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Saturday, 1 May 2010
10:50:38 PM (GMT)
"Mommy what are d****?" a young onyx eyed boy asked his beautiful onyx eyed mother.
She let out a gasp. "SASUKE UCHIHA WHERE DID YOU LEARN ABOUT D****!?!?" she screamed
not wanting her son to give in to what she would call the "Arms of the Devil". "We
talked about it in the academy class today. Iruka-sensei said they are bad and we
should never use them. AND there are different kinds too!!" the small boy said
sharing the information he had received to his mother.

"Oh really and how many do you know???" his mother asked with a worried face and the
same went for her voice.

"OH, There's Heroin, Cocaine, Weed, Marijuana, Peyote, and I know how to use them
too!!!!" the boy replied to his mother's question. "O-o-oh you do…FUGAKU GET YOUR
she screamed. Her husband walked in bored like along with their eldest. "Yes…is
something wrong dear?" suddenly she grabbed him by the collar and began to shake

WAS HIS FIRST DAY AND HE KNOWS ABOUT DRUGS?!!?" she screamed shaking her husband more
and he becoming green. "BUT MOMMY, I met this really cute no….err…BEAUTIFUL
GIRL!!!" the small boy said excited about telling her that too.

She stopped shaking with wide eyes and quickly turned around looking at him with a
smile. "Oh you did. What's her name? Where does she live? Who are her parents?" she
said now getting excited she might have already a Matriarch. (A.N, A matriarch is the
woman who is in charge or head of a family, a woman who is powerful, someone who
holds dominance, authority, and respect. Don't call me smart I copied that from the

Her name is Sakura Haruno, and I walked her home she lives in a house a couple of
blocks from here, and her parents…err…I don't know them she opened the door
herself with her own key." He said answering her questions. "OH MY GOD MY LITTLE BOY
MY LIFE!!" she screamed jumping in the air. The older men of the Uchiha household
smirked. The boy was confused about the word "Married" but in the end ignored it.

"Any way mommy what are drugs???" She stopped jumping and the other men of the
household became serious. "Drugs are bad honey. You should never use them
understand." She said to her son. "Yes mommy" he said with a smile on his face. "Now
who is hungry?" she said and was met with a "ME!!" from the men.

Aa, I remember that day well. My mother was so protective that she marched straight
to Iruka screaming for him never to teach me about them, but in the end I learned and
I used them from time to time. I stopped already just before I killed the snake and
Itachi. Yes I had killed both of them of course after a hard battle I would have to

And I plan on doing that thing my mother said. The whole "My little boy is going to
be married to a girl who namesake a flower." Except the difference is I am not a
little boy. Not only do I plan on doing that but I also plan on making her mine in
that way. Aa, I see her coming now. The question I have is why she is out here at the
late hour. She shouldn't be out here and it is midnight. Anything could happen to
her. I glared at her from my hiding spot for her being careless.

If any man dare come near hear and just glances at her other than me they will suffer
a painful, slow, hurtful, dangerous, torturous, horrible death.

She was at the bench where I had laid her down on about 7 years ago. Man I never
expected take that long. I was hoping that I could take only 3 to 4 years but fate
had other plans and made me look for the bastered of a brother for 4 years. Yes I
killed Orochimaru in 3 years but Itachi was being a sucker and wouldn't come out of
his damn hiding spot until I finally found him. Seriously it was like playing hide
and seek which I don't play at all.

I watched her and looked at her beautiful face in the moon. She was still as
beautiful as I remembered. If not she was more beautiful. My eyes looked at her with
longing. I missed her more than anything. I ached for her and I felt like I would
never be satisfied until she was mine.

She looked to the sky unaware of me watching her silently in the distance. Yes…I
had finally returned and it was for good.

I was sick of leaving her, sick of having another girl other than her use my suffix,
I was sick was being chased down by ANBU, I was sick of all this but…I could never
get sick of her.

She was like my drug. I needed her. I wanted her. I loved her.

I loved her injected in me as the "Heroin" came into my system with her kiss.

I loved to smell her as her "cocaine" scent entered my nose.

The sweet taste as I smoked her with joy.

In every way she was my drug, my addiction.

I would never get sick of her, suddenly I heard her speak, the sweet music of her
voice in my ears.

"Sasuke-kun…" was all she said.

I wanted to come out, surprise her, hold her, kiss her. So that all of my body's
urges could be satisfied instead of kidnapping her and making her mine. Of course
that was not such a bad idea either to me. I wanted her to scream my name in ecstasy.
I wanted her to moan and scream her head off in front of me and for me only.

