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My idiosyncracies part IIICategory: The science of adolecence
Tuesday, 1 June 2010
02:36:52 AM (GMT)
Figured it was about time I add another. Plus, I'm procrastinating some homework.

19) I think having breats is fun, because I'm one of those people who was
afraid I'd never get them, but I still think they're gross. Well not gross per si,
but... When girls show their cleavage, that's gross to look at. Some of my female
friends have joined a facebook group "I am distracted by my own cleavage", and I just
don't get it. I mean, ew...

20) I have an account on Smackjeeves, the webcomic site, and spent a year and a half
trying to avoid having two pages of favorites. Somehow that seems dorkier then if I
only have one.

21) I used to have a deep burning passionate love for protecting the environment, so
much so that I kinda hated people, or at least pushed them away by mistake. So I
started acting like manga characters (the carefree kind) to make my social life less
of a concern, but I sort of forgot how to love animals.

21.5) I loved anime and manga and Japan for awhile, but it was really just to fill
that void. Lately, because I've been spending a lot of time with someone who means a
lot to me but hates manga, I haven't really felt a passion for it. Now I don't really
feel strongly about anything. I'm too young to be empty aimless and bitter!

22) I only have back pain if my mom does. Seriously. It's gone on for a few months
now. I can just go up to her and say "My back hurts as of 3pm. What did you do?" and
she will say that around 3pm she got a back cramp because she was bent over gardening
for too long. The same thing happens with headaches.

23) I hate using the bathroom when there are people in the house. Particurarly
guests, but even family members. If I find myself home alone I often rush to use the
bathroom before a car pulls in.

24) I fast sometimes. I do it to help me concentrate, to appreciate my good fortune,
and to make sure I don't have sugar in my system- not due to an eating
disorder. So naturally I get annoyed when people try to force me to eat during one.
Honestly, it's only for twenty four hours, then I'll be my normal glutonous self.

25) I wish my Sims had alters, so that I could make them worship me.

26) I'm a pescatarian. This means that the only meat product I eat is fish. Eating
things any more evolutionarly similar to me then that makes me uncomfortable. I
probably wouldn't even eat fish, but I need protein.

27) I eat salmon sashimi dipped in soy sauce whenever possible. I know that in Japan,
sashimi isn't usually eaten with soy sauce, it's just that salmon sashimi with soy
sauce tastes like beacon, and I miss beacon. 

2 I have to surpress the urge to do vocal exercises a lot. I have no idea why.

29) I hate pirating music, but the music I like isn't avaible legally where I live,
so I don't listen to music. For the most part anyway, I mean my sister forces me to
listen to it in the car sometimes, or a friend will send me a link from youtube, but
I kinda feel guilty even about that.

30) I only drink caffine once a moth. My mom, dad, sister, and maternal grandmother
are all addicted to caffine, and so I'm trying to be cautious.
Last edited: 1 June 2010

Oroborus21 says:   1 June 2010   177738  
re #24, so you avoid sugar like in general or just during your fast?
‹SqueeneyTodd› says :   1 June 2010   279071  
Half of my downloads are music I can't buy where I live.
#23. I'm the same when we have guests at my house.


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