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Thursday, 15 July 2010
02:39:49 PM (GMT)
name: ashley(: age: fifthteen! height: five feet & two inchess. eye coluor: bright blueee. glasses: yes. contacts: noo. if you have contacts, what's the longest you've worn them?: don'thave'em. hair color: dark brown. favourite place: the beach(: favourite band: MGMT? favourite song: i have waay too many, some from Owl City, NeverShoutNever, La Roux, MGMT, Rush, Journey, ECTECT.toomany C: favourite style: chill, chic, whaatever floats my boat (: favourite food: pasta! favourite genre: horror? favourite coluor: blueeee, purplee & blaack. favourite country: tie between America and England, maaan. favourite movie: honestly? James and the Giant Peach C: ♥ last time grounded: last month. last time hugged: this morning. last time you cried: likee five seconds ago, HOUSE CAN BE SO SAD. ilovethisshow. last time you missed someone: i miss a bunch of people every fuckin' day. last time you drew: yesterday in the car. last time you went camping: last year; for the first and last time. last time you saw a deer: yesterdaaay. last time you saw the mountains: uh, i see mountains alot? did you see them up close: not really. last time you danced: this morninggg(x longest time you've stayed awake: two days. longest time you've held your breathe: like 25 seconds hahaha. this time without cheating: i didn't cheat..? longest time in the hot tub: like an hour? longest time in the water: couple hours. current shoe colour: black&white. current fav shoe style: Vans classics. current fav shoe make: Vans! current poster in your room: The Beatles, Justin Bieber, Taylor Lautner. uh that's it C; current colour of your room: Two white walls, and two black walls(: current fav show: Law and Order: SVU; ALWAYS ♥ hahah. current style: chilll, man(: current shoe size: 6, 7, or 8, alll depends on the shoe! current amount of people in your house: four. years left till pre-drivers license: 6 months! years till drivers licnese: one year? years till high school: i'm in high schooool. years till graduation: i'm a sophy right now, so junior and senior left C: years till allowed to go to clubs: well there's one i can get into, but other than that, 3? years until college: future job plan: Action Sports Photographer(: future picture of how big of a family you want: well, i want two kids at the most(: future wedding age: 25 to 31 i guess? idfk, haha. future dream house size: kind of big, but not huge. a single home, though. i keep doing these diary things, i'm bored, and sick, and i want the weekend to come a taaad bit faster♥

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