And I was going to make that happen regardless of the circumstances. I was going to
make her mine. Tonight…

I walked out of my hiding spot and unshielded my chakra making her notice me. She
quickly turned sharply and looked at me in fear. I didn't want that look I wanted
love, and longing just like mine held. "S-S-Sasuke-kun…?" she said saying my name
once again making me want to take her. With every step I took towards her she took
one back which hurt my heart. Being sick of how she was scared of me I used my speed
and pinned her against the wall.

"L-l-let me go!" she demanded. "No…I'll never let you go, never again." I said to
her in a soft voice which I knew was unusual for me but I had to show her there was
nothing to be scared of. I heard a small gasp escape her lips which made me smirk. I
knew she could see my face because of the moon light. I felt her hand try to lift
itself from my grip. I let her hand go and held her waist. She took her freed hand
and touched my face making me close my eyes in delight, and joy that she was real and
not one of my hallucinations.

I put my face against her hand nudging more into it. Suddenly with that free hand she
hugged me close. Our bodies touch sending me waves of lust, and love. 'Take her. Take
her now so that anyone out at this hour can watch or hear her screams. So that they
can know who she belongs to, who took her, who has taken her' Ran through my mind.
"Sakura…" I said her name tasting like sugar in my mouth feeding me cavities.

"Sasuke-kun…what are you doing here?" she said after trailing. My name once again
said made me growl in love. I wanted to hear her say it again. "I returned." I
whispered in her ear, my hungry breath breathing down her neck. Sasuke-kun…a-ar-are
you going to…k-k-kill me…?" she asked me with fear. I chuckled. "There is one
thing you need to understand Sakura…I would never ever try to hurt you." I said to
her. I saw her eyes widen and now she looked at me with not fear but joy.

A smile appeared on her face and she hugged me again. I buried my face into her hair
taking a big breath out of it. Strawberries…delicious. Just like her. I bet it
would be delicious to eat her in one gulp, just one taste, one bite. And I bet I
would be satisfied. I moved lower and stole kisses on her neck making her moan.
"Sasuke…kun…" she said taking a gasp when I bit her. I saw the delicious red
juice come out and licked it. Satisfaction ran through my body and I wanted more as
if I was a vampire.

I took her hand that was hung over my shoulder rubbing my head and slammed it against
the wall. I bit her harder making her wince and more of the red juice came out than
before. I sucked it roughly causing her to wince out of pain. Soon the blood was gone
and I began to run my lips against her. I headed towards her face giving her a kiss
on the forehead then on her cheek and to her lips. Soon the kiss turned passionate
and feeling and wanting.

My tongue inside her mouth made her moan as we went at it more. We pulled away for
air but the only air I needed was the air she provided. She was my oxygen. I showed
her that I wanted her more by grinding my hips with her teasing her of what was to
come later on tonight. She broke the kiss to moan in my ear teasing me about what she
would do. I took her away and we poofed into my old home. The Uchiha mansion. We were
in my room on my bed.

I started to strip her clothing as she stripped mine

I kissed her sensitive spots as she responded with utter bliss.

She grabbed my hand and intertwined our finger making my hands bleed as I thrust into
her making her mine.

She screamed my name in ecstasy as she came and me screaming hers as I did the same.

Then we lay, in my bed with our sweaty bodies against another. I fell asleep only
soon to be awakened by the rays of the sun the next day. I opened my onyx eyes and
looked down at her with a smirk. '…she's mine…hehehehehe…SHE'S MINE!!!!'
screamed in my head at her laying body beside mine. I gently got up careful not to
wake her up putting on a pair of sweat pants I had and left myself shirtless. I
walked downstairs and began to cook us breakfast.

I heard a knock at my door and wondering who it is, I opened it and I regretted
opening the damn thing. For standing there was Team Hebi. "Hi Sasuke-kun!!" Karin
said "Happy" that she sees me when the truth is she probably got more plans to try
and grope or rape me. Especially since she now sees me shirtless. "What are you doing
here?" I asked in a bored tone. "Well we were wondering if we could talk to you."
Suigetsu said with a cheesy smile. I glared at him but in the end let the idiotic 3

"So Sasuke what you been up to???" Suigetsu asked me while I cooked. "Nothing much."
I answered shortly. I was wondering where Sakura was. It was already 11:00. "I'll be
back. Don't. Touch. A Thing." I said threatening them. I walked upstairs and saw her
still in bed asleep. I shook my head and walked in my room and sat at her hip. I
tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and kissed her gently.

