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Saturday, 26 June 2010
05:50:44 PM (GMT)
Greetings loved ones (let's take a journey? xD)

As I've already told some of you, I'm going on vacation with my fam for a week
starting tomorrow morning and won't be able to log in for 7 whole days *El gasp* What
will you all do without me?
I'll ATTEMPT to reply to all of your messages when I get back, but it might take a
while so don't be offended if I don't reply to you right away

Also~ I'm sorry it takes me forever to reply to some of your messages
But sometimes when I log in, my message inbox is FILLED 
Yesterday I had 8 pages full o__o
So naturally it takes me a long time to get through them all
And then, as I'm replying, I'm getting more and more >_> The inbox never seems to
stop filling!

So, GOMENASAI for going away and for taking ages for replies!

‹~Sebbi~DirectionallyChallenged<(@.@<)› says:   26 June 2010   523377  
xDDDD I get to sleep for an entire week *__* 
Bring me back a suvineer D:<

PS: I understand ur pain of the dreaded "MESSAGE INBOX" O_O
‹Inactive. On hiatus. Sorry guys› says:   26 June 2010   163857  

Have fun with that >_>
You must beg first!

I know T_T
I go to my inbox and suddenly I'm DROWNING
In all these love letters from chicks xD 
‹~Sebbi~DirectionallyChallenged<(@.@<)› says:   26 June 2010   730618  

You know I will xD
*__* I don't know how to beg >.<

Just tell em ur gay or somethin XDDD
Messages are troublesome things T_T 
‹Inactive. On hiatus. Sorry guys› says:   26 June 2010   755714  

Well you'd better learn boi, or you ain't gettin no souvenirs,
XD Spongetta accent

And then start wearing around rainbow colors and reeking of gay like
I don't think so -_-

You mexi-Shika xD 
‹~Sebbi~DirectionallyChallenged<(@.@<)› says:   26 June 2010   903460  

Okay, Spongetta XD *Does the Nick booty dance*

>w< You know you want tooo~
I'm only bi ;D

I'm mexican now? XD 
‹XX♥~Princess~of~Wolves~♥XX› says:   26 June 2010   465907  
I'll be so lonely!!! 
‹Inactive. On hiatus. Sorry guys› says:   26 June 2010   222590  

*Realization* Nick Cannon = Ms. New Booty o_o It's rockin everywhere!


Apparently xD

T_T *hugs* 
‹XX♥~Princess~of~Wolves~♥XX› says:   26 June 2010   522586  
That helps, I guess... but it doesn't matter nooww!!
You're going awayy... T^T
This day has now turned from awesome to horrible~  
‹i_Am_ElMo'S_FanGirl!!!› says:   27 June 2010   877641  
how am i going to live without
‹Inactive. On hiatus. Sorry guys› says:   3 July 2010   485126  

I have RETURNED! >=D Miss me?


Well did you survive living with the abscence of moi? XD
I'm back! 
‹XX♥~Princess~of~Wolves~♥XX› says:   5 July 2010   786195  
Yes, I did miss you~ TT^TT
Don't ever leave again!!!! 
‹Inactive. On hiatus. Sorry guys› says:   7 July 2010   277984  

I'll try not to xD
But I think I'm going camping at the end of this month
It's only for about 2 days though 
‹XX♥~Princess~of~Wolves~♥XX› says :   7 July 2010   991286  
Thank goodness!
Leave for a whole week again and I'll probably die of loneliness~


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