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Kirti's Guide to Zombie PartiesCategory: (general)
Saturday, 17 July 2010
10:03:57 PM (GMT)
Fact of life- Zombie Parties happen to be awesome.
This is a guide for all those to whom the game zombie is as unknown as the percent of
Lithuanians who are resistant to HIV (16%). I have composed this basic list of rules
about how zombie parties work. 

27) There is no dress code for zombie. However, if you dress up like a ninja it might

26) If you dress in any other costume, it just makes you awesome. 

25) This game is meant to be played at night. 

24) Zombie is played out doors. Climbing trees and guerilla tactics are allowed. 

23) Trench warfare and genocide are strongly discouraged. 

22) Zombie is played with three or more people. 

21) At the beginning of a round of Zombie, one person must be it. If you have a
shizatiz of players, you can start the game with a zombie team. 

20) After volunteering (being elected, forced, shanghaied-d, martyred, chosen or
sacrificed) to be It, a zombie does not have to count out loud. 

19) If the It person is counting, hide. 

18 ) Any person tagged by a zombie is a zombie and can tag and find other people. 

17) You may tell any lie to avoid being tagged. 

16) You may tell any lie to get close enough to tag. 

15) Releasing crocodiles to attack the zombies while you flee gets you disqualified.

14) Alligators get you a warning, as they are sluggish on land. 

13) Hiding in groups is okay. 

12) Hunting in groups is okay. 

11) Shouting random trivia while hiding may result in your being found. 

10) Jump tackling is an acceptable form of tagging. 

9) In the event of injury, you are not tagged. Go eat a marshmallow until you feel

8 ) To stay a human longer, or protect friendships, form alliances. 

7) Backstabbing your alliance by forming secret zombie-human alliances is not unheard

6) Using weapons is not allowed. 

5) ... Yes. Even airsoft guns. 

4) Studies show that intentionally sitting out a round because you don't feel like
playing increases your chance of being killed by rampaging llamas. 

3) You may not bring any members of the Mafia to a game of zombie. 

2) Hiding in the woods is completly allowed, but may result in your contracting one
or more parasites that hunger for your sweet life blood. 

1) And the number one rule of zombie is that if you want to suck the fun out of it,
you should leave the zombie party and go find a vampire party.
Last edited: 17 July 2010

‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   17 July 2010   675842  
I call Incredibly Lame Pun on the last rule.
Kirti says:   17 July 2010   341681  
I accept any punsihment you wish to inflict in retaliation for the
pun, but won't take it down. 
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   18 July 2010   974606  
Jk Jk. I just wanted to say it. 
Kirti says :   24 July 2010   601438  
Fair enough. 


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