She opened her eyes gently and looked at me. Damn she is just too beautiful.

"Nani Sasuke-kun???" she asked me. (A.N Nani=What :D)

"You have to get up its 11:00 already and breakfast is ready." I told her and nudged
my head against hers. She smiled contently and kissed me. She put on my shirt which I
allowed since it was long and went fairly past her hips to her mid thigh. Which I
didn't like since there were men downstairs but she was comfortable. "Sakura…" She
looked at me at the sound of her name. I walked up behind her and held her waist.
"There are 2 men and 1 girl downstairs so I am going to need you to behave ok." I
told her calmly in her ear.

"Are they going to hurt me? Or you?" she asked. I looked into her eyes in the mirror.
She seemed a little ready to fight but really wasn't showing it. "No baby. I would
never let anything harm you." I said and kissed her lightly on the cheek. She

I decided to have my fun with her and as soon as she finished readying herself I
picked her up bridal style and ran downstairs at full lightning speed.

She held onto me for dear life after we stopped with wide scared eyes. I chuckled at
her. "Are you awake now?" I asked her. She glared after I put her down and tackled me
to the floor and smirked at her little victory. "Well, well, well, Sasuke I never
knew you had an eye for the Ladies." Suigetsu said checking out Sakura in the
process. I glared, made Sakura get off me and let my possessive side get the best of
me. I growled very animal like not appreciating that Sakura was being looked at like
that by another man.

"That's it get out." I said with a threatening voice. "Oh come on Sasuke you know I
was kidding!!" He said casually scratching the back of his head. "I don't care get
out!" I growled at him animal like again until I heard "YOU BITCH!!!" and then a
tackle and a crash. I turned around to see Sakura looking at Karin curiously as to
why she had her head in the cabinet as if she didn't do anything. "Nice try Sakura
but I see you did it." She looked at me innocently and cocked her head to the side

I stood and smirked at her. I put one finger and she looked at it childishly. I
tapped her nose lightly but fast. She looked cross eyed at her nose trying to see who
dared to intrude the space of her nose. I chuckled more and heard Karin groan. "SOME
ONE LET ME OUT!!!" she screamed. Juugo and Suigetsu tried pulling her out as I sat on
a chair with Sakura on my lap feeding her childishly. I loved that she was childish.
She was so cute that way.

I fed her the last of the food and she put her head against my chest closing her
eyes. I placed my head against hers and held her tighter. I looked to notice a couple
of my veins showing as a sign that I was holding her a little tighter than expected.
"Oh…I see you love her." Suigetsu said with a smug look on his face. I looked at
him with a 'No-you-can't-be-serious-sarcastic-look'.

I heard a phone ring which made Sakura perk up. It was her ringtone and it was a
ringtone that was very famous. "Dragonstea Din Tei" by O-zone otherwise known as the
Numa Numa song. She began to sing with it which made me confused of course. I had no
idea what the hell she was saying. She ran upstairs and came back down singing along
with it.

Vrei să pleci dar
nu mă, nu mă iei,
nu mă, nu mă iei,
nu mă, nu mă, nu mă iei.
Chipul tău şi
dragostea din tei
mi-amintesc de ochii tăi.

She then answered the phone. "Hello?" then she paused. "Err…" she said to whoever
she was talking to. "I don't think I can make it." She said. "But Naruto-nii-kun it
makes no sense to go out for ramen then go out for sushi!!!" I glared. 'Naruto…' I
thought with aggression.

"SASUKE" the knuckleheaded ninja screamed and his now ex-teammate. One thing led to
another and they began to fight. Sasuke ran at Naruto and Naruto ran at Sasuke. They
were about to punch each other but both caught each other fist.

"How could you hurt her Sasuke…She said she loved you and you say she is annoying,
I thought you loved her." The blond said angry that the one he to loved was hurt. "I
do loved her, but she will get hurt if she comes with me and if I stay." He said just
as angry. "Oh yeah? So would you rather have her hurt by the damn snake or die inside
by you." He said. "She is not dead." He said denying what was just said.

and suddenly with a poof he transformed into Sakura. Sasuke's eyes widen as he saw
Sakura's eyes red and more tears. Her hair was soaked from standing in the rain and
she was sobbing. "DOES THIS NOT LOOK LIKE SOMEONE DYING INSIDE?!?!" "Sakura"
screamed. "You're not Sakura…" Sasuke said with his own tears falling.

