers. These men and women believed that they were making a difference in the
“John! John! Where the hell is that idiot?” A man said looking through the
crumbling facility. This German man was somewhat hefty with a white beard and bald.
His half broken glasses hung off his nose and his lab coat was stained with blood. He
searched through the corridors and went deeper into the complex, searching for his
friend. Above all, this man was the noblest of all and the least deserving of his
fate. He finally ran into a room, which was also crumbling. He saw his friend,
sitting at a computer, typing his life away. In front of the consol was a large
container that looked as if it had just been emptied. 
“What are you doing man? The Axis will be here in a little while and we need to get
the hell out of here!” He put his hand on John’s shoulder and pulled him. He
would not move. “Do you know why god created man?” John asked, smiling wildly.
“What are you saying? Get a hold of yourself!” 
“I’ve been trying to figure it out for some time. Do you think that all of this
is just some cruel joke?” He said, his eyes tearing up. “My dear friend Gaspard,
I have failed the world. But my vendetta will live on. In Nero, my son.
Gaspard had never heard of John having a son. Taking a quick glance at the computer
screen he found out exactly what he was talking about. “No…what they have been
saying is true. Nero…you have doomed us all. If this gets out than the entire world
will suffer. Do you realize...”
“Yes, I do. Luckily, we as humans all deserve to die.” John said smiling and
relaxing back in his chair. There was noise from behind him, the march of shock
troopers, coming to being death upon them. Click. “Tell me Gaspard…what do you
plan on doing with that gun?” The barrel of the gun lightly touched the back of
John’s head.
“We have sinned against God and all of mankind. You say that we all deserve to die.
I disagree. I think just you deserve to die.” All memories of his dear friend had
been erased from his mind. All that he saw was the evil that this man had created.
And forgive us our trespasses. A single shot, right through the head. Blood dripped
down his face, and he fell to the ground. “My dear friend. Forgive me Gaspard.”
John said, his friend dead when he hit the ground. The shock trooper that shot him
stood up, pulling the gun back to his side. “Kessler.” John said, a man walking
through the room. He wore a long coat with a suit under it. No skin on his was
showing and his face was covered by a metal mask, similar to a hockey mask. “Where
is it? Where is the weapon?” Kessler asked, his mechanical voice rattling through
the worlds.
“Ah, the final weapon. The voice of God. The horseman of war. You have given it
many name’s haven’t you old friend.” John said calmly, pulling out a cigarette.
“Don’t mind if I have a smoke. I quit a long time ago. About the time you killed
my wife.”
“The weapon.” Kessler said, raising his arm to get the troopers ready to open
John chuckled. “You have taken two very important people from me. Three counting
yourself. You are not getting this. I have already sent it away. Should be passing
through the pacific by now. In about, ten seconds you will never be able to find it
again. The final weapon.” He took a drag of the cigarette and flicked it away.
“My son…” he said under his breath as they opened fire.

‹~.asian.of.the.night.~› says:   19 July 2010   337459  
cool. do you by any chance like to roleplay?? 

*First Comment!*
Salvador_Nero says :   19 July 2010   655149  
Yes I do. It helps me keep in practice with my writing.


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