"Sasuke…kun…why are you hurting me??? Why did you leave me on a bench? Do I mean
anything to you?? Do you hate me that much??" Sakura then began to ask. "SHUT UP
NARUTO!!" and activated his sharigan causing Naruto to change back.

Then the fight began.

I remember the last thing he said to me was "I hope you die." But like I care for him
now and like it even matters, because truthfully it doesn't. "Naruto-nii-kun! Tsunade
is going to kill you baka!!" she screamed. "Nuh-uh you fixed this there is no way I
am going to jump in front of a freaking truck." She said then paused. She walked over
and sat on my lap again. She then gasped which made me alert. "NNNUUUUU!!!! NOT ME

I smirked again at her childishness. For god's sake she pronounced "No" as "New" and
then instead of saying "My" she said "me" and last but not least she called the damn
Cookies "Precious". I love this woman.

I took the phone away from her and she stopped screaming the saying. "How's it going,
Naruto." I said with some hostility. "S-S-Sasuke…" he said not calling me a teme,
which I was thankful for I was sick of the nick name.

"WHERE IS SAKURA-CHAN!!" he screamed as if she was being held captive. "She's here."
I answered shortly. "WHERE IS SHE!? WHAT DO YOU MEAN HERE?!" he screamed more. "In my
house idiot, stop screaming you'll blow my eardrum." I said making Sakura giggle. I
gently caressed her face in my palm making her smile and nudge her face against my
hand. "…You're…in Konoha…" he said out of mostly disbelief. "Yes dobe." I said
to him giving him his nick name. Suddenly the line went dead on the line.

I shrugged my shoulders and closed the phone. Sakura cocked her head to the side as
to why I did the sudden action. "He hung up first." I explained. She smiled at me now
sitting on the table where the food once laid. I laid my head against her lap and
smiled as she began to rub my head gently. Suddenly Karin's head finally popped out
of the cabinet.

She growled. Sakura looked at her and then began to laugh. "Err…are you ok?" Sakura
asked being nice. She really did touch me with her niceness. "NO!!! YOU THREW ME
THROUGH A CABINET!!" Karin screamed. I growled at Karin being protective over MY
Sakura. I lifted my head. "Karin if you are going to scream at my future wife get
out." I said.

I saw her eyes widen. "Sasuke-kun…" Sakura said in a soft voice. I paid no mind to
her for the moment. "Y-yo-Your future w-w-w-WIFE!?!?" Karin screamed. "Yes now Get.
Out." I said now just throwing her out.

She left with a 'hmph' as if it was supposed to affect me. "Whoa Sasuke, future wife?
I didn't know you were deep." I heard Suigetsu say. I ignored him and turned to
Sakura. "I'll be right back down stay here." I told her. I turned to Suigetsu and
Juugo. "You touch her you die got it?" both Suigetsu and Juugo nodded in fear of me.
Well they have every right to.

I walked up stair and into the closet. Then I punched the wall 3 times. This was only
something I knew of. My family died having the knowing of this secret room. I walked
in to show pictures I had taken, drawn, some of my treasures, some were made, given.
I walked to the very back and in the drawer of the dresser. The very back is where I
held my most treasured of treasures. My most favored pictures, all of them of

I opened the drawer and took out a little black box.

Team 7 walked through the village just to relax after a cleaning mission.

"OMG wow! HEY GUYS CHECK THIS OUT!!" Sakura screamed since she was ahead. Naruto
hurried over while Sasuke speed walked actually wanting to run to her. "Whoa…"
Naruto said at what Sakura was looking at. It was a beautiful diamond engagement
ring, with a small ruby within the diamond and then smaller diamonds around then
silver band.

"Isn't it beautiful…?" Sakura said putting her hand over her heart. Sasuke noticed.
"I would love if a man gave me that for an engagement!!" Sakura said with excitement.
Sasuke looked at her with that sentence and looked back at the ring. Kakashi smiled
at the Uchiha reading him perfectly.

I smiled at the box and remembered all the crap I went through just to get it.

The 12 year old Uchiha picked up the phone and dialed the number to the jewelry
store. "Hi I would like to place an order…"

Broken_Dreams_angel says:   2 May 2010   576157  
I lovedd it 
toshiro_lover says :   2 May 2010   284167  
i thought you would


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